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"I'm not Russian" 10 Oct 2005
Some of us wish these shirts were around when we were there:
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Mongolian RM on Letterman 06 Oct 2005
Hey, ya'll don't know if this'll get to anyone in time, but a Mongolian RM named Shawn Roseman (?) studying Phys Ed at BYU was on David Letterman tonight doing the throat-singing (huumi?). It was cool!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Need Recipe 11 Sep 2005
Does anyone have a recipe for muntuu? I'm having a real hunger for it. Bataar's wife, Enkhsaikhan, used to always make it for us---even making extra to take back to the apt with us.
Nancy M. Hopkins Send Email
Jon Thompson's eyes only 03 Sep 2005
Hey, Jon, I tried responding to your e-mail, but yahoo kicked it back saying it wasn't valid, so I have to put your response here. Basically, just register as a new alumni member, using the alumni link on the side, then click on the "Add Profile" link on the top left. Please let me know if you have any further problems. Paka!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Doctors in Mongolia 25 Aug 2005
Hey all. Long time no see! I'm trying to get in touch with some doctors that have been in Mongolia or that currently are in Mongolia. Anybody have some contact info? I was in Mongolia with Dr. Skaeblund and Dr. Dolan. So I know them, but no contact info.

Also, any way to contact the mission office?

My email is jeremyvoros(at)

Jeremy Voros Send Email
guest lecturer on Chingis Khan 21 Jul 2005
For those of you interested in the Provo area, there is a guest lecturer, an archaeologist, scheduled to present his message, "In Search of Genghis Khan's Tomb," Tuesday, July 26th at 3pm in room 270 in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower. He was in Mongolia in 2002. It sounds interesting. I'd participate myself if I could.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Naadam 09 Jul 2005
we are going to have naadam tomorrow. Sorry for telling you so late. it is going to be same place that used to be. 900 West, 700 North.
at 10 am. You will see the signs aroun that area.
ok, see ya there.
Batzaya Khayankhuu Send Email
Washington DC 26 Jun 2005
I'm looking for missionaries who served in Mongolia or other members fluent in Mongolian that live in the D.C. area. Please let me know who is in the area. You can email me at

Thank you.
Joseph R Brubaker Send Email
I need someone who can speak in Mongolia in FL 12 May 2005
Do you know anybody in Orlando Florida who can speak in Mongolian? I needed really badly. if some RM from Mongolia would be great.
please, let me know. thanks
Batzaya Khayankhuu Send Email
Elder Benson's painting 04 May 2005
I'd like Elder Benson to know how many positive remarks we get regarding the photo of his painting of God creating the worlds that he gave us for Christmas of 1997. John is the partriarch in our stake and we have the picture in our living room where everyone sees it. If you ever have prints made, I'd appreciate your letting us know so that we can purchase one. It's one of our favorites.
Nancy M. Hopkins Send Email
Attention all Cox-era missionaries!! - Cox Reunion 09 Apr 2005
We have scheduled the Cox reunion for 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 12th at the Lehi 25th Ward Church (700 S. 1700 W. in Lehi). To get there, get off the freeway at the Lehi Main Street Exit (Exit 282) and turn West (left if coming northbound, right if southbound). Go through downtown Lehi, go straight through a small roundabout, past some white vinyl fencing on your left, and turn left at 1700 W. Go straight until you hit 700 S. You will see the church building on your left. The only requirement for entry is that you bring something to eat or drink. I need some volunteers to bring some Mongolian main dishes. If you are willing to do that, please e-mail me at Mongolians and Non Cox-era missionaries are also welcome to come as well. The Coxes are excited to see everyone. Please let all of those you are in contact with know about the reunion as not everyone is hooked up to the website.
Ben Torgerson Send Email
Mongolia Society 04 Apr 2005
I was privilaged to attend the annual meeting for the Mongolia Society and the American Center for Mongolian Studies in Chicago this past weekend. Unlike most in attendance, I am not much of a scholar or historian. Nonetheless, the meetings were quite informative. The Mongolian and American ambassadors were both in attendance, and I took some notes from their speeches that I thought you all might find interesting.

