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Trent Bingham 05 Aug 2003
Duh duh head wrote down your address on a napkin the last time our family visited with you. Used napkin by accident. Where are you now?
Yukari Lewellen Send Email
Utah Visit Update 18 Jul 2003
I will be in Provo/Orem August 28-30. I will be at the BYU football game on the 28th. Anyone who wants to meet up let me know.
Mark Bore Send Email
Meeting Shumway Choro again 17 Jul 2003
This message is directed to those from the Suzuki era who remember Shumway (Doug)Choro or me. In May of this year I returned to Japan to teach a cultural anthropology class on the Ainu. It was wonderful and Doug, who has spent most of his post mission life in Asia, arranged to come and visit me. We had a glorious 3 days together, visited local sites (in Hikone), went hiking and talked. We reminisced about the good old days and how are lives evolved to the present. It was one of the most rewarding connections with another person ever-- thanks Doug, your insight was keen. One of the first things Doug said when we started visiting was, "I sure hope my journal gets better." What he meant was, more positive. He had been reading his dendo journal in preparation for our visit, and I had too. We found that we had been incredibly hard on ourselves and expected perfect performance and blessed results. Since the results were rarely perfect we found that our entries were quite negative with respect to ourselves. We heaped all the blame on us if we didn't get in a house during kobetsu homon, or if the investigator dropped us or a baptizee went inactive. "It must have been that I didn't study hard enough this morning"; or it was because "I let my mind wander during scripture study"; or it must have been that "I looked too long at a cute tryphyd," etc. Our mission was kibishii, no doubt about it, but were we all too competitive with ourselves and each other; was it the system? It was to that point the greatest 2 years ever and part of it was the intense discipline required, but I also think we may have been too harsh with ourselves and took ourselves too seriously. What do you think?
Roger L Hammer Send Email
find sister tanaka 15 Jul 2003
hi every one i am trying to find sister tanaka who served in 1996-1998, she was the senior companion of sister matsumoto in tomakomai when i served in tomakomai. we all helped to teach a family who was deaf except the child.sister tanakas mother was a member of NHK who signed for the deaf community in japan(tokyo i think)if any one knows of her and can get us in contact with each other i would be most greatful. i wish to disscuss the up coming deaf oylmpics in australia 2005 and my interest in helping the japanese deaf community who might be interested in coming to australia for it.
Daniel Paul White Send Email
Calling all Kanji bandits! 13 May 2003
I have been given the priveledge of doing research for the new Personal Courage Wing at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It is a museum in itself soley dedicated to the brave pilots of WWI & WWII.

We have received large number of authentic WWII Japanese magazines that I can't read.

Would any of you kanji bandits out there like copies and take a crack at them?

Thanks - Deana Paul
Deana D. Ross Send Email
100 yr. anniversary video 11 May 2003
Does anyone know if the video "hi no izuru kuni" is available thru the SLC distribution center? It's about the 100th anniversary of the church in japan (all in nihongo) and its got a lot of good footage of the Tokyo temple announcement, Fukuoka temple construction, story of H.J. Grant going to Japan, etc. My son borrowed it from his seminary teacher for the weekend, and I'd like to get a copy of it. I checked the website and requested a list of Japanese materials, but it takes about 2 weeks to get it.
John R. Schlechty Send Email
Live webcam-Odori Park 21 Mar 2003
For anybody that is interested, there is a streaming video of Odori Park at For those, like me, who don't read Japanese, in the upper right center of the web page, there is a night picture of some buildings. Click where it says "Live". On the next page you will see in upper right side "300K". If you have DSL, it will take you to the webcam. You may have trouble viewing this if you do not have DSL. Enjoy the site!
Paul Ekstrand Send Email
Visiting Utah 27 Feb 2003
Hi all,

We will be visiting Utah this August. I thought it might be fun to see some old friends from the mish. If anyone would like to get together in August email me and let me know.
Mark Bore Send Email
This is Elder Sato!! 26 Feb 2003
Hey guys!!

