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Bruce Reese, September 26, 2002

I am trying to arrange a get-together of missionaries who served in Italy and are living in North Carolina. If you would be interested in attending for fun, stories and food, let me know. Thanks

Michael Warner, September 15, 2002

Che cavallo fate voi dalla missione Italiana di Catania. Mi scrivete! Si, anche tu Marco Galvagni dalla citta chiamata TRENTO. Che Dio vi benedica.

Maxine Olsen, September 10, 2002

Anziano Millard is now in Italy, he is is a town called Mistretta, having only arrived there about a week ago! He is loving the mission already, and has a wonderful French comp.! His friends Anziano Lott and Anziano Hardy were fortunate to arrive there earlier on in the summer .... There were many from Idaho Falls who were called to the Catania Italy Mission! We just wondered if they would ever be in the same areas??? :0) There is a sorrella who recently returned from this mission, Holly Morris, I have been in touch with her mom lately on the MM's lists... They were able to go to Italy and sent some amazing pics to our list! Italy is a beautiful country! Maxine Olsen, mom of Anziano Millard!

E.R. Piotta, September 6, 2002

Ciao ragazzi sono un membro di caltanissetta, ma sar˛ molto spesso a catania per studio, fatevi sentire! ciao!

Spencer Lines, August 7, 2002

Ciao a tutti. Purtroppo non faccio la visita a questo luogo spesso. Mi fa tanto piacere di vedere tutti voi che venite qui. Forse e' perche' ho avuto i missionari qua alla mia casa stasera, che stavo pensando della missione di piu' addesso. Vi prego scusa che non posso scrivere perfettamente nella lingua che dovrei sapere di piu'. Solo volevo dire che Io vivo in Napoli (si qui in Italia) adesso, e che ci saro per alcuni anni di piu'. Sono sposato da 4 anni, ho un figlio, che si chiama Mattan, e che fra alcuni mesi avro' un altro figlio. Se qualcuno di voi mi conosce, mi scrive. Mi raccommando. Ciao a tutti, buona fortuna, e che Dio vi benidica. Spencer

Sister Ceresola (Cherry Cola) now Della Mano, August 5, 2002

HI, this is addressed to every one of you who served in the Catania Mission period 94-95!!!! I'm sister Ceresola (or better to say I was called so, 'cause now my last name is Della Mano). I now some of you (anz. Grinceri, hey what's dude?) or my friend ANZKANZ (non ti ho forse dato io quel nomignolo???). I'm married and I have two adorable children aged 4 and 2 (not quite but almost). I live in Lugano (some of you may now where Lugano is). I would love to hear from those who know me and who knew my friend sister ZEZZI MONICA, we were also known as the sisters swatch. Please send me an e-mail just to tell me what's up with you.

Patti Landes Adams, July 15, 2002

Cari Amici di Presidente e Sorella Gambarotto,
Our website is back up. You can find it at Ex-Anziano Brightman (91-93), July 20, 2002
Cia tutti! I would love to get intouch with anyone who served in the catania mission 91-93. I know Ken Biddulph has posted messages on this board from time to time. Please get in touch anyone!
Anyone who has served knows that you never stop loving all of those people who shared such precious times whilst serving....

Craig Williams, June 26, 2002

I just received a call to serve in the Italy Catania mission this past week. I will enter the MTC on September 25, 2002. Any helpful little hints from any of you alumni will be greatly appreciated. Reading up a little bit, I've found that the language spoke can be reffered to as Sicilian because it is so different from Italian. Is the BOM printed in Sicilian? Should I worry about studying Italian interfering with what the people are actually going to be speaking? Or is it not really an issue? Are American suits a problem, did y'all get your suits in Italy? Any other helpful things you all wish you would have known before you got there? Thanks.

Elder Jordan Mosiah Bradley, June 21, 2002

Hello everyone, I was called to the Italy Catania mission yesterday! I am so excited to go and serve. I can speak French and some spanish so I am very excited to have an oppurtunity to learn Italian and serve the Lord...who could ask for more. I leave for the MTC September 25th.
Elder Bradley

Glen Gerner, June 11, 2002

Buon giooorno! I just stumbled onto this site. I'm serving time in Indianapolis while my wife finishes grad school, then back to Park City. To those who know me, drop me a line. To those who do not, "Tante Belle Cose". Ciao, Glen

Katie Little, June 2, 2002

Hi, my name is Katie Little, I am a BYU student living in Milan Italy right now. I am working as a nanny for a family with one littler girl. They are looking for a girl to replace me starting this September - an American, and preferably someone who is LDS. If there are any returned sisters who are interested, please email...they are a great family, and I can tell you all the details through an email. Thanks!

Alex Hardy, May 10, 2002

I've been called to the Italy, Catania Mission and was wondering if it was better to purchase most of my suits, shirts, and over coat in Italy. My father went to Germany and said that they as missionaries could spot an american, in a suit, 2 blocks down the road due to the type of materal they were made of. He also said his Mission President almost required missionaries to wear German Shirts and Suits. The german people respectd the fact that they as americans were attempting to look and act German in good dress and better manners.
is this an issue in Italy.
Are the suits and shirts
1. Mission approved.
2. Affordible.
3. Quality enough to last.
4. Or is this a bad Idea and should we just get them all in the States.
Elder Alex Hardy

Julia White, April 26, 2002

Care sorelle e fratelli: I'm so happy to find some of you here. I hope this site will grow and grow and bring us all back together, even if in cyber space. I served in Catania 82-83 and I'm returning to Italy for the first time this summer. Would love to find some Italian friends, like Loredana from Taranto. Anyone know her phone number and address in Pisa, and married name? I love Italy and dream often of being there trying to find my wonderful friends. Please tell me how you are doing. I am doing very well, working at BYU under a different name, and having fun in life with my two children. I will be in Rome and Umbria. Any suggestions on the best places to go with three other women? Ciao tutti.

