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Families Can Be Together Forever 22 May 2006
Does anyone have a copy of the Song "Families Can Be Together Forever"? The new mission president coming in July's family would like to have it sung at their farewell.
Jamie (Ogden) Jones
Jamie Marlayna Jones Send Email
A Stake in Hungary! 15 May 2006
The first Stake Conference is supposed to be June 3-4!!! Finally!
Collin Eli Nicholes Send Email
A Stake in Hungary! 15 May 2006
The first Stake Conference is supposed to be June 3-4!!! Finally!
Collin Eli Nicholes Send Email
Elder Tom Howard 13 May 2006
Does anyone have contact info for Elder Howard? Or know anything about where he might be? The phone number in the mission alumni list doesn't work and I don't know what else to do.
Julie DeLong Send Email
Found 25 Apr 2006
Thank you everybody who responded to my question. I have found my friend István.

Thanks again!

Henk Prins Send Email
Just called! 24 Apr 2006
Hello everyone--I just got called to the Budapest mission this past week. I leave July 5th for the MTC. I have a TON of questions about the mission so if there is anyone (particularly sisters) who would like to get in touch with me, I would love it! My email is
Thanks! I am really excited to serve! Hungary sounds like an amazing mission!
SISTER Elisa Koler
(My profile is listed under my father's name, in good current-missionary style)
Elisa Koler Send Email
lakast keresunk budapesten! 01 Apr 2006

Tab and I are going to Hungary in May--we're even bringing our 6 month old baby girl, Izabella!

Anyway, we have been looking for an apartment, and have had a difficult time finding something. Does anyone have any suggestions or know someone who might be able to help us?

We will only be there for 5 weeks while Behrad completes an internship at a law firm in Budapest. We'd like something near Vaci utca, but we're not terribly picky.

Hope all of you are doing well.

Also, does anyone know who the international branch president is? We'd like to contact him.

Thank you!

sok szeretettel,

Behrad, Jill, & Izabella Tabatabaei
Jill Tabatabaei Send Email
New Addition!! 30 Mar 2006
Lillian Joy Fager was born on March 21, 2006. She was 20.5 inches long and weighed 9 lb 9.5 oz. Both baby and mother are doing well. We would love to hear from you!
Ammon M Fager Send Email
Looking for old companions 23 Mar 2006
Hi everyone, I am looking for info on some of my old companions. All of the following served between 2001 and 2003. So I am looking for contact info for Elder Daniel Murphree, Elder Brian Christensen, Elder Andrew Minnix, Elder Justin Pederson, Elder Carson Workman, and Elder Ben Wardle. If anyone has current info like addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses I would really apreciate it.
Jacob Ritter
Jacob Kenneth Ritter Send Email
bogracs gulyas buli 14 Mar 2006
hey mindenki.
mikor etettek utoljara bogracs gulyast?
ha regen akkor sok szeretettel varlak beneteket egy bogracs gulyas bulira amit aprilis 7 ere tervezek, ha szeretnetek jonni emailezetek nekem es megadom a z informaciokat . nagyon fontos tudnom hogy mennyien jottok a bevasarlas miatt. koszonom.
szeretettel alex
Alexandrina Mic-podar Send Email
New Assignment 11 Jan 2006
Our Dear Friends and Beloved Missionaries, 1/08/2006
We send our love and warmest greetings at the beginning of this New Year of 2006! We wanted to let you all know that tomorrow on January 9th, we will enter the MTC once again to fulfill a calling issued by the First Presidency, to serve as the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors’ Center Directors for a period of two years. Although this calling came as a complete surprise, we are thrilled once again to answer The Call to Serve, and to work again with missionaries assigned to the Center.

For those of you who will be in Arizona, you can find as at the Visitors’ Center! Otherwise, we can be reached on our cell phone 703-975-2062, or at 6535 East Superstition Springs Blvd. #217, Mesa, Arizona 85206, where we have purchased a condo. We have kept our home in Virginia and mail going there will be forwarded to us. Our e-mail address will remain the same.

We are excited to meet this afternoon with the newly called mission president assigned to Hungary, to help prepare them for this wonderful calling. We, along with you, continue to cherish our service together in the land of the Magyars, and to pray for the happiness and eternal progression of those wonderful members and friends.