Ambassador Bold, Mongolian Ambassador to the U.S.-
1. Over 10,000 American visitors came to Mongolia in 2004
2. The election for the next Mongolian president takes place next month. The final candidates include Enkhsaikhan of the Democratic Party, Jargalsaikhan of the Republican Party, Enkhbayar of the MPRP (Communist/Revolutionary) Party, and Erdenebat of ? Party.
3. Next year, 2006, will mark the 800-year anniversary since the establishment of the Mongolian State by Chingis Khan.
4. Over 10,000 Mongolians reside in America, in the following cities, ranked by largest to smallest by Mongolian population: Denver, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, and L.A.
5. Ambassador Bold visited BYU Hawaii in January 2005, noting the largest number of Mongolian students there of any U.S. institution (approximately 50).
6. Currenly working with the Mongolian government to establish Buddhist monastaries in
the US near metro areas where many Mongolians reside.
7. Mongolia doesn't currently allow dual citizenship. Now trying to get that law changed.
8. Nearly 1,800 Mongolian students enrolled in US colleges/universities
9. Trying to make English the official second language of Mongolia

Ambassador Pamela Slutz, US Ambassador to Mongolia -
1. The #1 priority of the Mongolian people, as identified by them, is poverty reduction. #2 priority is corruption reduction.
2. Ambassador says entrepreneurship, investment, and trade spur economy and reduce poverty, not foreign aid and assistance
3. Mongolian government currently putting heavy pressure on current Christian churches in Mongolia, requiring them all to re-register with the government. She suggests one reason for this is the current head of the MPRP and presidential candidate, Enkhbayar, is a devout and faithful buddhist. The Ambassador also suggested the following websites:

Appendix: USG Websites and Reports of Relevance to Mongolia

U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar: or

U.S. Department of State:

2004 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

2004 Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking
in Persons Report

2004 International Religious Freedom Report

2005 Investment Climate Statement - Mongolia

2005 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

2005 Mongolia Commercial Guide (forthcoming)

Millennium Challenge Corporation/Mongolia and

Garrett Wilson Send Email
Attention all Cox-era missionaries: Cox reunion 01 Apr 2005
President and Sister Cox will be visiting Utah on a break from their temple assignment in Alaska. They will be here between the 13th and 15th of April. Unfortunately, that will be too late for a missionary reunion at the normal pre-conference time. Instead, we are trying to put something together in Lehi between the 13th and the 15th. As soon as we have a time and a place, we will post the news on the mission website. All Cox-era missionaries that are able to are strongly urged to attend. Non-Cox-era missionaries will also be welcome to attend.
Ben Torgerson Send Email
new link 02 Mar 2005
Sain baitsgaana uu, ta nar? Hey just to help you keep in touch with everything Mongolian, someone sent me a suggested link that is the most comprehensive link I've seen so far. It has streaming TV and radio broadcasts in addition to regular news and other web sites. Hope this doesn't make everybody miss Mongolia too much! So check it out on the "Links" page! Za, paka!
Carl Sticht Send Email
Jon Thompson 01 Mar 2005
Does anyone have contact information for Jon Thompson? He served in mongolia from approximatly 95 to 97

Please e-mail me at if you do. Thanks

Steven B. Dalley Send Email
East Coast Tsagaan Sar Celebration 10 Feb 2005
Just tried to post this once, didn't seem to work. Forgive me if this somehow posts twice...

Since many of us really would gladly give our left arm to go back to Mongolia...but for whatever reason can't do it right now, it is always a bit of a bummer to be out here in NY and hear about all of the Mongolia-related/next-best-to-being-back-in-our-khairt-Mongol things that happen out there in Utah.

We here on the east coast (or at least Kayte Williams and I) have decided to take matters into our own hands...that's right...we're having our own Tsagaan Sar celebration. We've notified those of you in the Tri-State area for whom we have contact info...and are roping in some of our other friends to help them understand just what they have missed out on by not, as yet, having experienced Mongolia...but in case there are others of you out here, we thought we'd let you know about our little soiree/excuse to get our buuz fix for the indefinite future...and would love to have you join us...

Sunday, 6pm (technically not Tsagaan Sar anymore, but that is the best we could do...)
Chez Annie C (that would be my apartment)
237 East 20th Street, Apt. 9G
New York, NY 10003

Questions, subway directions, etc., feel free to call me - 617.230.3136 - or e-mail,

Hope this message finds all of you well, healthy, happy, and enjoying the new year!!

Ann Christensen
Ann Christensen Send Email
Hello everyone!
we are going to have a Tsagaan sar or Mongolian New Year Celebration on 11 February, 2005. it is going to be at 6 PM. I hope everybody will come on time. Bring some buuz, salad and drinks.
Don't forget to wear your Mongolian dresses and some bone games.
this is the address to the Party.

