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Pres Hotta Update 25 Oct 2009
I found this on Church News from June of this year and thought it would be nice to update his profile on this website. There is also a nice recent photo of him and Sis. Hotta at the link:

Tohru Hotta, 70, Gokiso Ward, Nagoya Japan Stake, called as president of the Tokyo Japan Temple, succeeding President Masayuki Nakano. President Nakano's wife, Sachiko Tagawa Hotta, will serve as temple matron. President Hotta has served as an Area Seventy, president of the Japan Sapporo Mission, district council, stake president, bishop, ward mission leader and temple ordinance worker. A retired CES regional coordinator and institute director for the Nagoya, Japan, region, he was born in Onyu-gun, Fukui-ken, Japan, to Sakuo and Utako Toyoda Hotta.

Sister Hotta is a ward Sunday School teacher. She served with her husband while he presided over the Japan Sapporo Mission. She also served as a stake Relief Society president, ward Relief Society president and seminary teacher. She was born in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan, to Tsurumatsu Tagawa and Teru Ueda.

I also searched through the messages here and found this address:

Tohru Hotta
1-7-1 Yukimi cho, Showa ku
Nagoya shi, 466-0005 Japan
Telephone: 052-731-3086
Fax: 052-741-3979

Alex F Gonzalez Send Email
Japan Sapporo Temple!! 05 Oct 2009
On Saturday, October 3rd 2009 president Thomas S. Monson announced that a temple would be built in Sapporo Japan!

What wonderful news this is for the faithful members of the church in Hokkaido. I remember many times, while serving my mission, discussing this possibility with my companions. We saw how difficult it was for members to travel to the temple in Tokyo and longed for the blessings a temple would be to the people of Hokkaido. Occasionally, we would pass a beautiful site and say, "that would be a great spot for a temple." To our small minds, it seemed to be a far away, remote hope.

And now it is a reality! Oh, how the members must be rejoicing.
Bill Mansell Send Email
TEMPLE ! 04 Oct 2009
Hooray! I've been waiting years for a temple in Sapporo! Every conference since my mission I have listened for those blessed words of plans for a temple in Saporo. Praise the Lord and bless our beloved Hokkaido members!
Leland A Larsen Send Email
Temple 04 Oct 2009
Holy Cow, a temple in Sapporo! What a wonderful blessing for the members of Hokkaido. I was in the Conference Center when President Monson made the announcement. I was with my brother-in-law who just got back from Concepcion, Chili, so we both were pretty emotional and excited. It will now be even more special when I am finally able to go back and visit.
Matt McBride Send Email
Temple in Sapporo! 04 Oct 2009
President Monson just announced a temple to be built in Sapporo yesterday. Does anybody know where it will be located? I had heard talk many years ago that it would go where the Dai Ichi wad building is . . .
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Old Apartment Addresses 04 Oct 2009
I was thinking about it today while still in shock and awe over the Sapporo Temple announcement, and wondered if someone still had an old list of apartments and addresses. With the technology of Google Earth and such I have been able to find some of my old apartments. I'm thinking we could somehow scan them into PDF and post them somewhere. Then if you get a chance to go back you can track down those old apartments.

I'm going to go dig through my box of mission stuff and see if I still have that apartment list. Would love to find my old Teine apartment
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
Sapporo Temple 03 Oct 2009
Can you even believe it??? What an amazing blessing it will be to have a temple in Sapporo!!!

The chills from the just the thought of it. Amazing.

Start saving your pennies, you have a few years to save up for the trip. I won't be missing this dedication!!!!
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
Looking for a place to stay in Provo 04 Aug 2009
Hi Sapporo Dendobu no kikan senkyoshi tachi! My handicapped brother and I are going to Utah for two weeks from Tokyo, Japan in September, and we are looking for a place to stay in Provo for two or three days. Could anyone in Provo let us do that? If you can, please send me a message and I will email you back for details! Thank you!
Yudai Ito Send Email
Stories 20 Nov 2008
The holidays are rapidly coming upon us and another year has flown by. I always like to think back on the holidays I spent in Japan. I remember the Christmas I spent in Otaru. We missionaries met on Christmas morning at the church and opened presents that the Ward Member had bought us. The Members had spoiled us buying us lots of food. We also had a gift exchange, I don't remember what I got, but one of the choros got another choro a rock with the words "If you want a present, go get it yourself," or something to that extent.
Then singing on Odori Koen was a great experience.
It was a fun Christmas, Christmas on the mission was so amazing because your doing the work of the One who's birth your celebrating.
I hope you have great holidays and a wonderful Christmas.
Katie Marie Parkinson/Staten Send Email
Kaori Shimajiri 21 Aug 2008
Hey everyone I am trying to get a hold of Kaori Shimajiri who served under Pres. Larkins and I can't for the life of me find anyone that has her contact info. Anyone here that can help out? Thanks!
Randy Ken Tice Send Email
Lambourne Choro in the Olympics 11 Aug 2008
It looks like our Lambourne Choro is playing volleyball in Beijing:

Rich Lambourne

Congratulations to him!
Richard Wilcox Send Email
Visit 28 Jun 2008
Everything is cool here in Canada.
Royal Mathews Send Email
Re: 20 Year Reunion 27 May 2008
That could be fun. It's only 17 years here, but still getting up there. Where and when would be the key issues (as well as who gets the fun of organizing it).

Anyone else?
Jeremy A. Stallard Send Email
Reunion? 18 May 2008
I'm just wondering if there is going to be a 20 year reunion for Tsuchida/Christenson era missionaries? Anyone have any inside info? I can't believe that next year it will be 20 years since I went into the MTC! (12/20/1989)
Ty Percy Send Email
Re: Higbee Choro 27 Mar 2008
I believe his first name is Brian. He was my companion in Asahikawa from mid to late 1990. He was from a little town outside Las Vegas - Henderson?

I've been trying to contact him as well. If you get his info, I'd really appreciate you passing it along.

Hope this helps,

Danny Small
Danny Small Send Email
Higbee Choro? 13 Mar 2008
Does anyone have any contact info for Higbee Choro? I'm having trouble remembering his first name too, so that might help if you know it. I belive he was in Hokkaido at some point between 90-91.


Ty Percy Send Email
New Mission President 05 Feb 2008
From the Church News last week, one of Sapporo dendobu's very own was just called as a new mission president. Doug Dance served in Sapporo from 1976 to 1978. He was a very nesshin elder, making Senior in Iwamizawa in January of 1977. I happened to be his first junior companion. We worked hard and played hard and his example has stuck with me all these many years. Congratulations to Elder Dance and his family.

M Neal Bowes
Roxboro, NC
M Neal Bowes Send Email
Sapporo no Kikan senkyoushitachi!! 08 Oct 2007
Watashiwa Shiroishi(Sapporo) ward no kaiin desu.

Hokkaido no koto o oboeteimasuka?Hokkaido no tameni mada hatarakitai kimochi ga arimasuka?

Now,frankly speaking.I tell you,all the returned missionaries,what I would like you to do for Hokkaido:That is,to send Christmas and New year cards to Hokkaido!Hokkaido no kaiin o motto "GENKI" ni shitai yo! It would be much better if you could include your recent info,and pictures.I will do the same.

I did this project last year only in my home ward,Shiroishi ward.And I have longed to spread this joy to the whole land of Hokkaido.

This has a very important mission in addition to just sending cards.

That is that you would tell other RM of Sapporo mission.Whom you may know,about cheering up Hokkaido by sending cards.There must be many people to send cards to,such as your companions,families,and ward members,regardless of nationality and age.

I desire from the bottom of my heart that the Churches in Hokkaido will be filled with your cards,love,and smile.I hope that you accept my invitation because the people in Hokkaido will always remember you and don't want you to forget about what you've done in Hokkaido.

What you can do now is to tell others about this and prepare cards.

If you don't know the address of those you may want to send cards to,just email me.I will try to find it out for you!

Issho ni Hokkaido o Genki ni shiyo---!!!
Emi koyama Send Email
Reunion TSUCHIDA 03 Oct 2007
Dear Sapporo Missionaries,

If you haven't heard, we have a reunion planned for 10/5/07. The Tsuchidas are in town and will speak to the attendees. We already have about 200 people (including spouses and children) planning on being there, so chances are your buddies will be there. If you have not received the information, please see the "Reunions" link on the right side of this page. If you still have questions, please contact me at pr call me at 208.340.5662. RSVPs are NOT necessary for attendence, we just want a good headcount for the food order. Business casual is the dress and children are welcome.

Mike Thompson
Michael R Thompson Send Email
Tsuchida Reunion Update 30 Sep 2007
Attention all RMs from Sapporo that served unedr President Masaru Tsuchida:

We will be meeting on 10/5 at 6PM at a Stake Center in Holiday, Utah. Please see previous messages or email me at for more information.

Mike Thompson
Michael R Thompson Send Email
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