Rich Dyer, April 11, 2002

Looking for Anziano Dominic Perricone and The Caggegi Family of Siracusa. If anyone knows where these folks are, please let me know.


Rich (Flyer) Dyer

John Collings, April 6, 2002

I just wanted to give a message to all the missionaries that who served with me. As of April 4th 2002 I am finally a Father to beutiful daughter. Her name is Clara Elizabeth. I am so excited to have her in my life. I've waited two years for this day. I hope all of you are doing well. Vi voglio bene. Anziano Collings

Claudio Deplano (87-89), April 5, 2002

Ciao!! sono Claudio Deplano spero che qualcuno si ricordi di me,comunque ora sono sposato ,con maria Fernanda Carrion Barros(spagnola) ho tre figli,Nhoemi di 11 anni ,Alice di 8anni e R¨ben di 2 mesi scrivetemi

Elder EH Millard, March 28, 2002

HI, I just received my mission call to the Italy Catania Mission! I am so excited! I will be going to the MTC on July 3, 02.... There is joy in my world... I have always wanted to go to Italy to serve a mission! Elder EH Millard

Daniel Bertuccini, March 27, 2002

Ciao a tutti. Soltanto volevo salutarvi. I Dire Quanto vi volgio bene. Se Qualcuno dei mie amici dela Missione di Catania volete visitare a California. Soltanto Scrivermi I avran una Casa a domire. Civediamo.

Davide Caggese, March 20, 2002

Ciao a tutti fetentoni,
Sono Ex Anziano Caggese ' 95 / ' 97 a Catania.
Qui a Torino tutto a posto.
Dovete fare i bravi se volete andare nel Regno Celeste, OK ?
Un bacione a tutti. Vi voglio bene.

Curtis Mullenbach, March 16, 2002

Ciao a Tutti!

I haven't visited the site for quite a while and thankfully the list of returned missionaries keeps getting longer. Just an update I forgot to post the news but guess what, I'm a Dad! My Daughter was born September 30th yeah almost six months ago. My Daughter's name is Eva Magdeline Mullenbach. My wife wanted a short first name. She is a happy and healthly little girl who loves her toes and her Mom and Dad.

Even more good news is that my wife and I are expecting our next child this November around thanksgiving. Hey the sooner the kids come the sooner they move out! Seriously though we love being parents and feel that this one may be a boy. I am still trying to convince my wife that Vincenzo is a good first name. Hey my email has changed and I would love to hear from my MTC group or other friends in the mission. So feel free to drop me a note!

Has any one heard about Ugo Mana? I would really like to get his address so I could mail him some pictures.


Curtis Mullenbach

Giulliano J. Prieto, March 14, 2002

Missione di Catania, Italia Ciao a tutti voi!! Mama mia che piacere vedere i scritti di tutti voi!! Mi porta gioia vedere soltanto i vostri nomi!! Sempre dico alle persone quando mi chiedono riguardo alla mia missione... Era la cosa piu dificile che ho fatto nella mia vita ma non ho mai imparato, amato, e cresciuto cosi tanto nella mia vita. Mio Padre in Missione era Anziano Ehat e ringrazio a lui per la pazienza che mi aveva mostrato non lo dimentichero mai!! E grazie a tutti i missionari per averlo fatto. (UofU Salt Lake City,Utah///Los Angeles, California)

Famiglia Bruno, March 14, 2002

Ciao! Sono Maria Bruno (Muratore, sorella di Salvatore Muratore) Sono membro del ramo di Catania e mi sono battezata 6 Aprile 1968. Mi piacerebbe riprendere contatti con i missionari che hanno servito in quel periodo a Catania. (Anz. William Vance - da Canada, Anz. Brent Payne, Sorella Wendy Freeman, Anz. Craig Nelson, Anz. Bell, Anz. Dunham, Sorella Astrid Slopek, Anz. James Maples ecc.) Mi ricordo tutti con tantissimo affetto e spero di sentirvi. Mi farebbe tanto piacere. (E certamente ci farebbe piacere sentire da tutti ex-missionari che hanno servito quÓ.) Se qualcuno ha notizia di Craig Pinoli, mi faccia sapere. Ciao a tutti e ci sentiamo! Con affetto, Maria Bruno

Steven Davis, March 9, 2002

Hello! Any of you who may know me, feel free to send an email! I served from 93 - 95. I have a question though. I am attempting to locate a recipe for potato foccacia that I got from one of the member couples from Bitonto. For the life of me, I cannot remember their names but he served as Branch President for a time and they have a daughter living in Utah. Unless things have changed a great deal, most missionaries who have served in Bitonto will remember this couple as she LOVES to cook for the missionaries. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. I have turned everything in my house upside down to find that recipe with no luck :( ex-Anziano Davis

Jenny Mandile, March 4, 2002

ciao. ho ricevuto la chiamata per venire in missione a CATANIA, PARTIR˛ IL 24 APRILE e sono molto ma molto emozionata, se avete qualche consiglio, eccomi pronta ad ascoltare tutti voi ciao

David Lott, February 26, 2002

Hi everyone, I just got my call to serve in the Italy Catania Mission. I was supprised and happy when I got it. I hope that I can do my best out there. I enter the MTC on May 22nd so I won't be going for a while, but I want to prepare the best I can. If you want to give some advice I will be sure to take it to heart. I'M GOING TO ITALY!!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!!!!

Nick Cunnington, February 5, 2002

I enter the MTC in 22 days (Feb. 27th)!!!! I am sooooooo excited. If anyone has any last minute advice- drop me a line. Other than that, wish me luck, and I'll be sure to say hello to the Catania mission for all of you.