May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you as you go forward in your schooling, careers and marriages. We are thrilled each time we receive an e-mail, wedding announcement, or news of your accomplishments. Until we meet again…

Sok Szeretettel,

President and Sister David A. Peterson
David A. Peterson Send Email
mejottem 25 Dec 2005
na ide is felirom hogy hataha nem eszitek eszre mashol. mejottem amerikaban vagyok varom hogy talakozunk . januar 5 en erkezem provoba mindanyian aki akozeleben laktok jlentkezetek kicsi_ally@yahoo. com
bulit szeretnek januar 14 ere vagy15 ere. varom hogy lassalak beneteket nagyon am.
Alexandrina Mic-podar Send Email
Looking for Sister Tonja Wyatt!! 28 Nov 2005
Does anyone know where she is? Her married name is Legas. She was one of my MTC comps and we've lost touch. It's VERY important that I find her. Please help! Koszi!!
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
Question for recent RM's ! 27 Nov 2005
Would one of you kind, gracious newly returned missionaries please scan your name tag and email it to me at ? A member in Utah custom designs business cards for missionaries and she needs to see what the current name tag looks like. I know it has changed since I was there 10 years ago. I would REALLY appreciate it if one of you could do this for me as soon as possible...

KOSZI!!! :)

Carolyn Daley
HunBud Mission Webmaster
Carolyn Elaine Daley Send Email
Dedicatory Prayer 26 Nov 2005
Does anyone have the dedicatory prayer for Hungary? I would love to have a copy of it.
Cody Fish
PS How is everyone doing from the Nemeth- Toth era?
Cody Glen Fish Send Email
Looking for Borsos Péter 23 Nov 2005
Hello, does anyone have Borsos Péter's phone number or address? His record's been marked inactive and I'd like to get a hold of him.

Sziastok everyone!

Steven Scott Tomer Send Email
Emberek Keresek 15 Nov 2005
Keresek Lévai Attila és Csila. Érdröl valosi. Elköltöztek, de nem tudok hova. Ha valaki tudna segiteni, szívesen elfogadom. Az email cimem az
Elöre köszönöm.
(Elder) Jacob Ritter
Jacob Kenneth Ritter Send Email
movies or cd? 13 Nov 2005
Does anybody know any good hungarian movies or cd's that I can get in the US.
Dalin Wayne Winters Send Email
Hungarian Vocal Music 04 Nov 2005
I'm looking for some choral, vocal solo or duet sheet music for some Hungarian operas or other pieces in the Magyar language. I’ve poked around the Internet, but I haven’t found anything.

If you have any suggestions of how I could order some from Hungary or what songs would be most popular please drop me a line.

Mark Willis
Mark D. Willis Send Email
Beteg Barát 09 Oct 2005

A segítsegetek szeretnenk kerni. Debrecenben Abrok Istvan (volt gyulekezet vezeto) nagyon beteg. Hosszan tarto korhazi kezelesre van szuksege.
Kerlek Benneteket, aki ismeri Ot és kedves Csaladját imadkozzon ertuk.
Amennyiben van lehetosegetek, kerlek vigyetek el a nevet a Templomba.

Nagyon szepen koszonjuk hithu imaitokat.

Piszman (Balogh) Angela
Angéla Piszmán Send Email
I'm looking for Tóth Klári 07 Oct 2005
Does anybody know Tóth Klári's email address? (I don't know her husband's name, so I just wrote her lánykori nevét). My email address: és kérlek írjátok meg!
Ladanyi Katalin Krisztina Send Email
Nyki Bacsi!!! 27 Sep 2005
Paging Mr. K-jell Ny-creme...
Paging Mr. K-jell Ny-creme...
Would Mr. Kjell Nykreim pick up the white paging phone and dial 801-473-3329...
It is believed that you fell off the face of the earth and I know you check this website still!
Teryn Henrie Send Email
vegre megvan 20 Sep 2005
vegre meg van a vizumom , az azt jellenti hogy decemberben mar amerikaban leszek, de akkor meg csak minessotaban aztan januarban provoban. varom hogy lassak mindenkit.
meg valami ez egy rossz hir ,ha ismertetettek wagner szabinat ,akkor szeretnem ha tudnatok hogy az edesapja meghallt 2 hettel ezelot, ha szeretnetek neki irni es jelentekezni,akkor legyszi emailozatok nekem es en megadom az informaciot. jo lenne ha minel tobben irnatok neki. koszonom.
ps varom hogy lassalak beneteket.
Alexandrina Mic-podar Send Email
Gettin' Hitched 12 Aug 2005
So it took me a while to find the right person, but I did. We're getting married in two weeks - the 26th of July. If anyone wants an invitation, send me an email.
Or just check out our high-tec wedding website. :)
Kevin Price Send Email
August 11-13 International Dance Festival 06 Aug 2005
There is a dance festival in Bountiful Utah from August 11-13. Its $4 per person $13 per family with a coupon that can be obtained from the following web site:

The Hungarian group consists of 20+ dancers from a Primary School and Basic School of Arts in Debrecen. My wife and I hosted two of the dancers while they performed in Rexburg and had the time of our lives.

