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Do you know Muknbat? 24 Sep 2003
Hi everybody,
I need to find Munkhbat's e-mail address or phone number who goes to BYU-Idaho. He is from Erdenet. Pleas, let me know if you have them.
Thank you
bayarnaadam Send Email
English interpreters needed in Bulgan Aimag 12 Sep 2003
The Edahow Foundation in Preston, ID is sending an entourage of 7 LDS humanitarians to Bulgan Aimag, Mongolia from 09-16-03 to 09-26-03.

We are in need of inerpreters to escort us in attending parliament meetings in Ulanbaatar; herd/range evaluations with a veterinarian in 3 counties; UN delegate negotiations on the Gobi Initiative; touring fatories in Erdenet; and human health/dental assessments with families & small communities.

If you are interested in meeting us, helping us to communicate through language interpretations; and be part of setting up the Edahow International Agricultural Training Center in Mogod Soum during these dates...please contact me ASAP.

Visit our website for more inofmation regarding our mission and purpose for sttrengthening families in developing nations around the world.

Thank you for your attenttion. Julia
Julia Cushman Send Email
Mongolia 25 Aug 2003
Brother and Sister Gordon Roth came to our ward and gave a talk regarding their mission, but it was a bit sketchy on "about" the country. I found it fascinating that a country sandwiched between two communist countries could be free! Anyone who would like to tell me about Mongolia, I'm here to listen :)
pam emick Send Email
Companions 04 Aug 2003
Sister Linda Corrigan,
You posted that your son was reporting on July 30th to MTC. So did my little brother. My family just recieved a letter form him and your son Elder Corrigan is one of his comp. along with Elder Walsh. He says he loves the language, and its fun to speak it to each other. He says they're so busy he isn't missing us yet!!

-Sis. Chelsi Crockett
Chelsi Crockett Send Email
Mongolian Script 01 Aug 2003
Is there anyone near Provo that can show me how to write something in Old Mongolian script?
Isaac Haupt Email Not Available
Mission to Mongolia 26 Jul 2003
My son, Ryne Cardon, was just called to serve in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. He reports to the MTC on Oct 22. If you can provide any helpful hints for his preparation and needs, we'd love to hear from you....we are excited!!
Bob Cardon Send Email
Elder Battsengel 17 Jul 2003
two months ago I posted a notice here that an Elder Battsnagel from Mongolia was servicing in my Ward in Minneapolis area. I knew little about him, and promised to get more information. I now have some. Here it is:

His name is Lkhagvasuren Battsengel
He is from Darkhan City

He was baptized January 16, 1997 by Elders Hansen and Lewis (Louis?).

He has a brother named Bayrtsengel.

He also indicated that when he was in the MTC in Provo that one of the two who baptized him was working at the MTC and was excited to see him there.

If any of you know him, and want to contact him, let me know. He thinks he may be getting transferred soon, but his mission is the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission.

Ted Jones
Ted Jones Send Email
Where is Sister Soninbayar??? 29 Jun 2003
I served with Sister Soninbayar also known as Sister Sony in the Charlotte North Carolina mission in 2000. I have lost her address and wonder if anyone might know who she is and knows how I can get a hold of her! Please let me know! I hope someone can help!!
Thank-you, Renee Heathman
Renee Heathman Send Email
Mongolia 04 Jun 2003
My son just got called to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. He reports to the MTC July 30th. Can anyone please tell me what he can expect. What can I do to prepare him better. What things should he take from home that he can't get there? Is a sleeping bag better than sheets? Should he get one there or bring it from home? Any helpful hints about anything would be greatly appreciated! This is our first missionary.
Thanks, Sister Corrigan
Linda Corrigan Send Email
Looking for missionaries 21 May 2003
I'm trying to find contact informations for the first 6 elders those wo served their missions in Mongolia (especially Elder Birch, Elder Pearson, I might have spelled their names wrong:)). Does anyone know where they are and their address, phone numbers. I haven't heard from them for over almost 8 years now, ever since they left their mission field, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. I would greatly appreciated if you could help to find them.

Thank you so much
Enkhtaivan Mills Send Email
Elder Battsengal 10 May 2003
I am not an alumni of this mission. Today my Bishop went on splits with a missionary, and I was one of their stops. The missionary was an Elder Battsengal from Mongolia. He has been in Minnesota for about 14 months. I missed his hometown name, but he joined 6 years ago. Perhaps one of you is responsible for his conversion, and might like the update. I will attempt to find out more about him and his back. Just thought you might like to know.

