• Photo of New Chapel in Bari October 2000
    The non-cancellorotto ward, also known as Bari Liberta' (formerly Bari Ovest/II), now has a chapel of its own.
    Looks like it came straight from Salt Lake. Thanks to Daniela Battezzato for the pic.

  • Puglia Stake Shelters Missionaries from Albania - March 1997
    When missionaries from the Albania Tirana Mission were evacuated to Brindisi, they found themselves "safe in a stake of Zion."

  • Puglia Stake Organized - March 1997
    Daniela Battezzato, Leonardo Diciolla, Sal Velluto and Carolyn Bennett Ugolini provide details on the formation of southern Italy's first stake.

  • Missionary Moments: All Humble Prayers - Church News August 1995
    Testimony of Fred Hoopes, who baptized Mario and Rosa Vaira.

  • Report on the 1995 Reunion - March 1995
    Held on March 31, 1995 in Salt Lake City. Interesting update on the work from Elder Hans B. Ringger.

  • Catania Italy Saints: Profiles in Faith - Ensign July 1994
    Ex-sorella Lori Young Nay's report on the ramo di Catania, with quotes from Luigi Brucchieri, Tiziana Puglisi, and Daniela e Paolo Battezzato.

  • Family History Moments: Doors Were Opened - Church News May 1994
    Flavia Accetta's genealogy experiences springing from her days in the Mission.

  • The Book Gave Them Answers - Ensign July 1993
    The conversion story of ex-presidente Conforte and his wife Carolina, of Foggia.

  • Palace of Kings - Church News January 1990
    Anziano Chris Rothey's eye-opening experience in Siracusa.

  • Buon Giorno! - Ensign July 1989

    Great article with tidbits on Rosario Virgillito (Catania), Anastasia Li Vigni (Palermo), Roberto and Giovanna Marino (Siracusa), and Rosario Saccone (Palermo).

  • I Will Not Burn The Book! - Ensign January 1988
    Firsthand account of Vincenzo di Francesca's conversion. His story is told in the church video "How Rare a Possession."

  • How Rare A Possession - Ensign January 1988
    I guess we could call this a secondhand account of Vincezo di Francesca's conversion.