Steve Riska, January 7, 2002

If anybody has any contact information for Anziano Mark Noakes I would appreciate it. My email address is Thanks, Steve Riska

Guglielmo Cacciatore, January 1, 2002

Salve!!! Sarebbe un piacere rispondervi, cosi'scrivete.

Greg Rose, December 31

I served in Taranto, Lecce and Catania during my mission to Italy in 1968-71. I've been married for over 30 years now to the same beautiful woman who gave me 4 children. We now have 2 grandchildren and 3 on the way. Our youngest and only unmarried child is serving a mission in Ohio currently. I'd love to hear from any old timers who happen to read this message.

Massimo Drago, December 4

Ciao a tutti, sono Anziano Drago volevo salutare tutti i miei colleghie i membri della missione di Catania. Non Ŕ che qualcuno ha l'indirizzo di Pr. DeWitt? Una brutta notizia: un membro del mio ramo, Alfredo Balletti, Ŕ morto la scorsa settimana. Anche lui aveva servito a Catania. Bacioni a tutti

Andrea Cordani, November 27

My heart is full of grief and sorrow as I announce the death of a beloved friend: Anziano Alfredo Balletti. The Lord called him beyond the veil. Our faith grows stronger and our gratitude for the gospel increases but still, we will miss him so much. God be with you till we meet again Alfredo

Deric Ravsten, November 25

Ciao a tutti! Living in Price, Utah. Planning on returning to Sicilia in 2002 and would appreciate tips relating to travel (in Sicily, especially)from any of you that have returned to visit. My phone number, address: (435) 637-2358 1385 west 300 north Price, Utah 84501

Anziano A N Z K A N Z Canzachi da Roma '94-'96 Classe di ferro, September 16

Ciao a tutti. vivo a Roma la mia cittÓ. Sono sposato dal 6 Aprile con mia moglie :) Ho conosciuto mia moglie a Palermo in inverno '95 e dopo la Missione me la sono portata a Roma. Abbiamo una bambina che Ŕ bellissima e si chiama Giada. Sto cercando l'e-mail addres di Presidente De Witt e presidente Goodman could you please aiutarmi a trovarlo? Grazie.

JACOB AIRHART, September 26

HELLO ALL YOU SILLY ITALIAN GOOSE LOVERS, sono tornato da soltanto un mese.(AUG.2001) mi manca la missione un sacco! mo, non faccio nulla di importanza. IF YOU LOVE ROAD TRIPPIN',PASTA, AND THE FAMOUS AND CUTEST COSENZTINA "MAMMA GARDI" ALLORA, USCIAMO... FATEVI SENTIRE! a presto.

Anziano A N Z K A N Z Canzachi da Roma '94-'96 Classe di ferro, September 16

Ciao a tutti. vivo a Roma la mia cittÓ. Sono sposato dal 6 Aprile con mia moglie :) Ho conosciuto mia moglie a Palermo in inverno '95 e dopo la Missione me la sono portata a Roma. Abbiamo una bambina che Ŕ bellissima e si chiama Giada. Sto cercando l'e-mail addres di Presidente De Witt e presidente Goodman could you please aiutarmi a trovarlo? Grazie.

Ken Baker, August 28

I thought some of you who served with me from '81 to '83 might be interested to know that Harper Collins just published my first children's picture book called Brave Little Monster. There's info about it on my web site

Natalie Grinceri, August 14

Hi All, My name is Natalie Grinceri, David Grinceri, my husband, served in the Catania mission (93-95). I found this web site the other day and when I showed him he was really excited, we went through all the names and it was like 'I remember that one' 'did I ever tell you about....' but when I suggested that he E-mail someone, I think the thought of actually using a computer scared him.

So if you know him, and want to drop him a line, he will write back, it will give me a reason to teach him how to use E-mail!! My E-mail is I will pass on any messages

Sagripanti, Leandro, August 13

Ciao, tutti quanti !! ancora non ci posso credere di stare scrivendo questo mail !. sono veramente emozionato di trovare questo sito e potermi contattare con tanti carissimi amici e tanti ricordi de la pi˙ bella missione del mondo. Chiedo scuse a tutti quelli che mi scrissero e non trovarono risposte a le sue lettere, ormai mi sono pentito e mi piacerebbe sapere di voi al pi˙ presto,sopratutto di quelli che hanno servito con me o nella stessa cittß, sempre penso a voi. Sarebbe molto lungo raccontare tutta la mia vita in questi ultimi anni, comunque vi racconto che mi sono sposato il 16 gennaio 1999 al tempio di Buenos Aires, Argentina, mia compagna eterna si chiama Karina ed Ú molto brava, e bella pure! ancora non siamo stati benediti con figlima speriamo averli presto. Sto Studiando Human Resources Administration,all'universitß e mi va molto bene, lavoro a un Hotel chiamato Windsor Hotel & Tower come bellboy, anche sto perfezionando il mio inglese studiando e penso di fare il TOEFL exam per capo d'anno. Sono attivo in chiesa e sto servendo come primo consigliere nel vescovato del mio rione. In conclusione, sono molto benedetto per il mio Padre Celeste. Se potete scrivetemi presto, mi piacerebbe tanto sentire notizie vostre, a voi degli Stati Uniti potete anche scrivermi in inglese se vi siete dimenticati un pocchino l'inglese. Un abbraccione a tutti voi, vi voglio tanto bene, arrivederci, hasta la vista and Take care!! Anziano Sagripanti.

