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Mission Call 26 May 2004
I have just been called this past Friday (May 21st) to serve in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission!!! I too report to the MTC on June 30th. I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thanks!
Lois Reid Send Email
call 18 May 2004
I just got my call to the Mongolia Ulaanbattar mission last friday. I also enter the MTC on the 30 of June I am so excited. Does anyone know if we are in the MTC for three months or two. Write back and let me know please. Thanks
Greg Palmer Send Email
Another Call 17 May 2004
Well, I just got my call last Saturday, the 15th. I didn't get much information as far as the specifics, and I was wondering if you other guys got information from our Mission Prisident. Either way, I'm excited to serve, and I enter the MTC June 30th as well. See you soon
Joshua Albrechtsen Send Email
Mission Call to Mongolia 17 May 2004
I just got my mission call to serve in the Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar Mission, and I am really excited. My family and I have been doing a ton of research and found this site. I noticed that there are several others who are going in on June 30th, awesome! See you there. If anyone has any advice that would be great. Thanks!
Ben Send Email
Members wanting to contact solongo 10 May 2004
Dear Solongo or someone that knows her,

I am a Mongolian elder who is serving in the kentucky Louisville mission and i came in contact with a member that is searching to see where you are! She really wants to get a hold of you and talk to you she left her address for you but you can right me back becuase I am serving in Nicholasville right now please write her or contact me Solongo her address is

Linda and Roger Thacker
11860 Troy Pike
Versailles Kentucky
40383 USA
We Love you
Nyamdorg Tserenchimed Send Email
mission call 07 May 2004
I received my call today to the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar mission...any tips? (after checking the weather, I decided that I am going to freeze...I live in FLorida!!!)
Russell Findlay Send Email
Called to Serve 07 May 2004
Elder Ryan Blaser of Boise Idaho received his call to the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar mission yesterday!!! He reports to the MTC on June 30, 2004. Any tips would be appreciated!
Susan Blaser Send Email
Newly Called Elder 06 May 2004
I have just received my call to serve in the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Mission. I am looking for suggestions for my preparation in serving. I report on June 30th and only have 7 short weeks to get everything together. Thanks!
MacKay Olson Send Email
Parents of Missionaries serving in Mongolia 26 Apr 2004
I wanted to post a message to any parents who have a missionary currently serving in Mongolia, or one that is newly called. I have an email support group set up just for parents of missionaries serving in Mongolia. If you'd like to join, please email me at: or go to and join with us. As a family we wrote to several Mongolian missionaries serving all over the U.S. One returned home, and then came back to the U.S. and lived with us for a few months. Anyone know Otgonbayar? Otgoo? She now lives in Provo. I recognize some of the names you've all mentioned. :-)
Betty Pearson Send Email
looking for... 29 Mar 2004
Hi I'm lloking for Khishigjargal; she just finished her mission in New York New York South Mission (10 March 2004) and now she's home.
If anybody knows about her, please let her know I miss her so much, she did a good job as a missionary, she is a wonderful girl. Thanks.
Ariel Campuzano Send Email
Postal Service info 24 Mar 2004
Some months ago I posted a message and got an amazing amount of responses. Thanks so much!
I wrote to ask for help in befriending a new memeber of the Church that was from Mongolia--well in the mean time he has been deported back to Mongolia. Zolboo was detained in Arizona while on vacation and unable to return to Idaho to retrieve any of his belongings before being deported. So the question is: How is the postal service there in Mongolia? If we send him a package will it arrive safely? How long would it take? He called several days ago and said that he is in the City(capitol) of Mongolia.
I hope to hear from you.
Thanks a ton
Marcia Cheney Send Email
Sister Oyuntungalag 20 Mar 2004
I served with Sister Oyuntungalag in Long
Beach California Mission 2000-2001. I was wondering If anyone knows where she is?
She came back to the states (utah) then went to (California). I was wondering if anyone has heard from her, or if they know her.
She was baptized in 1996

Sister Marnie Munk
Marnie Send Email
haha 09 Mar 2004
that was funny.
Devin Gunnell Email Not Available
Almighty God 08 Mar 2004
The scientist approached God and said, "Listen, we've decided we no longer need you. Nowdays, we can clone people, transplant hearts and do all kinds of things that were once considered miraculous." God patiently heard him out, and then said, "All right. To see whether or not you still need me, why don't we have a man-making contest?" "Okay, great!" the scientist said. "Now we're going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam," God said. "That's fine," replied the scientist, and then bent down to scoop up a handful of dirt. "Whoa!" God said, shaking his head in dissaproval, "Not so fast, pal. You go get your own dirt!"
Friend Send Email
Hi sister Churb 05 Mar 2004
Hi I'm former sister Dulamsuren T. Write me. Thank you.
Duka Togtokhsuren Send Email
Looking for Dulamsuren 04 Mar 2004
Hi, if was wondering if anyone would be able to help me locate a sister in Mongolia. She and I served in the San Francisco mission from 97-98. Sinced I came home in June 1998, we've lost touched. Her last name is Dulamsuren, first name is Toktok (spelling of first name might be wrong). I would really appreciate it if anyone would be able to give me some kind of lead. I know also that there are two former elders who served in the Oakland and San Francisco mission (1996-1999). One became a branch president shortly after he returned home to Mongolia. I forgot his name. Much appreciation to anyone who could help.
Nikiy C. Send Email
preparation 21 Jan 2004
Hi there,

I recently recieved a call to serve in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar mission. I report to the Provo MTC April 7th, and I guess leave for Mongolia 10-12 weeks after that. I was hoping to get in contact with missionarys that have recently returned from there, to get info on preparation, what to expect, tips and any useful knowledge. Thanks!