Ted Jones, Minnetonka Ward, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ted Jones Send Email
Teach LDS Carrer Workshop in Mongolia Sep-Dec 29 Apr 2003
If your in Provo, LDS Employment Resource Services needs your help in Mongolia this Fall. We are looking for students to teach the Career Workshop, as part of the International Employment Initiative of the Church there. You will be helping members there prepare for, find, and get good jobs. In addition, you will be involved in training local volunteers and possibly Church leaders.

Selected Students will serve/teach for 20 hours a week in addition to taking 12 credits of independent study style classes, that fulfill major and minor requirements. You will be required to take a preparation class offered Spring semester 2003 that will focus on the workshop curriculum and on cross-cultural preparation.

If you would like to know more about helping in Mongolia this Fall semester please contact us directly, ASAP. We hope to have all available positions filled by the end of the semester.

Carol Allen and Jonathon Wade
BYU ERS Program Facilitators
Tel: (801) 422-3686

This is particularly applicable for those in the following majors:
Latin American Studies, Social Work, Sociology, MFHD
Carol Lynn Allen Send Email
chillin' like a villain 28 Apr 2003
hey you all who read this. im writing from California. DUDE!! i just visited this place for the first time. i just found out about it. but i think its cool we have our own web site. im trippin'. anyway for any of those who served with me and want to hook it up with a lil note then feel free. i thought it was way awesome to look at all the pics and know just about everyone in them. well ill see ya later. take care.
ps. if there is anybody from So Cal then look me up.

peace and love,
Devin Gunnell Email Not Available
daughter going to Mongolia 20 Apr 2003
I have a daughter that has just been called to the Ulaanbaatar mission. She is going into the MTC on July 23, 2003. She is thrilled to be called here to serve. She spent 6 months in China teaching English about a year ago, so knows a bit about being in a different country. I will try and read through the posts to find out more infomation, but as you can imagine, I'm trying to find resources for warm clothing etc that came with her call. (I'm glad I found this website. ) If anyone has some current resources for me to check out that would be most helpful. Thank you. Terry Jeppsen (missionary mom)
Terry Jeppsen Send Email
What to bring 20 Feb 2003
I have some of the same questions that Kristina Hetherington asked on November 16th. What type of boots should a missionary bring to Mongolia? Is it customary to remove your shoes/boots before entering a home or church? What do you suggest for P-day clothes? Do you suggest on bringing the set of sheets the missionary guide says or just bring a sleeping bag? Thanks for your help.


P.S. Is there a way you can post replies for everyone so I don't have to ask the same question?
John Send Email
hi all 25 Jan 2003
hi all! i'm so glad that we have this site i just wanted to say thanks to my dear friends luke nelson and carl stihct hey guys u r soooo geneous to make this site please continue doing this i love ya guys hey by the way luke did u join the army cause i know when u were serving in mongolia u used to say that u wanna join the army i' guess u r verry buff & big guy now u r not jijig nelson anymore huh ok thanks again guys
lilian Send Email
Greetings 23 Dec 2002
Merry Christmas to all of you who visited this website and who served in Mongolia. Love you all
Alohaaaaaaa Send Email
MY BROTHER! 16 Nov 2002
My little brother, Elder Christopher Hetherington, has been called to Ulaanbaatar and enters the MTC this upcoming Wednesday, November 20th... can somebody tell me if it ACTUALLY gets down to -40?? And is there anything he should DEFINITELY bring that isn't on the list?? What about the 'boots' he needs? It doesn't snow much, does it? We keep hearing rumors that he can grow a beard and wear blue jeans... I'm sure this isn't true, but where are these rumors coming from? Anyway, I'm just his overprotective big sister, excited for his new adventure. I am planning on picking him up in two years... is that legal? Please let me know anything you can! Thanks!!
Kristina Hetherington Send Email
MY BROTHER! 16 Nov 2002
My little brother, Elder Christopher Hetherington, has been called to Ulaanbaatar and enters the MTC this upcoming Wednesday, November 20th... can somebody tell me if it ACTUALLY gets down to -40?? And is there anything he should DEFINITELY bring that isn't on the list?? What about the 'boots' he needs? It doesn't snow much, does it? We keep hearing rumors that he can grow a beard and wear blue jeans... I'm sure this isn't true, but where are these rumors coming from? Anyway, I'm just his overprotective big sister, excited for his new adventure. I am planning on picking him up in two years... is that legal? Please let me know anything you can! Thanks!!
Kristina Hetherington Send Email
Anyone who knows...... are there sister missionaries serving in this mission? Just curious.

