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Thank you! 04 Aug 2005
I just wanted to thank you all for the tremendous response to my request for help with "I am a child of God." Our primary children are going to really enjoy doing this. The primary presidency is very excited about doing this and extends their love and appreciation to each of you for helping our children learn a little more about our world and how we are all truly God's children. Your willingness to help me and a group of children you have never met really shows how wonderful this church is. Again, thank you all and may God bless each of you more than He already does.

David Crouse Send Email
Re: Words to I am a child of God 01 Aug 2005
From the Hymnal

Kami no ko desu, watashi ya anata
A fureru megumi ni kanshashimasu

Watashi o tasukete michibi ite
Itsu kami moto he ukeru youni

Kami no mo desu watashi ya anata
Mikotoba tadakshiku wakaru youni

(repeat chorus)

Kami no ko desu. Watashi ya anata
Mikokoro o konai mata ten ni sumu

(Repeat Chorus)
Jeremy A. Stallard Send Email
I am a child of God 01 Aug 2005
I just happen to have my Japanese hymnal here in my office:

1. ka mi no ko de su wa ta shi ya ana ta
a fu re ru me gu mi ni ka n sha shi ma su
wa ta shi o ta su ke te mi chi bi i te
i tsu ka mi mo to he yu ke ru yo o ni

2. ka mi no ko de su wa ta shi ya ana ta
mi ko to ba ta da shi ku wa ka ru yo o ni
wa ta shi o ta su ke te mi chi bi i te
i tsu ka mi mo to he yu ke ru yo o ni

2. ka mi no ko de su wa ta shi ya ana ta
mi ko ko ro o ko na i ma ta ten ni su mu
wa ta shi o ta su ke te mi chi bi i te
i tsu ka mi mo to he yu ke ru yo o ni
Dustin Caldwell Send Email
I am a Child of God 01 Aug 2005
Kami no ko Desu
Watashi ya Anata
Afureru Megumi ni
Kansha Shimasu
Watashi o Tasukete
Itsuka Mimoto e
Yukeru youni.
Richard Wilcox Send Email
I am a child of God 01 Aug 2005
Does anyone remember or know the words to "I am a child of God" in Japanese? I remember the first verse but since I haven't sung it in 15+ years I'm not confident that I have the rest of it correct. Our primary presidency wants the children to sing the song in Japanese, French and English for a Sacrament meeting program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
David Crouse Send Email
Live camera 29 Jun 2005
I am curious to know if any of you have ever set up a time for someone to appear on live remote cameras in Sapporo. I was talking to my exchange student yesterday before she left to go home to Japan, and we're going to try it. The link for Sapporo is

There are at least 4 live cameras in Sapporo.
M Neal Bowes Send Email
Jordan River Temple Japanese Session Time 10:40am 15 Apr 2005
The time has been changed to 10:40 from 10:00am.
Richard Wilcox Send Email
Jordan River Temple Japanese Session 4/16 10am 30 Mar 2005
The Dai Ichi Ward in Salt Lake has arranged a temple session in Japanese on April 16 at 10am at the Jordan River Temple. If the session is well attended by Japanese speakers, we could make the Japanese session a regular occurance. Please let any Japanese speaking friends know as well. We certainly hope this Japanese session can become a regular event.

April 16
10am session (be plenty early of course)
Jordan River Temple
Richard Wilcox Send Email
Elde Kikuchi Devotional 27 Mar 2005
The BYU 239th (JAPANESE) branch will be hosting a devotional with ELDER YOSHIHIKO KIKUCHI of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Date: April 3rd. 2005 (the evening after General Conference)
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: 2445 N. Timpview Drive (650 East), Provo Utah ( Japanese branch chapel)

Elder Kikuchi will be speaking in JAPANESE, Interpretation to English will be provided but also will limited to a few headsets. so we encourage Japanese speaking people to attend (However, everybody is welcome)

the following are just some guidelines for the devotional
- Sunday dress desired
- be in your seats by at 6:30

For more information contact: Rich (801)
788-4969 Omar (801) 371-5737
Jose Velazquez Send Email
Reaching out 15 Feb 2005
I just discovered the website. It's great! I served '83 to '85. I'd love to hear from friends/companions. Please e-mail me if think you might remember. I'm in TN. Check out my bio! Yoroshiku ne!
William Roger Hindman Send Email
Japanese Fireside in Provo UT 10 Feb 2005
Sorry for late notice on this...

President Michael Larkins, Japan Sapporo Mission President from 1999 - 2002 will speak on the theme of "Believe in Christ". The fireside will be about basic beliefs about Jesus Christ and the Atonement and will be appropriate for non members.

