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pls help 28 Jul 2007
Could anyone pls help me contact Brent Jentzsch who served a mission in Budapest?
Ilona Kremer Send Email
Translation job in Iraq $100K+ 13 Jul 2007
A company is looking for Hungarian language translators/linguists to work in Iraq. You need to be fluent in oral. If you are interested in this position (the job pays in the six figures), please contact me at Thanks!

Andrew Rail
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
Do you know Lee Schultz?? 08 Jul 2007
Me and my twin are looking for Lee David Schultz who used to serve his mission back in Budapest/Hungary around 2003 or 2004. He is from Utah and he used to be a good friend of ours. If you know anything about him, e-mail address or if you know him personally, we would be very grateful if you could help us.

Many thanks
Diana & Beatrix Monoki
Dia Monoki Send Email
fagyizo 27 Jun 2007
Ok,kicsit keso volt amikor azt az uzenetet irtam:) Szoval eloszor is nem fagyiztot nyitottunk hanem fagyizot (nagy kulonbseg). Szoval ha fincsi fagyit akartok,akkor gyertek:)
Lilla Homorodi(Stefanciw) Send Email
Meastro`s Gelato Cafe 27 Jun 2007
Mindnekinek aki Provoban van vagy jonni fog!!! A ferjemmel nyitottunk egy olasz fagyizto downtown Provoban,2 napja vagyunk nyitva ,meg nem volt a grand opening es nem tudom biztosan mikor lesz ,de mindenkeppen szolok mert par oraig ingyen fogunk fagyit adni,de addig is barki johet es vehet fagyit:) Van egy mexikoi ettermet (Los heramnos) a University av. es a Center street sarkan,a mi fagyizonk pont next door van a Center streeten a 22 W szam alatt:) Igazan jo lenne latni egy par regi vagy akar uj arcot. Es csak hogy tudjatok finom a fagyi:)
Lilla Homorodi(Stefanciw) Send Email
Also looking for Eldre Shirley 26 Jun 2007

I just saw the message from Fisher looking for Elder Shirley. I'm also looking for him, he "killed" me in Miskolc and he was a great comp. I really want to contact with him. If you know anything about him pls drop a line to horasz at

Attila Horvath Send Email
I'm also looking for Shirley 26 Jun 2007

I just saw the message from Fisher looking Elder Shirley. I'm also looking for him, he "killed" me in Miskolc and he was a great comp. I really want to contact with him. If you know anything about him pls drop a line to horasz at

Attila Horvath Send Email
Looking for Elder Michael Shirley 16 Jun 2007
A member from Kispest contacted me looking for Shirley. I tried his Gallup, NM number, but it was wrong. Last I heard, he was in SLC. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him, let me know.

Evan Fisher
Evan R. Fisher Send Email
Kasuba Irén, Lídia, Szandra 08 Jun 2007
Does anyone know any of the people mentioned in the subject line? I taught them in Csepel in 1994 and they joined. Last I knew they were in Kispest, but I have last touch with any of them since 2000 and would like to reestablish contact.

Thank you,

Arle Lommel
Arle R Lommel Send Email
Jeffrey A. Youngberg 12 Apr 2007
I thought that many would like to know that Elder Youngberg died over Easter weekend from cancer. I was looking over the obituaries Monday morning and to my surprise there was someone I recognized.
From what the obituary stated his family is coping as well as possible. The funeral was Tuesday.
Jeffrey David Butler Send Email
keresek... 26 Mar 2007

Keresek ket Eldert, aki engem tanitott es megkeresztelt.
1995-ben keresztelkedtem meg Miskolcon. Akkor meg ott laktam.
A nevük:
Elder Benjamin Michael Hais
Elder Bain (sajnos mar nem emlekszem a keresztnevere)

Szeretnem felvenni a kapcsolatot velük/ veletek.
Valeria Ladanyi /Waschnig Send Email
kisfiam született! 26 Mar 2007
Sziasztok mindenki, aki ismer engem!

Örömmel adom hirrül, hogy januar 25-en megszületett a kisfiam. Wilfried Waschnig a neve.
Egeszseges, okos es nagyon gyönyörü kisbaba! :-)
Valeria Ladanyi /Waschnig Send Email
I need help! 26 Mar 2007
Hi folks!
If you don't know/remember me, I was in the hun-bup mission from 2000-2002. Great years that. Anyway, alot of my information has been lost due to adverse circumstances and I am in need of help to find it again. Most desparately, I can't find contact information on a large group of people and would like to send them my wedding announcement since I am being married in the Salt Lake temple in May! If you have some sort of contact information for or are in the following list, please let me know! Even just an e-mail would help!

Here is who I want to contact the most:

My MTC group:

Nord Andersen
Richard Aspinall
Daniel Batty
Nathaniel Givens
Jason Gunnell
Elder Nelson (Dont' remember his first name)
Joshua Kreitzer
Monty Sorensen
Daniel Plaizier
Nathan Winder
Rachel Neil
Nikki Nichols

My Companions:

Ryan Coombs
Justin Frandsen
Adam Swank
Andrew Ridinger
John Pittard
Jacob Ritter
Robert Almasi
Michael Lecki (first name might be wrong)

My MTC Teachers:

Brother Behrad Tab
Brother Mortensen
Brother Rail

and, of course, my Mission President:

David Peterson

If you have any information on how I can get ahold of these people it would help me immensley! I thank you ahead of time!

