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Mazatlan after sunset

This website is for the Mexico Culiacan Mission alumni (returned missionaries) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everyone that has had the privilege to labor in this area, be it friends and/or relatives, are also welcome to participate in this website. As always, individuals who are not of this faith are also welcome to "come ye, buy, and eat... without money and without price" (Isa. 55:1).

What's New?

29 Mar 2015   *Alumni: Natanael Adriel Aguilar Aldaz
19 Jan 2015   Current: Erick Eduardo Meneses
07 Jul 2014   Friend: Brent Reese
09 Dec 2013   Alumni: Ma. de la Paz Marypaz Cuessy (Loya Cortez)
03 Dec 2013   *Alumni: Alex Durham
21 Aug 2013   Alumni: Abinadí Zárate
15 Aug 2013   Registro de visitantes: Busco misioneros -- Angelica
12 Aug 2013   Registro de visitantes: Busco a Cecilia Medina Romo -- Víctor caramon
22 May 2013   *Alumni: Zachary MacKay
18 May 2013   Registro de visitantes: saludos y encontrar familias -- Vicente Ortega
03 Mar 2013   Guestbook: necesito informacion -- Juan Mauel Gutierrez
04 Feb 2013   Registro de visitantes: busco a un ex misionero -- primavera
29 Jan 2013   *Alumni: Blanca Cristina Munguía (Chávez)
17 Jan 2013   Alumni: Tadeo Guavara
 * = Updated
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