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Webmaster Note (11/17/2014): This Site is winding down...Shikata ga Nai.....Sayonara!:

Since the advent of the Internet, you and over 1,200 other Sendai Mission RMs from all jidais have joined this Site, which helped RMs to reconnect, as well as learn of reunions, mission history and current mission news - thanks for your support over lo, these many years! Unfortunately, developers have recently stopped maintaining and have abandoned their RM site framework. This means I too have to stop further work here, since although certain webpages still display, key email/notification functions no longer work.

My customized Site pages (Mission History, Meetinghouses, Mission News, etc.) now reside on (or are in the process of being transferred to) a new Teruya Jidai RM Site at, over which I have full control. You're welcome to visit there, of course, and if you served in the first years of the mission under President Teruya (1974-77) and you haven't yet done so, please join us by creating a new login there.

Where do we go from here? Some ideas for keeping in touch with your fellow RMs:

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Reunion Notice

President: Aoyagi
Event Date: 03 Apr 2015
Etsuko Davis | Details

President: Aoyagi
Event Date: 03 Apr 2015
Etsuko Davis | Details

President: Yoshino
Event Date: 11 Jul 2015
Kyoko Jorgensen | Details

What's New?

21 Mar 2015   Reunion: 4-3-2015 - Orem, UT -- Etsuko Davis
19 Mar 2015   *Alumni: Etsuko Davis (Hayashi)
19 Mar 2015   帰還宣教師大会(リユニオン): 4-3-2015 - Orem, Utah 84058 -- Etsuko Davis
18 Mar 2015   *Alumni: Michael J. Chappell
09 Feb 2015   Reunion: 7-11-2015 - Akashi-city, Hyogo-ken -- Kyoko Jorgensen
23 Dec 2014   Alumni: Katherine Hope Morgan
07 Dec 2014   *Alumni: Bret C Dandoy
26 Nov 2014   News: This Site is Winding Down -- Todd Ogaard-Webmaster
16 Nov 2014   Message: Elder Aoyagi release and reunion -- Darin Glen Palmer
01 Nov 2014   *Alumni: Evan Lewis Baker
26 Oct 2014   *Alumni: Loren David Olsen
20 Oct 2014   *Alumni: Katusko Goto (Aoki)
09 Oct 2014   *Alumni: Mark A. Borup
07 Oct 2014   *Alumni: Val David Steed
23 Sep 2014   *Alumni: Craig Hassell
22 Aug 2014   *Alumni: Ned LeRoy Ostler
21 Aug 2014   *Alumni: Anthony Shaw
17 Aug 2014   Alumni: Andrew Mitchell Poulter
29 Jul 2014   *Current: Natalie Orgill
27 Jul 2014   *Alumni: Janice Patricia Gardner (Clements)
22 Jul 2014   Alumni: Cory Robert Hill
13 Jul 2014   *Current: Anthony Brent Butler
09 Jul 2014   *Alumni: Michael Edward Clark (Krogstad-Clark)
04 Jul 2014   *Alumni: jacob michael richins
21 May 2014   Alumni: Lonny Grimmer
16 May 2014   Alumni: ray A anderson
10 May 2014   *Alumni: Ralph Page
19 Apr 2014   Alumni: Ron Mortensen
16 Apr 2014   *Alumni: Curtis S. Gasser
09 Apr 2014   Alumni: Barry Brooks
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