Paul Robertson, August 12

After 25 years I returned to Italy with my son to "show him around". We stayed a few days in Foggia with the Conforte family (who we taught so long ago) and enjoyed visiting Mimmo Laratro and his family. All seemed well. We also attended Stake conference in Bari. It was such a treat! Giancarlo Dicarolo also of Foggia is Stake President and received us well.

Nick Garces, July 25

Howzit people, just wanted to drop a line to everyone, sounds like everyone is doing great, well, I am too a father of a beautiful little girl. She's 8 months now. I still work for the LAPD in south central. Also keep an eye out for my band, EDIPUS, we should be coming to a town near you. I am also returning to Italy for my vacation this year, so if you have any tips holla at me. cool, don't be afraid to write. nick statemi bene

Steven Riska, July 12

Buon Giorno tutti quanti. Ma che devo dire? Ho le belle notizie, mi sono sposato mese scorso a Stephanie Denise Heinrich. Il matrimonio e' una bella cosa, lo raccomondo a tutti. Communque, volevo soltanto dire ciao a miei colleghi di missione e mandarvi tante belle cose. Statemi bene,

Steve Riska

Jeremy Andrus, June 28

Buon giorno, io cerco il numero di telefono e il email di Vincenzo Conforte. Se lei ha, mi puo dare? Grazie.

Steve Wilson, June 19

hey everyone! Tutt'a post. Mi sono sposato cinque mesi fa', e sto lavorando come un cane. Fatevi sentire!

Kari Rempel, June 13

Hi there! If there is anyone out there who remembers who I am, write me! It would be really good to hear from you. I am living in Canada now, going to school and having fun.

Matteo Garnero, June 11

Sto cercando di rintracciare ex Anz. Zwygart (95-96)
Se qualcuno ha notizie mi scriva, grazie!

Noemi Bordina, May 30

Carissimi amici,
chi scrive e' ex-sorella Bordina,
sono felicissima di comuncarvi che questa settimana ho incontrato mia "figlia", Stephanie Angelos, qui a Firenze, dove io vivo con la mia famiglia. E' stato bellissimo incontrare una cosý cara collega nella missione e, ancora pi¨ bello riscoprirsi felici e contente nel Vangelo di Ges¨ Cristo a distanza di diversi anni dalla missione.
L'amicizia continua, anche dopo, e davvero pu˛ essere eterna.
Un abbraccio a tutti i miei colleghi. CIAO!

Caggese Davide, May 28

Ciao buffoni!
Come state, anche tu Riccardo pippo Baudo.
Dovete scrivere di pi¨.
Come va l'America, un consiglio da amico: VENITE A TORINO (la pura di cuore)
Un bacione a tutti. Vi voglio bene. Ciao

Mark Holyoak, May 11

For those of you who may have missed it, President Boren passed away recently. The following is an excerpt from the April 14th edition of the Church News:

Samuel Boren, 85, a former mission and temple president, died April 8, 2001, in Spokane, Wash. Brother Boren served as president of the Mexico Southeast Mission from 1969-1972, as president of the Italy Milan Mission from 1979-1982 and as interim president of the Italy Cantania Mission from 1982-1983. He served as president of the Lima Peru Temple from 1985-1987. He was a former regional representative and treasurer of the Church Building Committee in South America.

Mark Holyoak
KREM 2 Sports Director
(509) 838-7371
(509) 448-6397 (fax)

Kermit Johnston, May 6

I have sequenced a MIDI file of the mission hymn L'Armatura della Fede by Christian Cobelli. It is available on my website along with some pics. Let everyone know!

Anziano Derek Zaugg ('86-'88), April 30

For those who may be thinking of visiting Italy or Europe this summer but have been worried that airfare would be unreasonable due to rising fuel costs, don't hesitate to shop around. (Where there's a will, there's a way!) For example: Air France is starting direct service from Dallas to Paris next week, so my wife and I are headed for Sicilia for two weeks at the end of May at a fare cheaper than the five other trips I've made back to Italy since finishing my mission in 1988. We're also glad that we can fly direct from Dallas to Paris and avoid layovers or customs in JFK or Atlanta. After a short layover in Paris (CDG), we'll catch an Air France flight to Roma, from where we'll be able to head south by train or car. (I rented a car the last two trips over, but we'll probably take the train this time since we're taking along our youngest daughter, 15 month old Marinda, and think she'll do better in a sleeper coach on the train - besides, I'm sure benzina in Italia viene ancora piu' caro in questo periodo come qui negli Stati Uniti. Comunque, vi lasio un breve resoconto mio: io, Sonja, Shaylee e Marinda ci troviamo a Dallas, dove ho vissuto per cinque anni adesso. Ci divertiamo con calico, pallavolo, ed altri sport. Ci impegniamo molto in chiesa dove faccio parte del vescovato da circa un anno. Siamo grati di avere un tempio vicino, e preghiamo per il giorno in cui ci sara' pure una casa del Signore in Italia!

Offro adesso un saluto ai miei colleghi di missione: Christensen, Groebs, O'Neil, Downing, Swenson, Bestenlehner, Valli, Deplano, Marsh, Eggbert, Ghidini, Finoto, e Daponte.

E in fine, voglio pure esprimere la mia gratitudine al Webmaster che si impegna a presentare questo sito sull'Internet, offrendoci l'opportunita' di tenerci in contatto.

Stiate bene.
Anziano Derek Zaugg

John LaCouture, April 18

Would anyone have news of Presidente Turner or his present address?

R. Tribaudino, April 12

Sono felice di aver ritrovato l'indirizzo di tanti amici

Peter J. Ehat, April 10

Anziano Balletti! Mi ha fatto quasi piangere quando ho visto quello che hai scritto. Ti voglio sentire! Se leggi questo, mi devi scrivere subito! Ti manco assai! Ciao a tutti.

