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Any Hungarian stuff happening during the olympics 24 Jan 2002
I'm looking for a "Hungarian House" or anything that might be happening with Hungarians during the Olympics. email me or post it. Kosz.
Jason C Christensen Send Email
Help Wanted 02 Jan 2002
I received a request from Szucs Kristian from Szombathely. He would like to find the addresses of J.B. Taylor, Doman, and Crowton. If anyone has this information, will you please e-mail me at Koszi!!!

P.S. Scott and I are expecting our 3rd child. The tentative due date is July 15th. We're really excited.
Merrilee Ellen Jarvis Send Email
bauer zoli 27 Dec 2001
there is yet another mission call to announce! bauer zoli from papa got his mission call. he is going to provo on march 6th! if anyone wants to get in touch with the family here is their email address: i am sure they would love to hear from you!
Amy Michelle Hunter Send Email
Karacsony 22 Dec 2001
Boldog Karacsonyt kivanunk mindenkinek!
A McDaniel csalad
Adam McDaniel Send Email
those from Logan 18 Dec 2001
If there are any returned missionaries that will be in the Logan, UT area that are interested in getting together we are having a small gathering on Thursday the 20th. Call me if you are interested. Jason Jones
Jason Cannon Jones Send Email
Help needed in Provo! 06 Dec 2001
Greetings to everyone in Provo, Utah!
My wife and I are coming to Provo on the 15th of December to start our studies at BYU.
We are looking for a place to rent, but obviously it is hard to find or view apartments when you are on the other side
of the world (Ireland).
So if any of you know of a nice apartment - furnished, walking distance to campus and in the 400$ area/month - please
let me know!
So, all my young MTC disciples, here is your chance to prove thyselfs.

Andrew and Helene (Byrne)
Andrew Byrne Send Email
Budapest Distric Conf. 04 Dec 2001

Some bad news. It is clear we wont have a stake until...i don't know when. Now the curch leaders (Aera presindency or the t quroum of the Twelve) increased the number of members needed for a steak. Now it is 1900 and it was 1500. We are now on 1550 in the distric.
Personaly i'm glead that this changes happend. Here everyone just talked about stake, and stake, and stake..but nothing happend. We are not ready, yet. I think in the next 5 year maybe.
Other news: Gabor Balatoni get called in the mission presidency as a executive secratary, finaly it is 1 hungarian member of the mission presidency!

HAve a good day,


Ps: If you know Drew Mann e-mail address, please drop me a mail. Thanks!
Attila Horvath Send Email
What's up? 07 Nov 2001
Hey everyone,
This new mission page is pretty cool. I've checked out the old one a few times, but I never wrote a message. I'm still at home in North Ogden and attending Weber State University. One day I hope to graduate, and I also hope that this school thing pays off! I was inspired by Lance Armstrong to start road biking and I have really enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately a couple months ago I got hit by a big Ford. The guy was on his way to the temple of all places. I got beat up a little, but was able to walk away from it. Please drive carefully. Sziasztok!!!
John Patrick Roylance Send Email
great galuska recipe 06 Nov 2001
After years of searching I have found a recipe for galuska that I love - I thought I would share the joy! It is very simple and all based on 1 cup of flour.

1 cup flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 TBSP farina or cream of wheat
1 egg
1/2 cup milk

Combine dry ingredients. Make a well in the center and add milk and egg. Stir wet ingredients and gradually add in the dry making a sticky batter.
You know the rest. If you don't have a galuska maker you can use a ricer. I have seen one at Bed Bath and Beyond that is a ricer/spaetzle maker. Use the larger holes to make galuska. It makes a little different shape but still very good.
Increase this recipe for however many people you are serving and there will be more than enough.
Shannon Cammack Send Email
Sziasztok! 02 Nov 2001
Hi everyone! I like the new site, but more people need to set up their profiles. I feel bad I didn't go to the reunion over Conference weekend. I didn't check the site to see if there was going to be one. Hope it was fun. I'm graduating finally in April. I was going to go into Dentistry, but Organic Chemistry and science classes in general have posed a problem for me. I've decided to go get a MBA. We'll probably be moving to Vegas for the summer to live with my parents and then see where I get accepted. Na, mosolyogjatok!
Nathan Clark Send Email
Contacting People in Hungary 24 Oct 2001
Should you be curious about someone that you taught or a member in Hungary, please feel free to Contact me & I will help you Contact them and/or pass on your love to them!
Kelley Gene Tedd Send Email
Old Alumni News 23 Jul 2001
The old Alumni News is visible from here
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
Old Mission Alumni Database 23 Jul 2001
The old Hungary Budapest Mission Alumni Database is located at

Compiled by Jarrod Ribble

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Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
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