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Pres. Hotta 06 Apr 2004
I thought I heard his name too. I listened to it again today. He was called as an Area Authority Seventy. President Hotta was a little before my time, but I was interested because Akifumi Hotta was my companion.
Richard Wilcox Send Email
Pres Hotta 06 Apr 2004
Brother Schlechty,

You did hear correctly. President Hotta and Elder Kikuchi were both called as Area Authority Seventies in conference on Saturday.
James Rodgers Send Email
Pres. Hotta 05 Apr 2004
During conference I remember hearing Pres. Hotta's name read - I think as a presiding area 70...... Did anybidy else hear this and did I get the calling right?
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Mistake :) 21 Mar 2004
oops i made a mistake there is no makomanai ward Pickett Choro is right it is moiwa ward. Sorry if i caused great excitement over the growth of membership in Sapporo :)
Daniel Orth Send Email
Justin Kunz from the mission 18 Mar 2004
Justin was one of my companions from the mission. It would seem that everyone in the world might be able to see Justin's work on some US coins in the near future.

And BTW, Justin, you left my name off your list of companions :)

here is the article if you are not able to get to the link.

A change in your change: Utahn may help to design new coins

By Christy Karras
The Salt Lake Tribune

Justin Kunz has been thinking a lot about change lately -- the kind rattling around in his pocket. He has been selected by the U.S. Mint as one of 24 artists from around the country who will submit designs for new American coins and medals of all types.
Kunz is a Sandy resident and Brigham Young University graduate who works as a 3-D video game artist for Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City. He also works as an illustrator, paints and draws on the side and teaches at BYU. He applied for the program after seeing an item about it on the evening news and several weeks ago learned he was one of the 18 professional and six student artists selected from 306 applicants. "They expect it to be a renaissance in American coin making," Kunz said.
Kunz and the other artists chosen flew to Philadelphia last week to help inaugurate the Mint's "Artistic Infusion Program" by learning more about the history and science of coin making. On a tour of the Mint, Kunz had to go through "airport security times three," including handing over all his spare change.
Henrietta Holsman Fore, director of the U.S. Mint, said the program came after collectors, called numismatists, asked for a greater emphasis on artistry in American coins.
The artists, from a variety of backgrounds and working in many styles and media, were selected with the help of judges from the National Endowment for the Arts. Artists were judged on their artistic excellence, prior accomplishments and potential for future contributions, Fore said. "I think we are going to have a very fresh approach to the artistry of our coins," she said. "Americans will have a little bit of art in their pockets."
This is the first time the Mint has issued a call for artists in its 212 years. Other countries have government-sponsored schools for artists working in the unique bas-relief medium. "We have to reach out to the mints of the world to see how they do it," Fore said.
Several artists from the pool of 24 will be asked to submit designs for new coins and be paid an honorarium, plus additional earnings if his or her design is chosen from among those submitted.
Kunz said he would love a shot at designing the Utah quarter.
"I'm proud to be from Utah and hope I represent the state well," Kunz said.
Michael Stocker Send Email
Makomanai Ward 17 Mar 2004
Did I miss something in a previous post? Is there now a Makomanai ward? When I was in Makomanai we were in the Moiwa ward. When did this happen or did it happen?

How many wards is that now?
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
Iino Family 16 Mar 2004
I am trying to contact the Iino family from Moiwa Ward. They lived in Sumikawa and were less active when my companion and i re-activated them. Only the mother and daughter were members the daughters name was Keiko. If anyone has any update as to how they are doing and perhaps contact details, especially email this would be much appreciated.

Daniel Orth Send Email
How to Contact and Teach in Japan 15 Mar 2004
Any suggestions on how to best contact and teach Japanese people? What are the typical questions Japanese have about our church? How can one best learn the discussions in Japanese? Besides knowing scriptures and having the spirit what is the most important thing to remember to be a successful missionary in Japan? Any suggestions on how to study individually and with your companion?
My son Kenji will enter the MTC on May 26. He can speak Japanese, but needs to improve his kanji. Please email any tips/suggestions so that he can be a success.