Date: February 13, 2005
Place: 2445 N 650 E, Provo, UTAH 84604
Time: 4:30 there will be a potluck dinner, Fireside will start at 6:00

For any questions, please contact Rich Ziegler (801) 861-2379
Rich Ziegler Send Email
Kenji in Atsubetsu 27 Jan 2005
Hi Brother Oman,
My wife grew up in Atsubetsu and her mother still attends church there. Once it was the biggest ward in Hokkaido and my wife thinks it still is in spite of a few divisions into other branches and wards. There used to be more missionaries in the ward and then the ward was labeled by Elder Kikuchi as a slacker ward in the area of missionary work and at one point, all missionaries were taken out to allow the members to reflect on their missionary responsibilities. I visited there in April of 04 and attended the Atsubetsu ward and it seemed to me that people there were in good spirits. My wife thinks they are kind of lackadaisacal as her mother is always complaining that only 3 people show up to clean the church building. Atsubetsu is on the outskirts of Sapporo and is located near a large shopping area called ShinSapporo. My wife says that her mother (sister Takai) invites the missionaries over for dinner once a month and that she recently had a half Japanese elder over who showed pictures of his family. She also mentioned that his Japanese language skills were superb to other gaijin missionaries, with a nice Japanese accent. Sounds like Kenji.
Curtis Roy Strong Send Email
Atsubetsu 26 Jan 2005
Kenji is teaching a couple of investigators in Atsubetsu who are making good progress. Time is going by fast. Kenji no longer feels like a new missionary as he sees younger missionaries coming and older missionaries returning home. Kenji is happy to serve. Pease pray for him when you can. What can you tell me about the Atsubetsu Ward and the area there?
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
Hokkaido Earthquake 19 Jan 2005
Jim and I were discussing earthquakes yesterday. I found this site that talks all about that earthquake that happened in 1994.

I remember being in that Shinkotoni 8 story apartment and feeling 'the earth move under my feet'. It was swaying back and forth.
Jason Lowry Send Email
6.3 Hits Hokkaido Jan 18, 2004 18 Jan 2005
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits Japan's Hokkaido

TOKYO (Reuters) - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.3 jolted Japan's northern island of Hokkaido late on Tuesday but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of damage, public broadcaster NHK reported.

The tremor occured around 11.09 p.m. (1409 GMT) and its focus was about 50 km (31 miles) below the seabed off Kushiro in southeastern Hokkaido, NHK said.

weird how that's almost exactly where the 6.3 hit in the summer of 1994 when I was there and felt it in sapporo. I was in the Hokudai apato and it was about 10PM for those who were on the island may remember where you were.
Jim Dillon Send Email
Lost shimai 06 Jan 2005
One of my favorites (that probably goes for anyone who served in Hakodate) was Tomita Toshiko shimai. Does anyone have any contact information for her?
James C. Olson Send Email
Lost comp. 06 Jan 2005
Looking for a dode, John Foley. I served with Foley in his last area, Asahikawa Nishi Ward. I know he was in Ogden going to Weber State in 85 or so but that is the last I've heard of him. Can anyone help?
James C. Olson Send Email
Looking for Belnap Choro 24 Dec 2004
Elder Busby is looking for a Belnap Choro who was a missionary here in nemuro 10 years ago; it might help one of their investigators. Does anyone know of a way to contact him? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
George Edward Busby Send Email
Pancakes 06 Nov 2004
I remember eating the most delicious pancakes for breakfast in my greenbean area. Matsuda Shimai was my dode. I don't know if she used a mix or did it from scratch but if anyone has a recipe for what we ate in Japan I'd love it. If i remember correctly they were kind of yellowish and were a little sweet. Also, if anyone knows where Matsuda Shimai is, I'd love her address. (We were in a sannin with Inoue Shimai) Thanks.
Leah Juanita Nielsen Send Email
Christmas Sing in Odori Koen 04 Nov 2004
The picture from Dillion reminded me of when we sang on the same stand in the same place the Christmas of 1990. Most of us got video tape copied of the program recorded off of the TV. A year later, when I was watching it in the US (I don't think I have watched it more than once ever), I was surpirsed to find that standing in front of me was a Shimai senkyoshi that I would not meet for the 1st time until several months later.
"Of course I was there! I can't believe you didn't even notice your future wife!" said Sonntag Shimai!
"Hey! It was dendo bakkari! Nothing kankei nai back then!" was my response.
Andrew Kay Send Email
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