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April 29, 2001

Okinawa Prefecture is currently part of the Japan Fukuoka Mission. Recently-returned missionaries who served in Okinawa should register with the Japan Fukuoka Mission's alumni web site. Returned missionaries who served in Okinawa during other time periods, may register with whichever alumni site they feel the closest connection--either the Japan Fukuoka, the Japan Kobe or (possibly) the Northern Far East Mission alumni sites.

An effort is underway to create a unified alumni database that includes all RMs who have served in Japan.

Japanese Missions That Have Included Okinawa

October 1947-July 1955 Japanese Mission
July 1955-September 1968 Northern Far East Mission
September 1968-March 1970   Japan-Okinawa Mission
March 1970-July 1983 Japan West/Japan Fukuoka Mission
July 1983-Spring 1990 Japan Kobe Mission
Spring 1990-June 1996 Japan Okinawa Mission
July 1996-present Japan Fukuoka Mission

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