Paul Oman
Kenji Masato Oman Send Email
messages for abashiri and Atsubetsu 15 Mar 2004
Hi, I'll be traveling to Atsubetsu and Abashiri in April, If you want me to get a message to anyone, or find out something for you, please email me and let me know. I dendo'd 87-89. I'm really psyched particularly to get back to Abashiri this trip.
Curtis Roy Strong Send Email
Yochien 11 Mar 2004
This is a dumb question, but does anyone have a picture of the yochien across the street from the honbu? the one with all the animal pictures painted on the outside.
Cristi Suzanne Maetani Send Email
Pres Larkins health? 01 Mar 2004
I got a message fwd to me last Dec about Pres Larkins' heart condition. Can anyone tell me what has happened and if he is ok?
Anita Racquel Jackman Send Email
combining missions 01 Mar 2004
Concerning the combined mission rumor:
I just got back from the Sapporo mission a month ago. There was concern that the number of missionaries in Hokkaido was dropping so much that it was dangreously low and would be in a situation where combining missions would be considered. I know that a large group of bean missionaries was not expected to go to Sapporo anytime soon, so that wouldn't be helping the number situation. I haven't heard anything else since that.
Teagan Louanne Tomlin Send Email
Combine Missions? 29 Feb 2004
Has anybody heard the rumor of combining the Sapporo and Sendai Missions? One of the shimai's in Nemuro said the current dendobucho told them that the missions were going to be combined, and that the members were going to have to do more misionary work. Anything to this? Just a remark to motivate more member-missionary work?
John R. Schlechty Send Email
logo 05 Feb 2004
I remember the logo being created during the Hotta dendobucho era. They had a contest between all of the missionaries to come up with it. I don't recall who actually won the contest, It seems like it was one of the Japanese elders though. I think it was probably around early 1981
Blair Bentley
Blair Bentley Send Email
Logo 03 Feb 2004
It was there when I entered the mission in 1980. In fact it was on our mission report folder.
Don't know where it came from though.
Ron Schindler Send Email
Hey gang 03 Feb 2004
Pat Hill got ahold of me, too! This site is great! I've got some stories and photos I'll horidasu and send in soon. (Sorry Pat, not THAT photo...) I'm interested in locating Robert Schofield and Karl Hillsman (sp?), and Micheal Beck, if anyone can help.
John S Finch Send Email
Re: Logo 28 Jan 2004
It was being used when I got there in 1981...
John R. Schlechty Send Email
The Logo 27 Jan 2004
Here's a question: does anyone know where the logo came from? It existed in 1982 - that much I know. When did it first come to be? Who did it? Completely useless trivia that would be interesting to know...
Randy Marsden Send Email
Missing dodes 21 Jan 2004
Randy: How ya doin? Nice to hear a name from the 18 month no choice era. Interested in locating Bill Mansell, Scott Syme, Tom Allen, Reynolds, Robinson, Hasegawa, Kumano, Ashby, Hunsaker, Hungate, Heath, Gillette and others from '82-'84 era (I know--I had a lot of dodes; may be I was a tough nut).
Terry E Welch Send Email
Great Site 19 Jan 2004
Pat (see below) got me hooked-up. Great site, and excited to be here. I have a few stories I can't wait to post.

On top of it all, one of the "newly-called" missionaries - Daniel Bateman - is in my home ward. He leaves tomorrow morning for the MTC. I indoctrinated him and his family with frozen chosen propoganda last family home evening. He's stoked to go. His parents were looking at the slides of the Sapporo Snow Festival and finally understood why Sorel Boots were on the list of items to purchase. :-)

-Randy Marsden, 1982-83 (one of the few 18-monthers who didn't get a choice).
Randy Marsden Send Email
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