Cool Stuff

  • Mission Slang - no longer acceptable for current missionaries, but fun for old-timers
  • Recipes
  • Map of mission boundaries and cities (25k)
  • Cheesy Italian Postcards - I'll get these back online shortly.
  • IBM makes a boo boo!

  • Mission Music

    "Armatura della Fede" by Christian Cobelli - midi file of the mission hymn, thanks to Kermit Johnston...when did we get a mission hymn, anyway?

    I'll put the following back online if anyone cares.

    Afterglow. What a name. What were they thinking? Here they pose the question nearly all missionaries ask themselves once in a while. (72K aiff)

    Rondo' Veneziano, the Van Halen of classical music. Here's a sample. (82K aiff)

    Not of the World. If you watched this video series in seminary, you'll remember the theme song (207K aiff)