General Photos 1974 - 1976

(Submitted by Ronald Vassallo '74-'76)

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We return home at the conclusion of our missions - The members remain in
Japan.  It is my hope that these photographs will encourage members of the
church throughout the mission to visit the website and remember the days
when they were investigating the church.  It is my further hope that
missionaries who are currently in the field can use these photographs to
locate and reactivate members, who are not currently active in the church.
Picture Comments
2-75KureBranch.jpg (109695 bytes)

Kure Branch, February 1975


Kubo Shimai (2nd row center, just in front of Fukunaga Kyodai) would be baptized on 15 Mar 1975.  Ilizaliturri ("Ili") Choro, DL, (back row, far right), my first companion in Japan, would leave the following day on 16 Mar 1975, for his home in California.  Fujimoto Shimai (just in front of Ilizalitturi Choro) would be baptized on 29 Mar 1975.  Shortly thereafer, Fukunaga Kyodai (back row, 2nd from left, just behind Kubo Shimai) would leave on a mission to Sendai, Japan Mission, shortly after Fujimoto Shimai's baptism.  Sato Shimai (back row, center, between Fukunaga Kyodai and Ilizalitturi Choro) was the first member of the Kure branch and one of the first members of the church in the Hiroshima prefecture."

3-29-75Kure-FujimotoBapt.jpg (83875 bytes) Kure-Fujimoto Baptism, March 29, 1975

First Row (L to R): Morioka Kyodai (Shibucho), Vassallo Choro, Fujimoto Shimai, Kubo Shimai

4-75KureBranch.jpg (135430 bytes) Kure Branch, April 1975

Out Front: Wood Choro
First row (L to R): Vassallo Choro, Morioka Shimai, Sato Shimai, Kubo Shimai, Fujimoto Shimai, Miamoto Shimai, Morioka Kyodai (Shibucho), Kono Shimai, Kashima Shimai
Back row (L to R): Yahara Sensei, Gasser Choro (DL), Yahara Shinji, Williams Choro

11-13-75MiyakonojoBranch.jpg (133015 bytes) Miyakonojo Branch, November 13, 1975

This photograph of the Miyakonojo Branch was taken after a performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Japanese

1-76YanaiHayashiKazoku.jpg (74184 bytes) Yanai's Hayashi Kazoku, January 1976

Hayashi Kyodai was the shibucho of the Yanai Branch at the time this photograph was taken.

1-76YanaiOhata.jpg (62326 bytes) Yanai's Ohata Kazoku, January 1976

Ohata Kyodai was a former shibucho of the Yanai Branch at the time this photograph was taken.

1-76YanaiMatsuoka.jpg (85377 bytes) Yanai's Matsuoka kazoku, January 1976

Matusoka Kyodai was one of Hayashi Shibucho's counselors in the Yanai Branch, at the time this photograph was taken.

7-21-76OmutaObonparade.jpg (73017 bytes) Omuta Obon Matsuri July 21, 1976

(L to R) Hashimoto, Inoue and Kaneko shimai's. Inoue Shimai and Kaneko Shimai were both baptized only two (2) months earlier on May 26, 1976.

Fall76Karatsustreetdendo.jpg (81489 bytes) Karatsu street dendo, Fall of 1976

(R to L) Farnsworth Choro (DL), Kaseda Shimai, Vassallo Choro (ZL), Ishibashi Shimai, Aoki Shimai

Fall76NagasakiBranch.jpg (78002 bytes) Nagasaki Branch, Fall of 1976

(L to R) Kitano Shimai, Heaton Choro (DL) and Miyazaki Shimai

Fall76Nagasakishibuchomusume.jpg (81482 bytes) Nagasaki Branch Shibucho's Musume
11-14-76Kinno_IwasaKazokusOmuta.jpg (136340 bytes) Kinno & Iwasa Kazoku's of Omuta, November 14, 1976

This photograph was taken at the Chihobu Taikai in Fukuoka. The (back, right) Kinno kazoku was baptized nineteen (19) days later on December 3, 1976. Kinno Shimai and (front, left) Iwasa Kyodai are brother and sister.

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