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Matt  Guthrie Alumni Photo

Elder Matt Guthrie

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Mu Kwang Hong (1986 - 1989)
Served: 1986 - 1988
Areas Served:
Kwangju, Iri, Taecheon, Mokpo, Taejon
Dan W. Bartlett | Russell P. Beeton | Bryce Bond | Jay Goodliffe | Lyle Hippen | Michael Andrew Terry
Your Occupation: Computer Software
Spouse: Shauna Patterson
My wife and I have five daughters, Kimberly (17), Nicole (15), Alyssa (10), Rachel (9), and Caitlyn (7). I finally updated the photo--this one is only 2 years old. :)

After several years as bishop, I was released in November 2012 and enjoyed a short respite until our stake was divided in April 2013 and I was called as a counselor in the stake presidency. I quickly found out that stakes have a lot going on and I had many things to learn.

I am currently self-employed doing software analysis and development for various customers, and looking for the next big thing. Until then, though, the schedule flexibility is kind of nice.
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