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Hotta Reunion Pics? 29 Oct 2004
Did anybody go to the Hotta era reunion during the recent general conference? Any news or pictures that you'd like to share? I wasn't able to attend, but would love to hear any news or see any pictures that you might have taken!
John Schlechty
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Kipp Robins email provided 27 Oct 2004
A mother of a Currently Serving knows Kipp Robins. He has given his authorization for his email to be posted to this site (from her). I'll try to contact him about needing to register on this site.
Jim Dillon Send Email
Finding Leaders 01 Oct 2004
Kip Robbins is a doctor in the Provo area, maybe someone in the area could contact him.
Andrew K Pollaehne Send Email
REUNION 27 Sep 2004
Wondering if any 1980-1983 Sapporo Elders or Sisters are attending General Conference. I would like to meet up with you.

Anyone know how to contact the leaders of our mission. Shaw, Ellis, Viehweg, Robins, Fujita, Hansen, Driscoll, Leavitt, Andersen, Syme, Miles, Lydiksen, Jeppson and others....

Thanks for your hard work. Hope to reunite someday.
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
Looking for Elder Isern 19 Sep 2004
Does anyone know Elder Isern's current phone number or e-mail address? Elder Hagihara is looking for Elder Isern. They both served in Sapporo around 1998-2000. Elder Isern is from Barcelona, Spain. Elder Hagihara is planning to visit Spain in October, so he hopes to see his old companion over there. He called the number he got from Elder Isern long time ago, but it seems like that number is no longer in use. He said machine answered the phone, but he couldn't understand it because it was in Spanish. If anyone knows Elder Isern's contact information, please contact me.
Aya Collotte Send Email
Looking for 2 Elders about 20 yrs ago- Nemuro 14 Sep 2004
My son tells me there is a member (Miura-shimai) in Nemuro who would like to get in touch with the missionaries that first contacted her about 20 years ago. One was “somthing” like Christenson Davidson (or possibly David-san) maybe from Utah, and his companion (who was larger) may have been from Texas. If anyone knows info about these two RMs please have them contact me and I will help them get in contact with Miura-shimai.
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
Abo Shimai 29 Aug 2004
Anyone that served in the 1980-82 era that might know where Abo shimai (the missionary) is? Her father was also the mission president in one of the Japan missions in the 60's.
Ron Schindler Send Email
Nemuro Japan Kushiro District 10 Jul 2004
My son Kenji received his visa after serving in Ventura, CA for two weeks and is now assigned to Nemuro, Japan (the most eastern point in all of Japan). He will serve with Elder Humphrey. Is anyone familiar with that area? What are the people like there? Any Ainu in the area? How strong is the Kushiro District? Who are some of the members there?

Thanks, Paul Oman
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
Awaiting Visa 24 Jun 2004
Kenji was moved up in the MTC and was to leave for Japan next week, but today was reassigned temporarily to the Ventura, CA Mission pending receipt of his visa to go to Japan. He is currently serving in CA. The MTC was a great uplifting experience for him. He really enjoyed it. This reassignment to CA came as a last minute surprise. Maybe he will find someone in CA to teach in Japanese.
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
Some Ainu History 27 May 2004
I thought everyone might enjoy a couple of recent articles in the Asahi
Shinbun. and a
follow article.
They are concerning some Ainu history.
Michael Conway Send Email
Tsuchidas 17 May 2004
Would the Tsuchida's eldest son be the Tsuchida Choro who was an AP with President Munns? He was a real character and an excellent missionary.
Mark Bore Send Email
Blessings of missionaries 17 May 2004
One thing I have learned the hard way is the blessing you have as a missionary concerning the things you eat. I remember leaving curry on the stove for a week or more (like many others) and then warming it up, throw in an egg or two and WHAM.... dinner! It was great. I won't even go into all the doughnuts we ate that came from the dumpsters of Mr. Doughnuts.......(save that for another time)

Well, shortly after being married I decided my dear wife needed to experience curry. So I made a big pot. Then we left it on the stove a few days. I heated it up to a good boil and had a plate full........ and have never been so sick in my whole life.

