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Jan. ENSIGN 2006 28 Jan 2006
Mig Choro is currently serving in Kitami and had his first Zone Conference in Obihiro. He wrote that the speaker was this very same author of the ENSIGN article! He really enjoyed it.
--Lucy Jernigan (mom)
MiG Jernigan Send Email
January Ensign 2006 23 Jan 2006
I am not sure if you had noticed the Ensign article in the January 2006 edition. The second article entitled "Using Agency Wisely" is a focus on Toshio Kawada who was branch president in Obihiro while I was serving there in '88-'89. The photo of his home was the scene of a ward meeting once--I believe it was a Ward Home Evening. The article is great and could be used as a Home Evening Article for your families. It begins on page 9 and ends on page 11.
Mark Alyn Montgomery Send Email
Google Earth -Shibu 20 Jan 2006
Ok, I tried posting a picture - have to see if it turns out. I think I found the Sapporo Dai Ichi Ward Building - or "Shibu" as it was known when I served there.
Google Earth coordinates are:
141'20'05.90 E
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Something weird I just found out:
the first Sapporo Dendo Bucho when Japan was split East/West was President Russell N. Horiuchi (1970 - 1973), who, according to his profile, has lived at 1167 S. Main St., Orem, Utah since before I was born in 1971 (and still there today). I am from Hawaii, and so is he, neither of us are from Utah. My mom lived in this same apartment complex that I live now while I was on my mission 92-94 while finishing her Masters at BYU. He is only a few houses away from me and I have lived here 8 years. I have seen him before, and because he is Japanese I had the urge to talk to him a few times but never got the nerve. Now that I know who he is, I will go talk to him. It is totally a small world!
William B Stanton Send Email
Google Earth Geeks? 17 Jan 2006
Anyone here try to find your old apatos using Google Earth?
I had a hard enough time trying to just find the towns much less any of the landmarks I used finding home (I know I can still find the apatos from the eki now, 12 years later, but I didn't need to know N-S-E-W then so, a map does nothing)

There is afeature that allows you to get lat. and long. coordinances with your pointer. If you know of any email me and I will post them here (if I can edit this, or maybe Dillon Choro will find a place for them.)

PS, Ron Schindler Choro
I have a friend who lays carpet in SLC and I helped him a few times, and I will say this:
There is a reason why there are not many other carpet layers around. Gambare!
William B Stanton Send Email
Going to Tokyo! 12 Jan 2006
It has been almost 24 years since I left Japan. 25 years since I attended the Tokyo temple dedication. As missionaries we were not able to enter the temple due to the amount of locals that had not had an opportunity to enter any temple before. I am returning to Japan at the end of January to help my friend who carpets temples all over the world. We will be replacing some carpeting in the temple in Tokyo. I have never worked with carpet before but I am excited to go back amongst the people of Japan. We will get a chance to stay at the temple workers quarters.
Ron Schindler Send Email
Tohru Hotta Reunion 23 Dec 2005
I received a letter from President Hotta today regarding the reunion this Spring during conference. He asked me to have any missionaries who served with him to send or email their names, current addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses to him or to Kenji Takahashi so they can contact them regarding the reunion details. Here is the contact information:

Tohru Hotta
1-7-1 Yukimi cho, Showa ku
Nagoya shi, 466-0005 Japan
Telephone: 052-731-3086
Fax: 052-741-3979

Kenji Takahashi
2-16-3 Nishibori
Sakura ku, Saitama shi, Saitama ken
338-0832 Japan
Telephone and fax: 048-839-7155

Marlon Bates
Marlon Lee Bates Send Email
osirase 19 Dec 2005
Christmas hymn response 18 Dec 2005
mu ka shi yu da ya no no be ni, u ta ki ke ri hi
tsu -- ji -- ka i, ka mi ni wa, mi sa ka e
ta ka ki ka mi wa e a re, sa ni ha e
i wa o, hi to ni, shi ta shi mi.

Those are the exact kana from the nihongo hymn book pg 126 and in their exact places on the page. So take a regular hymn book and you can see where the words would start and stop based on the stanzas and measures. I hope this helps.

Ganbare :-)
spanish fork UT
Jim Dillon Send Email
Christmas hymns 18 Dec 2005
I really need the word to the first verse of Far Far Away on Judea's Plains ( in japanese of course). Each member of the bishgopric has to sing it in their mission language. ... wazawaza
Kenneth J Smith Send Email
Sapporo Reunion 17 Dec 2005
I have received confirmation that both President Hotta and President Hoki are planning on coming to Salt Lake City for a mission reunion during April 2006 General Conference.

We may combine for some of the festivities and have separate rooms for the rest.