Sorella Kelly Grayson/Durfee, April 8

Sorella Kelly Grayson/Durfee here. Its been awhile since I spoke to anyone from my mission. Its Sunday and I was just goofing around on the internet, which by the way is new to me this year. I'm having fun w/it. I'm married, almost 9 yrs now and have four little boys. George 7, Andrew 6, Samuel 4 and James 2. I hope someone responds.

Steve Riska, April 4


Daniel Bertuccini, March 19

ciao Tutti! spero che tutto sta bene con tutti i miei amici in la missione Catania di Italia. se mi recordate e-mail mi Ciao!

Kari Brady, March 7

The Mission was great....I loved it, and I'm now loving married life. Keep in touch and let me know how things are going on your end. La vita e' bellissima, e sono grandemente benedetta!!
Amore Sempre
Sorella Kari Brady

Valerie Lindeman, February 28

I am now working as a nanny in Milan with a family with one 3 and a half year old girl, Isabella. They have been very impressed with the church and next year they would like another "mormon" girl to work for them. I served a mission in Milan and have enjoyed coming back to learn more about the culture, language and seeing old friends. This has been a great experience, if anyone would like more information please email me at

Cherie Mercer Davis, February 23

Hagen Daz now has gelato! At the grocery store they were giving out samples of ciocolatto. Now it has been a long time since I was in Italy. But it sure tasted good.

Anziano Balletti (now Alfredo Balletti), February 17

E' stato bello poter leggere le notizzie di tutti voi ex colleglhi di missione continua ad essere un bellissimo sognio della mia vita,in cui fate parte tutti la cosa ancora piu' bella e che non mi sembra di averla mai finita..... c'e' tanto lavoro da fare con le persone qui,e l'Italia sta' fiorendo,e sono orgoglioso di continuare a far parte di tutti quei fratelli e sorelle Italiani che sono ancora ansiosamente impegniati a lavorare in questo meraviglioso angolo di vignia del nostro Padre Celeste,Che e' la nostra bella ITALIA.
Un bacione a tutti Alfredo.

Josh Lyche, February 7

Just wanted to announce the birth of my first son. Nathanael Grant Lyche was born on Dec. 28th. 9lbs 10oz and 21 1/2" long.
If anyone knows Anziano Barkers address or phone please let me know.

Steve Riska, February 5

Allora, buon giorno a tutti. Ho la bellas notizia. Dopo tre anni mezzo sulla caccia e tante "fidanzate" , finalmente mi sposo. Mi sposero` il 15 di giugno al Tempio di Dallas. Mia fidanzata si chiama Stephanie Denise Heinrich e lei e proprio meravigliosa. Anyways if there is anybody that knows me please send me your addresses, I seem to have lost my list of everybody's addresses. And if anybody has Anziano Parkinson's address I would appreciate it. Thanks and God's speed.

Steve Riska

Curt Fortie 7779, February 2

Looks like I'm aboaut the oldest one getting a message out. It's great to see this site and read all about new things happening in the mision. I am currently living in Germany and will be going to Sicilia in April and was wondering if anyone wanted me to try and find information about anyone in particular. I served in Siracusa, Palermo, Brindisi and Trapani and have been back once about 4 years ago. My wife and I are going to spend about a week just touring around and having fun. If I can help anyone while I'm there just let me know.
Ciao a tutti

Bruno Patane', January 28

Che strano sentirvi di nuovo soprattutto perche sembra che stiamo crescendo, Little mi ricordo di te il vestito verde, mannaggia un figlio, complimenti, attualmente il mio unico figlio Ć sempre l'anziano Todd, ma mi sono sposato l'8 luglio 2000. Dove sono anziano Fish e Cella?? CIAO

Steve Wells, January 28

Our son, Derek, entered the MTC on Jan 3rd and is studying Italian to join the missionaries in Catania. His departure date is March 5. I will add to this site periodically. His site can be seen at Thanks for having this site. It gave some ideas of what to bring to the mission.

Sharon Soutter, January 23

I don't know why I never checked into possibility of this website before....Michelle (Sorella Labetti) McComb, I still have fond memories of the P-Day we spent at the Isole Tremite (or was it Tremoli? non mi ricordo!!) I am happily employed as an RN at a pediatric hospital (Primary Children's), so even though I have no children of my own, I get to take care of and spend good time with lots of kids every day. Would love to hear from any of you I know but have lost contact with over the years.

Patti (Landes) Adams, January 21

To the awesome missionaries who served under Lino Gambarotto
We have updated the website. You can find it at

Massimo "Il Re" Botta was in Salt Lake two weeks ago. It was great to see him.

Vi voglio bene, Patti

Brian J. Gwilliam, January 2

Help! I served in Milano 90-92. I served with a Catania native, Davide Arcidiacono. I have been trying to reach him for several months now without success. If any of you know him or his family, could you pass along information as to how I can get in touch with him. It would be appreciated.
Grazie, e, Ciao

Gentry Thompson, December 30

I'm looking for the address of the mission home. Actually I need the address that I need to send packages to. I have a friend serving in Catania, and I have his mailing address, but I don't have the mission office address. Please help me out here! Please e-mail me:

D. Bradley York, December 6

I served in Catania with Elders William Spere and Carl Chevara from November 1968 to May 1969. I have spent the last 30 years in marriage to the same wonderful woman; we have 7 children (all but 1 gone from the home), 8 grandchildren, 3 daughtersinlaw and counting. I retired from a 22 year US Army career in 1992 and retired again 4 months ago, after 8 years of Sattelite communications development here in California. I am now serving as a Temple Ordinance Worker in the San Diego Temple, golfing and doing whatever else I am told to do by my wife Pam. I have sent my sons to 3 different South American countries and have the hope of sending my last one next year to Italy. "Nevertheless, thy will be done, oh Lord."