Looking back at the number of raw eggs I ate and used to dip things in, and the other misc. things that we ate raw, it is an amazing blessing that a missionary receives.

PS.... now the curry is promptly eaten to avoid any more painful memories. My favorite trick is to put some butter and milk in it.
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
Tsuchidas 17 May 2004
Here is the scoop onthe Tsuchidas--

They finished their mission in Hokkaido and then were going to finally retire (in Hawaii) when they were called as special assistants to the mission president in Sendai. They finished their work in Sendai and were then going to retire (in Hawaii) and he was called as president of the JMTC for three years. They finished their term and were about to retire (in Hawaii) when they were called as president and matron of the Fukuoka temple. When they call presidents of the smaller temples the term is undefined and so there he was for ... ever. He actually had a heart condition, surgery, and returned to the temple for another year or so when he was released late last year.

He now resides in Fukuoka with his eldest son and I talked to him a couple of months ago. I told him how proud I am of his sacrifices and how it must be nice to finally retire...

He quickly replied that he and the shimai were recently called on a couple mission and have yet to find out where they are going.

If this man is not translated, he will be first in line during the Second Coming...
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Tsuchida's 17 May 2004
I just spent Sunday with the Tsuchida's going to church together and all.
It was great! They really miss visiting with missionaries from the US. They are living and attending the Kita Kyushu Ward (Kokura exit from the shinkansen). They are living with their chonan, until they plan to serve a mission together sometime later this year.
If you haven't heard, since being the JMTC mission president, they served as the 1st Temple president for the Fukuoka temple.
Their phone number is 011-81-093-471-3385.
I am still in Japan on business and I can't seem to find their jusho right now but I'll send it soon.
Kay Choro
Andrew Kay Send Email
Tsuchidas 17 May 2004
In 1998 they were living in Nagoya. We went to their home ward a couple times. They were out of town, so I didn't get to see them. They may, however, still own a home in Nagoya.
Dustin Caldwell Send Email
Tsuchida's 17 May 2004
I heard they were temple pres. of the Fukuoka temple. Did I hear wrong?
Curtis Roy Strong Send Email
Where are the Tsuchidas? 17 May 2004
Hey I'm finally going back to Japan for a visit. Can't wait! Does anyone know where the Buch and the Shimai are? Does anyone keep in touch with Aisa (their daughter)? Would love to see them.

I'm also looking for Dee Peterson shimai. Any news on her?


(Christensen) Shimai (now Mitchell)
Sharmyn Mitchell Send Email
First experience with curry 17 May 2004
On my first morning in my first area, Kushiro, I was given the task of doing the dishes. (I got off easy compared with what *some* greenbeans had to do!) I dutifully cleaned out the big pot full of old, dried-out stew, cramming it down the drain as I did at home. I looked around for a minute, then went to ask my companion where the switch for the garbage disposal was. "What disposal?!?" he asked.... Uh-oh.....
Then one of the other missionaries came into the kitchen and yelled, "Where's my curry?!?".... Uh-oh again....
Needless to say, I learned both plumbing and curry-making that first day....
Dustin Caldwell Send Email
More curry hanashi 16 May 2004
Back in the Hoki jidai (83-85) we put Kyupi on our curry if it got too hot for anyone's taste. I love the stuff, and have eaten it regularly since coming home. It's one of my children's favorite meals nowadays.
My wife, in order to make it cooler for the children, puts about a half-cup of apple juice in it. This variation tastes a lot better than kyupi in my opinion. (Although it makes it about a -2 on the spicy scale...)
John S Finch Send Email
curry 16 May 2004
Who put Curry in the frigde? We'd just leave it sitting on the stove, and warm it up when it was time to eat it. Yeah weird, shimai's did this. (My Nihonjin Dod did it). Yeah I was a nurse at the time, too. It's different over there though, I mean even the eggs don't need refridgerated at the store. The worst was when I was a green bean, and my body was not adjusted the the food yet, and I lost weeks worth of rice and such in the matter of minutes. After that though I could handle almost anything. Except an. NASTY!
Katie Marie Parkinson/Staten Send Email
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