Kosonom (stupid american accent marks!)

--Daniel T. Murphree
Daniel Thomas Murphree Send Email
Free trip to Budapest 28 Feb 2007
Hey fellow RMs!!

I returned from Hungary in 1995 and in '96 and '97 I got to go back with a family friend and help her do some translating and family history stuff. She wants to go back but I am not able to go this time (and my Hungarian is pretty weak). She pays for airfare, room and most food. If you have recently returned home, and would be available in the Fall, please contact me. It's a great opportunity.

Emily Good Campbell
Emily Campbell Send Email
Wedding 25 Feb 2007
I'd love to hear from you so I can send you an invitation to my wedding April 28th 2007. Go to and give me your address so we can have a quasi-reunion/wedding reception.
Wayne M Mortensen Send Email
Pictures of budapest 24 Nov 2006
Hi everyone,

I'll would like to recommend a photo site about Budapest. Many of you served here, and i hope, this picuters will help to remember to the good old days. The pictutes shooted by my fater-in-law, almost 1000 pics about Budapest.

Hope you'll love it.

Attila Horvath Send Email
Looking for Moravets Hajnalka from Veszprem 19 Oct 2006
Hello Everybody,

I am looking for Moravets Hajnalka from Veszprem. I have lost contact with her and I think she has moved. Any help would be great. Thanks, Josh Lindsay
Joshua C Lindsay Send Email
Csat Piroska 08 Oct 2006
I am in need of a current address for Csat Piroska of Budapest. The only address I have is the one where we first visited her on Taylor Marshall's referral. They have moved, per Posta. If you have her current, October 2006, address, please email it to me. Thank you so much in advance! Petra (Swavely) Laster
Petra Swavely Laster Send Email
Anyone in the Kispest area 20 Sep 2006

I lost contact with a Kalman Kitti, and I was wondering if anyone had an address, email or otherwise. Thanks
Joshua Shane Barrett Send Email
Looking for someone from Kispest 19 Sep 2006
Does anyone have an address for Kalman Kitti. Or possibly an email. I sort of lost contact with her due to being a very bad person about writing.
Joshua Shane Barrett Send Email
Reunion? 01 Sep 2006
I was just wondering if there is going to be a reunion on the upcoming Conference weekend in October. There's a chance that we might actually be in town, so we'd like to know if something gets planned. Thanks!

Monica Louise Phillips Send Email
magyar buli 27 Aug 2006
Sziasztok mindenkinek!!
Arra gondoltam , hogy most mivel mindanyian kezdunk vissza jonni Provoba , mi lenne ha megint csapnank egy nagy magyar bulit.
okkan ezen a nyaron vissza mentek Magyarorszagra, talan ok meselhetnenek nekunk a vltozasokrol stb.
Ha erdekel benneteket, akkor en benne vagyok hogy megszervezzem, kerlek benneteket , hogy emailozatok ha erdekel benneteket. Koszonom, az uj email cimem az
vagy tel:801 471-31-78
Alexandrina Mic-podar Send Email
kindergarten teacher 07 Aug 2006
Hi Everyone,

We are going to start a bilingual kindergarten in our town God (Geod) in September 2007 and we are seeking a native english speaker teacher with relevant experience. Should anyone be interested all you have to do is send a message with a few words about yourself to


Torok Laci and Kovacs Ildiko
Laszlo Torok Send Email
My goings on 20 Jul 2006
I figured that I would come post on here with an update of what I'm up to (since I haven't since I signed up).
I am still in Utah County. I have my own business in Lehi. I am a Massage Therapist. (Give me a call I'll hook ya up.)
I just got engaged! We are looking at mid-October as the big day. I don't have contact information for a lot of you so please contact me with something current if I can't get a hold of you. I'll send you a picture or two and an announcement in a month or two.
Phone: (801)310-9764
-Derek Blatter
Derek Blatter Send Email
Driver Needed July 10-July12 05 Jul 2006
We are in need of 1 to 2 Hungarian speakers to drive around some visiting Hungarians in the Salt Lake Valley. Drivers will be compensated for their time. If you are available please contact me at 808-2209 or email me at Thanks.
Scott Schwendiman Send Email
New Magyar Triple Combination 01 Jul 2006
Sziasztok! There's a new triple combination in Magyar. It's AWESOME! You can get it from the distribution center or from

Also, I'd love to hear from any former comps or missionaries with whom I've served.

Minden jot!

Joseph R. Farnsworth Send Email
Bush in Hungary 22 Jun 2006
Interesting (though poorly written) article on President Bush's recent visit to Hungary:
Christopher Brock Kirwan Send Email
One of my friend 20 Jun 2006

One of my really good friedn looking for an IT job opprtunity in New York City, he has got visa, place to leave. He is a very good IT manager currently working for Pannon GSM. If you got/hear something please drop a line to me at


Attila Horvath Send Email
Searching for... 11 Jun 2006
I was wondering if anyone could help me get contact info for Nemeth-Toth Zsolt. Home address would be great, email address would be even better.

Brent Jentzsch Send Email
My Mission Call! 26 May 2006
Ok, so i have recently been called to serve in this mission and i am way excited to be serving in Hungary! I was just wondering if anyone had any feedback on what i should make sure i get done (besides the obvious stuff) before i leave. Any advice would be great! Thanks everyone and i am pumped to serve!
Adam Christensen
Steven Christensen Send Email
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