Mark LIttle, November 24

my wife had a beautiful baby girl early Tuesday morning. She was induced Monday night, labored for only six hours (she dilated from a 4 to a 10 in less than an hour!!), and more time passed waiting for the doctor to arrive than she spent pushing. When it was time to push, we asked if they were gonna call the doctor, they said not yet cause she had at least an hour to push. Fifteen minutes later they made her stop so they could get doc there ASAP. Just a few pushes later, Emily Little was born at 2:59AM on November 21. She weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz and was 18 inches tall. We are home from the hospital now, and Mom and Emily are doing great. I'll have pictures up at the baby's website ( We're planning the baby blessing for New Year's Eve if anyone wants to come and then rock in the New Year Vegas style.

Blake Barlow, November 7

Voglio rintracciare un amico caro che si chiama Andrea Gentile. Lui e' tornato dalla sua missione un anno fa Gennaio'. Perfavore, il vostro aiuto sarebbe aprezzato molto.

Mary Aillery, October 31

I am looking for members in the Alcamo / Castellemarre del Golfo areas to give me an idea of where I can look for genealogy, like historical societies, churches, libraries, universities, etc.╩ Any suggestions?

Mark Little, October 22

For anyone who served between '95-'99, there is an e-mail group you can sign up for to get updates about reunions and send general messages to former Catania missionaries. Just go to to sign up.

Fausto Piredda, October 16

sono passati molti anni da quando ho terminato la missione, (1985-87) ricordo tutti quanti con amore fraterno. Ex anz. Iezzi, Augat, Salomon, Byrne, Marlble, Valli, Deplano....... insomma devo nominarvi proprio tutti?? FATEVI SENTIRE!!!!

Ken Biddulph, October 14

I have another message on the board that is outdated. It said I was going to germany. I was diverted to Fort Belvoir Virginia instead. My new address is phone 703-492-7530. If you know me, drop me a line! I served in the catania mission from fall of 91 to fall of 93.
Thanks, Ken Biddulph

Jean-Paul Chausse, September 22

Brother, I'm a return missionary who served in the Paris France mission (84-86). A survey was introduced to the European missions in 1985 that was VERY successful in pushing the missionary work along. I am desperate for a copy of the survey. It was a survey that asked the non-member about 12 questions that showed the missionary what aspect of the gospel most interested the person taking the survey. Could you please forward this email to all your return missionaries at see if any of them have a copy, and if so, could they translate it into english and forward to me at or My current calling is in our stake mission presidency, and I'm trying to get the Lord's work moving in this part of the vineyard.

Amanda Honn (Fuhriman), September 21

Ciao a tutti! This is Amanda Fuhriman (Sorella Honn...) It's been awhile but I had to make my presence known.

I've been home for 2 years now and have been married for about 6 months. AND LOVING IT!!! I miss the mission and the people more than I ever thought I would but I do my best to keep in touch so please drop me a line or two when things settle down.

Garth Haycock, September 18

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about a member in Catania named Alfredo Schivone. Anziano Rick Maddox and I baptized him in December of '84, if my memory serves me correctly. If anyone could possibly drop me a note via e-mail with any info about him, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, and as they say in Italy: "Mi dispiace, ma no ti capisco." At least I heard that a lot.

Simone Bacchini, September 16

Un saluto a tutti quelli che ho conosciuto durante la mia missione (94-96)

Curtis Mullenbach, September 4

Ciao a tutti! It has been a while since I looked at this page and I do miss all of you. I am thankful for my time in Italy. And I have some good news.

I am getting married in October. I found a wonderful woman who I am taking to the Raleigh NC temple to become my eternal companion. I am looking for some addresses. I was wondering if anyone had Papa Ugo (Cosenza), President Dewitt's and Pres. Goodman's addreeses? I would love to send some invitations to them.


Bonnie Smith Austin, August 31

Caio Caio...Every so often I check out this page, it's great to hear how everyone is doing. If anyone knows any info about Sorella Elieson, Francis, Boyack, Pioltelli, or Migliore I would love to get in touch with them. Well right now I am expecting our second child, we just found out she's a girl. I am so excited, can't wait to start shopping for little girl things. I have a son who is 14 months old hopefully getting a little sister won't be a total shock to him. We are still living in AZ and I believe that we will be here forever. Luckily it has cooled off, it is no longer in the 100's. So we are loving life.
Well if anyone knows anything about those Sorelli they can email it to me.
Thanks Bonnie

Randy Andrus, August 29

Ho fatto la missione fra 78-80. quando ho servito a Ragusa abiamo battezzato la famiglia Manzini. Loro abitavano per Via Carducci. Vorrei mandarla qualche notizia per la rete. Se ci sia qualunche altro che la conosco per favore mandatemi il loro indirizzo di email. Grazie in anticipo'. Ciao for now.

Rich Rogers, August 25


My name is Rich Rogers.╩ I served in the Padova and Milan Missions from 1981-1983.╩ I'm looking for a friend of mine who used to live in Firenze.╩ I understand when he retired he moved down to Calabria.╩ His name is Enzo Bilotta. He was the district president at the time.╩ If anyone who has been in the area recently has some information about him, I'd really appreciate some news about him and the family.╩ Also if his daughter, Maria Giovanna, is living with them, I'd like to know that also.╩

You can email the news, and contact information such as address, phone number and/or email address, to me at╩

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rich Rogers

Darrell Hendriksen (97-99), August 16

I served in Bari, Trapani, and la citta' piu' bella di ogni altra; Palermo, then i served in Malta. But i must say, that even though i was in italy only 9 months, those italians got into my heart so deeply, i can barely even LOOK at this web page before it makes me weep, i miss it so badly. Per tutti coloro che potrebbero conoscere Salvo Mina' da Palermo, lo voglio scrivere, se c'e' un indirizzo email, datemelo, grazie! Amo io ogni cosa che ha da fare con italia....