Please send questions, suggestions, and attendance RSVP's

Sumisu Choro
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
Thinking about Utah 15 Nov 2005
Anybody remember this old wampaku Choro? Probably not since I'm waaaay down in the south. Since the storm hit us so bad, I was thinking about pulling up roots and moving to Utah. Any advice? I'm the only peson in my family with a house left. It needs alot of work, but it has a roof. The eye of the storm went directly over my parents home and took it with it. We live on the MS coast and we don't even have a Mcdonald's left. Not trying to get any pity, as a matter of fact thanks so much for all those in the Church who donated so much. The Church was the first ones there. Unfortunately I wasn't able to help my own town, but I am serving. I'm in the Desert right now serving in the war on terror and can't wait to get home and help there. Like my Hammond, La brother I'd like to thank everyone for the prayers, Heavenly Father's making it alright. Also being over here I've been able to follow the Prophet's challenge and read the Book of Mormon and it's a little late but, 15 years after my mission and I can now truely say I believe it and understand it.
Say hi if you like, but I only have 2 more months here. My first Christmas away from my girls, pretty sad!
James B. Childs Send Email
Weiler Choro 14 Nov 2005
Does anyone have any contact with, or know the contact info of Weiler Choro? He would have served from about 1975 to 1977 or so.
Robert H Shaha Send Email
Kitami 08 Nov 2005
I've came home from Hokkaido in Feb of 2003, just wondering if anybody knew if Iida shimai was still active (she came back after 7 months of working with her). Also, we worked with Nakamura Mutsumi san for 7 months and she was so close to accepting baptisim. Anybody know if she is still investigating.
Jonathan Bruce Barnes Send Email
Tsuchida Dendoubuchou 13 Oct 2005

I talked to them just as they were leaving the MTC for their mission. They told me they are accessible via:

two phone numbers for them.



One of the phone numbers is the temple down south and the other is their Chonan's phone number. His name is Yoshiki.

If you do get in touch with them tell them how sorry that I am that I haven't stayed in touch and when you get home I will verify best contact info with you and then I will call them. Please tell them that I love them very much and that I have not stopped thinking about them.

Hope this helps.

Mike Thompson

PS. Tell your 'uchi no yatsu' that I said hello.
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Tsuchida Dendobucho San 12 Oct 2005
I will be flying to Japan on business 10/15. I was hoping to meet Tsuchida Dendobucho Aand Shimai.
Does anyone have their contact information?
I have heard that they are serving a couples mission at this time.
Andrew 949-858-7550 or
Andrew Kay Send Email
When is Hansen's reunion 15 Sep 2005
Just wondering when Hasen dendobucho 2002-2005 mission reunion is. any info would be great. ty
John James Loden Send Email
FYI: Able Choro and Fam Survived Hurricane Katrina 08 Sep 2005
I just wanted to let all my old missionary buddies know that the Abels survived Hurricane Katrina fine. We live on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain - about 25 miles north and west of New Orleans. While the storm was the worst I have ever seen in 42 years of living here, we were really fortunate in Hammond.

When we first emerged from our house after the sustained winds of 100 MPH died down, we were shocked to see many of the trees down and the number of houses with trees in them. We live in town and all the streets were blocked with uprooted and broken oak and pine trees. However, we all got to work with our chainsaws and cleared roads, tarped roofs, and cleared driveways. While the entire southeastern Louisiana area was without power, we live near the downtown area and got electricity after four days.

As no phones were working, we went house to house to visit members and assess their needs. The Church sent in commodities and we distributed them to the members in need and to the community. You can bet that your humanitarian and fast offering funds have been well utilized here.

While we were lucky here, it is much worse to the south and east of us. I went with a ward work group to Covington/Mandeville about 20 miles to our east. Almost every home sustained severe tree and wind damage, some homes with three and four trees in them. The roads were almost impassable and there was almost no power one week after the storm. I can only imagine what the areas farther east were like.

But, we southerners are resilient and we will rebuild. I am grateful that the church has been such a great help to us.

Take care --

The Ron Abel Family
Jim Dillon Send Email
can any one help? 22 Aug 2005
Hello all. I wondered if anyone remembers Wainai Michiyo Shimai. When I taught her she lived in Toyohira, but I can't remember where she moved to. I tried to email her recently and she has changed her email address. If anyone has it could they email her and ask her to contact me. I have wanted to contact her for some time, but have been unable to find her address. She should still have my email address. Thank you for your help.
Katie Parkinson Staten
Katie Marie Parkinson/Staten Send Email
Tomakomai victorious! 20 Aug 2005
For those of you who care, Komadai Tomakomai High School has just won the national baseball championship 5-3 over a Kyoto team. This is the first time a team has won the championship in two consecutive years for something like 56 years. Apparently Hokkaido used to be the laughing-stock of the High School baseball world over there, but Tomakomai has turned them into a powerhouse.
Curtis Roy Strong Send Email
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