As returned missionaries have met with them across Idaho they have been amazed that we learned their language and that we have a love for the country. Stop by the Bountiful Street Festival if you have a chance to just say hello.

Here's the times and schedule for the festival:
Mark D. Willis Send Email
Business in Hungary 20 Jun 2005

If any of you are intersted in doing business in Hungary send me an email. We just opened up our company there a few months ago.
Amazing opportunity to work in Hungary and the rest of eastern Europe!!

Byron Paul Belka Send Email
Fun Story 18 Jun 2005
Hi everybody! Two weeks ago Bishop Edgely shared a Hungarian story at stake conference in St. David, AZ. Several foreign missionaries serving at temple square were invited to his house for dinner. One in particular was a Hungarian sister (Sister Bogar). Sister Bogar had told about a missionary experience she had. She was given a referral by a man for a woman named "Angela" who had visited temple square and might be interested in the church. Well, she called the number and she got hold of an "Angela" who had visited temple square, but she didn't know the man who referred her. It must have been a different "Angela", but it was miraculous how she was contacted. She and her family were interested in hearing about the gospel. Cool, huh?
I have tried to send a couple of messages in the last week, but none of them were on the message board. I'll be embarrassed if I have three different messages now.
Well the story by Bishop Edgely was a wake-up call. I have been so negligent, and I have work to do! I am so grateful I was able to serve in the Hungary mission and to serve with such great missionaries (1995-1997). I am rededicated to becoming a better person!
Since my mission, I have gotten a degree in Regional Development from the U of A. That didn't quite work as planned, and so I suffered unemployment and living with mom and dad. Then I met Beth!
She is a wonder. I met her on a blind date in St. David, AZ. I was employed as a teacher's aide with her encouragement. We then got married March 12, 2004 in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We had William Karl on March 24, 2005. We are moving to Thatcher, AZ this fall so I can go back to school to become a teacher. Oh, life is good. She is helping me to become a better person.
Well this message is way too long. Does anybody know how to contact Czipo Valeria and Kisari Krisztina and Hazi Nelli from Nyiregyhaza? I have a few fences to mend. Also, I received the nicest letter from the Szabo Csalad in Debrecen. They are doing great!
Also, I found out today you can get Hungarian church resources at I printed out the Living Christ proclamation in Hungarian today. God bless!
Brendon Lee Bryant Send Email
Szervusz! 18 Jun 2005
Hi everybody! I tried to send a message earlier, but I didn't see it on the message board. So I'll try again. A couple of weeks ago Bishop Edgely of the Seventy spoke at our stake conference in St. David, AZ. He talked about a missionary from Hungary that was serving at Temple Square. I was so excited, and it made me miss my mission.
Life is going great! I got married last year in the Mesa Temple. We have a baby boy, William Karl! (3 months old) I am going back to school to become an elementary school teacher. (Kids are the best!) I miss the mission, and I feel so blessed that I was able to serve and share the greatest thing in life with some of the choice Hungarian people and to serve with such choice missionaries. I love you all and I'm so glad you put up with me. All the best and God bless.
I just learned you can print out several Hungarian things on the website. For example, I printed out a Living Christ proclamation in Hungarian today. (FYI)
Brendon Lee Bryant Send Email
Does anyone have the Szvoboda's e-mail? 12 May 2005
Hi! This is Charity TD! I hope everyone in Budapest is SO well! I am wondering if someone has the Szvoboda's e-mail address or real address. If you do, could you send it to me? Thank you!

Charity Sunshine TD Send Email
Szilvia's Wedding 09 May 2005
For those of you who know my daughter, Szilvia, or Kovacs Jozsi from Szombathely, they are getting married this Saturday, May 14 in Szombathely. They will be coming to Utah soon after that to be sealed in the Bountiful Temple. Just wanted to share our happiness.
Mitch and Edit Kerbs
Mitch Kerbs Send Email
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