Mike Huang (98-00), August 12

si,sono io,l'ex Anziano Huang e sono appena tornato dopo 15 ore sul'aereo e 12 nella macchina e sto benissimo, anche se sia strano non portare la targhetta e la camicia bianca. Se ci sia qualcuno che mi consce, dammi un colpo di email e scusatemi se il mio italiano fa un po' schifo.
ciao belli vi voglio un mondo di bene

Ilaria (Sorella) Casartelli, August 2

Ciao a tutti e' passato piu' di un anno da quando ho finito la missione ma mi manca ancora molto! Ma.... la vita e' bellissima lo stesso. La mitica missione di CATANIA e' la piu' bella del mondo!!!!! CIAO

Ex sorella╩YANINA ARROYO, July 25

Ciao, sono contenta de avere trovato questo sito , cosi posso scrivere che la MISSIONE DI CATANIA Ć LA PIU BELLA DEL MONDOOO..
un baccione grande,saluti a tutti,se volete scrivere questo Ć il mio mail.
Hasta la vista.

Mark Little (96-98), July 25

Per voi che avete servito a Bari, ho ricevuto notizie da Enzo Borgia che il fratello Magno si e' battezzato il 22 luglio!!!╩ La sorella Magno e' stata una dei primi membri nella citta', e tantissimi missionari hanno lavorato con il suo marito.

Ex Anziano Vicedomini Alessandro (Roma 95-97), July 21

Ho servitpo nella missione di Roma nel periodo tra febbraio 1995-1997.
Per chi mi conosce e non ha mie notizie,sappiate che mi sono sposato Ć ho 2 bambini di 19 e 6 mesi, Daniele e Simone.
Penso sempre alle belle esperienze vissute con voi. Vi voglio bene.
P.S. Io so che la Chiesa Ć vera. I know this church is true.

Todd Knecht, July 18

Grande notizia! avvremmo un bambino fra 30 giorni. comunque, c'e qualcuno che conosce l'indirizzio del presidente ascione? a la sorella pinna.. Forza Italia, scrivetami a qualsiasi tempo. E se l'anziano fish legga questa, sei bravo!! it's hotter than a dog on the fourth of july

Rachel Godfrey, July 16

Hello one and all. I did not serve in the Catania mission, however, I did serve in the Rome mission. Currently I am looking for contact information for a Sorella Misty Shearer...we were in the MTC together in march 1994. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Florman, July 5

Can anyone summarize how the work is going in Matera? When I was there in '88 we had only 4 members and I'm curious to see how things have gone in the last 12 years. . . Email me direct and/or post here.

Still haven't gotten back, although I have enough frequent flier miles for one ticket! Now if I can get someone to babysit my four kids for two weeks : (Child Number Five is due in January 2001, BTW.)



Ciao amici miei.
Non potro' mai dimenticarvi, sia per le belle che le difficili esperienze.
CIAO A TUTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curtis Mullenbach (95-96), June 12

It has been a long time since I visited the site. It is good to see the names of old friends. I can't believe I have been back for 4 years. I really miss it over there. Some times I find myself dreaming about the mission. there are times that a smell or the way the sunlight hits me that I know that if I close my eyes I can see a street in Foggia or smell the Foccacia from the bakery in Brindisi by the the water front. I miss all of you guys too. I feel pretty isolated being on the east coast to please write and let me know how things are going, okay?

Ciao, e Forza Italia!

Curtis Mullenbach a.k.a L'orso

Michele McComb (Labetti) (82-83), June 2

Ciao a tutti. It is so good to check out this website whenever possible. I loved my mission and the wonderful Italian people, as well as all the fantastic missionaries I had the privilege to serve with. I pray you are all well and happy. I am still living in New York (Staten Island), happily married with a 2 1/2 year old and an another one on the way. Life has its way of moving along. I can hardly believe I am home from my mission as long as I am. It blows my mind. I re-live many of my days and experiences there. I'd love to return someday. I just wanted to say hello and send each of you my very best regards. Much love, Sorella Labetti (Don't bust my chops!)

Tamara Baldwin Hessler (95-97), May 22

It's been awhile since I read some of the messages. It's good to hear that everyone is successful in their lives. Right now I'm living in England for a year with my husband and 9 month old son. We have traveled to the continent a few times. We went to Milano for a weekend to see Sorella Dal Zotto now Poli and were inpressed with Lake Maggiore. Loved to go back to the South again. Please email me.

Shana (Gladden) Shelton (83-85), May 20

I served in the Catania mission from 1983-1985. I am married and have 8 children (three of them are stepsons; the oldest is serving in the Portugal Porto mission right now). I would love to find email addresses for the Caggegi family of Siracusa and for Flavia Accetta who served the same time I did. Anyone who'd like to catch up over the years, my email address is

Mark Little, May 15

Did you know that you can listen to a couple different Italian radio stations over the Internet? I just found out this week, and it's pretty cool. You have to have Real Player which is a free download at:
After that open up Real Player and click on "Add New Channels." Radio DeeJay is under the Music tab, and Italia Radio is under the News tab.

Also you can go to which is Rai Uno. After you go to that website, click on "ascolta" just to the right of the upper left corner, and it will open Real Player. Again you have to have Real Player to listen, but it's free. Check it out.

For those of you who know me (Anziano Little), I've been happily married for 14 months, and my wife is due on November 27!