What's up?? I hope you guys remember me, crazy Elder sato!!

Do you know what?? I'm in San Francisco now!! It's been 3 weeks already and 4 more weeks here. I met a couple return missionaries already but I wanna meet more and more, man!! If you can come to here, asobou yooooo!! E-mail me back and keep in touch!!

Tomo Sato Send Email
futsujin ni natchatta 24 Feb 2003
Hey, I think I'm the newest returned missionary to write anything on here. I just got back from the last transfer on valentines day. If there are any old companions that read this, give me an email and we'll go out and eat sushi at ichiban's over here in southern california. yoroshiku o negai shimasu
Jonathan Bruce Barnes Send Email
Abe Kazoku 18 Feb 2003
Hello all.... I am in need of the help of our more recently returned alumni.

I am trying to locate the Abe family from the Teine ward. Apparently they have moved because my mail was returned.

Father is Nobuyuki, Mom is Mizue
2 Sons Takamasa and Akio

They joined the church in late 1993 and I visited them on vacation in 1996. I haven't had much from them since about year 2000. Anyone know where they may have moved to? Dad had a fairly fancy restuarant in Susukino and they were in an apartment in Hon-cho of Teine so it is possible they have moved. Anyone with any info please let me know..

Thanks folks.....
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
James Lucas Leavitt choro 18 Feb 2003
I am looking to make contact with James Lucas Leavitt. He was companions with Me in Asahikawa.

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu
osamu murata Send Email
Stephen Holmes 17 Feb 2003
I am looking to make contact with Steve Holmes. He was companions with Bart Chidester and I in Muroran.

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu

Bore Choro
Mark Bore Send Email
Christensen Reunion Catered, NOT POTLUCK 07 Feb 2003
To all the Christensen ERA:

Go click on the Christensen Reunion "details" to see the latest CHANGES.


67 people already confirmed they're coming (that includes a few wives and kids), but we still need help finding and spreading the word.

Potluck has been changed to CATERED:
$5.75 / person
Kids Eat FREE
Jim Dillon Send Email
Nathan Jeppson 14 Jan 2003
I have been trying to track down Elder Nathan Jeppson for the past year or so. Does anyone know where he is?
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
Nathan Jeppson 14 Jan 2003
I have been trying to track down Elder Nathan Jeppson for the past year or so. Does anyone know where he is?
Randall Cooley Smith Send Email
Shinkotoni Contact 13 Jan 2003
Does anyone stay in contact with any long-time members in Shinkotoni? I want to track down an inactive family. They have moved from Shinkotoni, but I thought that an old-timer member (preferably a sister, since the Dad was not a member) might know where the family is now.

Michael King
Michael King Send Email
previous companions 10 Jan 2003
HI everyone! I've been able to keep tabs on a lot of my dodes, but I'm looking for my trainer, Lee Shimai. She died in Shinkotoni in October 1994. Does anyone know where she ended up? I'm also looking for info on Takemura Shimai and Fukui Shimai who served in 94-95. Thanks!
Jennafer Martin Send Email
missing my companion 10 Jan 2003
Hey there all,

I'm looking for my 'missing in action' MTC companion. Elder Brandon Scott Peterson. He always used Scott as his first name though. Although his parents had moved to Sandy, Utah he normally claimed Hawaii as his home. He served from March 93 to 95. I lost track of him about 4-5 years ago and his family has apparently moved so I can't contact his parents either. If anyone knows where he is please let me know.

Scott Pickett
Scott D. Pickett Send Email
Mori's 21 Dec 2002
What am I supposed to do now...Laubach Choro if you're out there, we're going to need to have a wake for Mori's and make our own OMori Katsu curry...I will miss that place, I had hoped to take my wife there on my return to Japan and shucks...looks like I won't be able to. It's really too bad.
Jef Hatch Send Email
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