Chad Send Email
missionary 30 Dec 2003
I'm looking for an old companion 19 Dec 2003
I am looking for a Sister Dulmaa who served in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. If anyone has her information please let me know. She and I were companions and I miss her so much!
Erin Carey Send Email
from Enkhee, Gombo & Baigal 13 Dec 2003
I am teaching ESL at the MTC now and have these three missionaries from Baganor (sp) who are looking for the elders who taught them. If you happen to know where to find Elder Cherry and Elder Luangrath, please let me know. They are really anxious to find them. Thanks tons!
Melissa Boothe Email Not Available
Merry Christmas 13 Dec 2003
Merry Christmas, everyone
Jared Meier Send Email
phio 12 Dec 2003
i dey here ooooooooooooooooo
mugu Email Not Available
Looking for friends 02 Dec 2003
Hi All,
When I was a student at Orhon private college our teachers for Area Study were elder Hansen and elder Rogers. We have become good friends, but since they have left the country I'd lost contacts with them. Elder Hansen was from Utah, and he possessed a fluent Mongolian. He left Mongolia in 1994. Elder Rogers served in Erdenet for his second year of the mission, and he left country in 1995(6) but made a short trip to Mongolia later again, after his a year long stay in China, if I remember correctly.
Another friend I am looking is Dulamjav, with whom we studied together and who was a member of the church. Her nickname is Duka, and in 95 or 96 after graduation from Orhon college, she has left for Utah for her mission there. Later, I've heard that she has returned to the USA, Utah to study.
I can't recall all their first or last names as elder Hansen, elder Rogers and Duka - the way we used to call them.
Anyway, browsing through the internet I have found your website and wanted to know if anyone knows where are my friends now, and if I could get their email addresses.
Thank you so much!
Itgel Send Email
Returned Missionary Info. 21 Nov 2003
Hi. I served a mission in Korea and met a Mongolian sister, Zula, who took the discussions and was later baptized (in Korea). She is working in Korea, but when she was in Mongolia she met an Elder Sheep, who was teaching English in Ulaanbataar. Zula said that Elder Sheep was a really humble and good person and because of his example she felt good about our church and wanted to find the church in Korea! Now she is a member and doing really well. I was wondering if you have any contact information for an Elder Sheep. He served in about 1996 (and she said that he is from the states). Sorry I don't have any other information on him...but if you could help, please email me. Thank you.
Sister Philipoom Send Email
Big thanks 17 Nov 2003
Elders and Sisters and Friends as well-Thank you for your warm support of the effort to find some Mongolian contacts in Idaho for Zolboo. Members of your mission-as well as friends or family of missionaries have been very supportive and helpful.
Thanks again for all you have done!
Marcia Cheney Send Email
Mongolian Convert 14 Nov 2003
Hello friends--
I have a friend named Zolboo Gendendagva who got baptized 1 year ago in Idaho. He is has been away from home for a very long time and is needing some strength. He speaks a small amount of English--speaks more Spanish as well and in the spanish language is how he took his lessons from the Elders. Although he lives here in America desires to have info(gospel books-study guides) in his own language which would be easier for him to learn. I have tried to find books (from the distibution center) and or other items to give him in his native tongue but find little. Is there much avaliable to be had in Mongolian? He does read/listen to the conference off the internet at my parents home. He really needs some support that we (our family which has befriended him) can not fully give him because of the language barrier. Is there anyone who would be willing to contact him in his native language--email? If so He is considering serving a mission if they will allow him to leave from the USA.
Thank you for allowing me to post this in your guestbook!
Marcia Cheney Send Email
looking for friends 01 Nov 2003
Hi! Sister Sessions and I served a mission in Mongolia in 96/97. We served mostly in Ulaanbaatar, but spent a few months in Erdenet. We are trying to locate Bolormaa in Ulaanbaatar. She is a member and tutored us in Mongolian while we were there. She was a school teacher and a YW's president. Also, when we were in Erdenet, we became very close friends to a Russian family, the Lebedev's. Does any one know their whereabouts? Thanks for your help.
Elder and Sister Sessions Send Email
hi 26 Oct 2003
Hi I am looking for Guntugs who is from Erdenet. I know he is in Korea somewhere but if you know his phone number, address or anything please let me know! Thanks I really appreciate that.

zulbayarTogtokhbayar Send Email
New Elder's Arrive in Mongolia 18 Oct 2003
Twelve new Elders & one new Sister arrived in Ulaan Baatar Mongolia on October 16th. They are very excited to serve and went to the Aiessen yesterday. Elder Nathan Hirst says it's already cool there 30-35 degrees. Less then 24 hours in Mongolia and he had his first appointment.

-Chelsi Crockett (Elder Hirst's older Sister)
Chelsi Crockett Send Email
Bat-Orshikh 24 Sep 2003
Bat-Orshikh may know the number. He lives outside of Boise. If you want to get in touch with him, let me know.
Luke Nielsen Send Email
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