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Mission Presidents serve with their wives for three years.  Typically, these men are High Priests with many years of church service in leadership positions.  They are the priesthood authority in the mission boundaries for all the serving missionaries.

Here is a list of the Presidents who have presided in the MJM from its inception in 1979.  It is listed in order from the current president to the first.  If you would like to add information, e-mail


Currently serving:
James and Lynda Sheffield 
     They will serve from July 2000 to July 2003
     They are from Golden, Colorado


1997 to 2000
Earl and Lona Thomas 
They are from Southern California and are currently in Hurricane, UT.
1994 to 1997
Ernest and Fran Westover
They are from the Davis area of central California.
1991 to 1994
Robert and Doris Anderson
They are from the Carlsbad area of southern California.
1988 to 1991
Boyd Bulloch
President and Sister Bulloch are from Las Vegas, Nevada.
1985 to 1988
Jerry Callister
President and Sister Callister are from Merced, California.
1982 to 1985
Lowell M. Snow
President and Sister Snow are from Salt Lake City, Utah.
1979 to 1982
Frank Hirschi
President and Sister Hirschi are currently residing in Bountiful, Utah.  The Hirschis opened the great MJM!