Ettore e Gabriella Valentini, May 9

Carissimi, vogliamo annunciare a tutti che la nostra famiglia e' cresciuta di un elemento. Il 29 Aprile Ć nata la piccola Valeria.
Siamo Felicissimiiiiiiiiiii
Ciao a Tutti
Ettore e Gabriella Valentini

Bruce Haraguchi, May 3

The mission map is back online and can be accessed from the coolstuff page. If someone has an updated map with changes that would be worth posting, please let me know. I've been pretty slow in fixing bugs throughout the Catania site. But if someone tells me about something they'd like fixed, I'm much more likely to get to it. So keep the suggestions coming. Ciao.

Amy Gurtler, May 3

Hi! I was just called to the Italy Catania Mission (today, in fact =) and I couldn't get the map of the mission boundaries to download. If anybody would like to email me and let me know where they are, I'd be very grateful! Grazie!

Bonnie Smith Austin (94-95), April 22

Caio Caio
I was just messing around on the net and decided to stop by. I served my mission about five years ago (June 94-November 95), my how time flies. Right now I am able to stay at home with my ten month old baby boy. He is lots of fun. He keeps me on my toes, climbing up stairs, playing in the toilet & eating pretty much anything that is on the floor. So taking care of him is a full time job as most of you know that have kids. My husband keeps pretty buisy as well. He is a loan officer, so he is always fairly buisy this time of year. I would love to hear from anyone who served the same time I did.
Vi Voglio Bene,
Sorella Bonnie Smith

AMMON J STOTTS (87-89), April 19

Benvenuti tutti quanti! Well, I had another chance I couldn't pass up to swing over to Italy. I got to visit with Luca and Jenny (Thomas) DaPonte, as well as visit with "Pres" (Conforte). What a great few days! He and Sister Pres are doing well. We laughed and cried so much. What a great opportunity!

Luigi Bellanca, April 2

HEY, SONO un membro di Caltanissetta, sto scrivendo per poter corrispondere con tutti voi e con i vechi missionari che hanno servito in Italia e sopratutto in Sicilia. Spero che ricevere delle vostre notizie. DIO vi benedica e ciao a tutti.

Francesca Raimondo (95-96), March 24

Vi ricordate di me? Spero di si', perche' io mi ricordo di ognuno di voi e dei bei ricordi, anche quelli difficili, vivono sempre nel mio cuore! Siete sempre gli amici migliori che abbia mai conosciuto. Mi piacerebbe avere vostre notizie. So che molti di voi sono sposati e sono contentissima per voi, ce l'avete fatta. Ecco per voi un'altra missione e lo sara' per sempre! Vi voglio sempre bene. Scrivetemi a:

Wade Hunt (98-00), March 5

It took me forever to find this page. Well I have now been home for about 1 month now and have to say to you all that Italy was awesome and we were the luckiest people to go there. Tanti Saluti a tutti e Forza Italia
Ciao belli miei

Davide Caggese (95-97), February 22

E' stato bellissimo trovare i nomi delle persone che hanno servito con me in missione. Sono io, il grande EX ANZIANO CAGGESE.

Mi mancate tutti. La missione e' un tempo che non torna, potevo fare molto di piu', adesso mi rendo conto del tempo che ho sprecato quando non facevo quello che il Presidente di Missione consigliava. La Chiesa di Gesu' Cristo e' vera, piu' passa il tempo e piu' la mia testimonianza cresce.

Non sono ancora sposato, sono ormai due anni che sono fidanzato con Sara Esposito di Taranto.

Mi mancate tutti, siete tutti speciali.



Andrea Cordani (97-99), February 19


Andrea Cordani (97-99), February 15

I don't really know what to say... I just wanted to tell you that I loved my mission, I truly did. But life goes on and many other "mission" calls come. Well, if you guys come over here let me know. I'd be happy to see you.
Ciao dall'Italia.

Frigerio Walter (94-96), February 9

Cari Missionari che avete servito nella Missione di Catania e che mi avete conosciuto, spero che non vi siete dimenticati l'Italiano perche' io non sono ancora riuscito ad imparare l'Inglese! Sono molto contento dell'esistenza di questo sito dove ho trovato l'indirizzo di tanti vecchi amici, vi scriverś presto a tutti ma nel frattempo se trovate il mio indirizzo e desiderate farlo, potete scrivermi, magari prima che lo faccia io; cosô mi fate una bella sorpresa!

Ciao, ci vediamo presto nelle vostra casella e-mail.

Ken Biddulph (91-93), January 18

There are lots of old messages on this board. However, I have just seen them for the first time today. There was one in there for me that was a year old I guess If any of you who know me wan to contact me my phone # is 931-647-9047 and my e-mail is

I'd like to talk to my mission companions. I haven't been able to make it to mission reunions. The Army is funny about vacations. They are rare. Take care

By the way, I will only be at this address until May. Then I'm going to Ansbach Germany to fly for 2-1 Aviation at Katterbach Army base.

Elder Rob Patterson, January 4

I got my mission call! I am so excited to leave. I leave on Feb 16th and can't wait. I took 4 years of Spanish in High School, but don't know a word of Italian. Anyway, wish me luck.

sorella Toscano (now Bellomo) e sorella Como (adesso Costagliola), January 2

Ciao a tutti, in particolare a sorella Wilks, sorella Labetti, sorella Finlayson.

Siamo sorella Toscano (now Bellomo) e sorella Como (adesso Costagliola), abbiamo in tutto 5 figli (2 Bellomini e tre Costaglioletti), i nostri mariti sono molto bravi...(sono qui vicino a noi mentre stiamo scrivendo).

Aspettiamo notizie da tutti quelli che ci hanno conosciute in missione.

I nostri indirizzi di posta elettronica sono:

a presto!!!