Emily Send Email
Mongolian Speaker Wanted 19 Sep 2002

I represent Nomen Global Language Centers, the largest English as a Second Language in the intermountain region. We have campuses in Provo and Salt Lake City Utah.

We teach english from level 0 to College level skills (Prepare them to pass the TOEFL and beyond).

The demand for Mongolian people to come to our school has increased greatly in the last months. We're looking currently for an proficent English - Mongol speaker.

Please contact:

Filiberto Ledezma
International Enrollment Manager
Nomen Global Language Centers
(801) 787.5167
Filiberto Ledezma Send Email
Member Locator 23 Aug 2002
Here's a great link with information that can help you find members of the Church:
Erin Howarth Send Email
Missing Sister (Solongo D.) 27 Jul 2002
I'm writing you trying to get some information on a past Mongolian Sister Missionary, Solongo D. Sister Solongo served her mission about two years ago in the US. She split her time between the SLC Temple Square and the Louisville KY missions.

My wife(Karen) and I last heard she was in Sweden, but have heard nothing from her in quite awhile. We are concerned about her well being and hoped someone in or associated with the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission might be able to give us some contact info on her whereabouts.

Solongo D. was, as we understand it, the 8th member baptized in Mongolia.

I'm not sure if you can help, but I would appreciate it if you could pass on our request to whomever may keep track of Mongolian members.

You can reach us at:

Wes Mogenhan


Karen Mogenhan


Wes Mogenhan Send Email
A Missing Sister 29 Jun 2002
I had the wonderful privledge of serving with many Sisters from Mongolia while doing the Lords work in Idaho. One of my favorite companions was a Sister Narangaral Altangurgal (I am positive the spelling is wrong!) The mission called her Sister Nara. Since she returned to Mongolia, the Erdenet area, NO ONE has heard from her! Quite A suprise since she loved everyone and promised to keep in touch. If ANYONE knows her or where she is, please let me know! If anyone has contact with her, tell her I love her and to write me soon!! Thanks!
Natalie Drahos Send Email
Hi, my freinds! 10 Apr 2002
Hi all. Dear 2 of my freinds are serving in U.S.A for mission. I hope you're doing well there. Sister Boloroo in Montana Billings, and sister Pagma, i love u 2. And i miss u much. I'm dropping tears cause i think about u. You will be good sister and are feeling Holy Ghost. I love u2. Uuree.
Uuriintuya Send Email
NEED HELP with sharing time 21 Mar 2002
Hi, I'm a primary teacher in Wellsville, Utah USA. I have sharing time in July, it is on "Children all over the world are blessed by Temples." I would like to share with my primary the feelings of children around the world. Could you please help me get a child from Mongolia to answer two questions, "How does the Temple bless me and How do I feel about the Temple?" The child does not need to live near a temple. I would also like to have a picture of the child or a drawing from the child, but it is not necessary. Please contact me at my e-mail address Thankyou, Julie Leishman
Julie Leishman Send Email
found friend 10 Feb 2002
To all who have read my message, tonite I was in contact with my friend Monica. Thanks, the search is over.
Mark Fowler Send Email
e-mail address 07 Feb 2002
By the way, my e-mail address is: You can respond on this message board or write me directly at the above address. Thanks!
Kirk Dearden Send Email
Traveling to Mongolia 06 Feb 2002
Hello all--

My parents just got called to serve in Mongolia (humanitarian service). My son (11) and I would like to visit them while they are there. Two questions for all of you who know more about Mongolia than I do:

1. When is the best time to travel? I'm assuming it is some time in June, July or August

2. What is the cheapest way to get there (aside from slow boat!)? We'll be flying from Washington DC. I see that Korean Air has flights there. Who else flies into Mongolia? I may be on business in Bangkok. Are there flights from Bangkok? Hong Kong? Seoul? Where else? What can I reasonably expect to pay...either from a city in Southeast Asia or from the States?

Any other advice would be appreciated.


Kirk Dearden Send Email
my friend is serving 05 Feb 2002
Hi all, I just wanted to say that this sight is great. One of my close guy friends left for his Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Misson in October and just got in Mongolia about a month ago. He writes and says he is loving it, and that the spirit is so strong when he is teaching! Thanks for all the info on the sight... it really helped!
Camrynn Send Email
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