The correct address to the church is 1176 North 730 East, Pleasant Grove. If you need any directions, you're welcome to call me (Val) at 801.472.9690.

Take exit #278 (Pleasant Grove) the off-ramp will turn east and then straighten out north. (it's a long ramp). You'll come to a light where there will be a Macey's Food Store on you left. Go straight through the light. You'll pass over railroad tracks and then come to a 4-way stop. Continue east through the stop. You'll be at another street light, turn left (north). Follow that road past the cemetery which will be on your left and a school which will be on your right. You'll come to another street light. Turn left (east), the road will be 1100 North. Follow that up, over a canal and the church will be on your left. It's a big, grey stake center.
I think that should get ya'll there.
if you have any questions call me.
Zaya or Batzaya 801-836-5792
Batzaya Khayankhuu Send Email
Tsagaan Sar 04 Feb 2005
I am going to be in Utah February 11-14. If anyone knows of any Tsagaan Sar celebrations that will be happening in the area that weekend, please let me know!

You can email me at
Elin King Send Email
Translation job 18 Jan 2005
Thanks for all the people who have contacted me regarding the financial report translating job. There were lots and lots of people who have contacted me and I kept giving the same info, so I might as well give it here. The company is which is located in Midvale, Utah. My brother in law translates for them and I did a small project for them too, but a financial report is too much for me and my busy schedule. But if you would like to be considered for future jobs with them, feel free to send them your resume's. I wish you all good luck and I'm glad to have heard from so many of you.

John AKA Elder Leningrad.
John Chansathit Luangrath Send Email
Translating job for financial report 15 Jan 2005
Hello, I was approached to do some translating for Asian Translation Service and they also needed someone to do translating for a fiscal financial report for a company. I think they pay between 9-12 cents a word, and sometimes, these reports can go up to a couple thousand words. I anyone has financial experience and can speak Mongolian and English really well, please contact John Luangrath at I would do it but I've been back from Mongolia for almost 6 years now and my language is not as good as it used to be. So, here's a great opportunity for some of you recently returned missionaries or for you mongolians who are studying here in the states.
John Chansathit Luangrath Send Email
looking for Christina Davis 21 Nov 2004
This is a message for Elder James Davis. I don't know if you remember me, but I wanted to get a hold of your sister, Christina. I just got back from a weekend trip to Boston and found out that she belongs to the ward I attended. But daanch she was out of town. Anyway, if you get this message, please write me back at Thanks!

To everyone else sain baina uu! From Burk egch!
Melissa Pearl Burk Send Email
Mailing packages for Christmas! 16 Nov 2004
My son Elder Zach Glynn leaves for Mongolia on the 9th of December and I am trying to send off his Christmas box..what a hassle! It can only weigh 22 pounds and at that sending it air mail cost about $ is everyone else mailing Christmas? I need to know quickly! And about how long does it really take to get to them? I also mail packages to my son serving in the Yekaterinburg, Russia mission..and I have to send his air mail or it takes forever to get to him, as it is air mail takes 8 to 10 it the same to Mongolia? Or can we go econo? Please anybody...everybody HELP!! Jeri in Boise!
Jeri Glynn Send Email
For your listening pleasure 10 Nov 2004
I thought I would just throw up a link for some online news articles about Mongolia, one of them dealing with the missionary work going on over there by our missionaries and others. (Some people are mentioned by name, including Elder Hansen and Elder Rogers from the first and second wave of young missionaries.) There are a few articles in all along with some pictures. It is at: Sain sonsooroi!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Seeking Mongolian RM 05 Oct 2004
Sain baina yy, bugdeeree!

Asking vicariously on behalf of Tyler Hillstead, do any of you know the current mission president's email address?

Quote: "I have a friend of mine going over to Mongolia in a couple weeks and I'm looking for a male Mongolian RM that could truck around with him for a week or so to help with logistics & translation stuff. I wanted to get in touch with the Mission Prez & see if he had any candidate recommendations."
Eric Sampson Send Email
Mission Reunion Thanks 02 Oct 2004
On behalf of all of the Cox-generation missionaries that attended the Gibbons' missionary reunion, I just want to thank all those involved in the planning and organizing of it all -- President and Sister Gibbons, Sister Infanger and anyone else who was involved. It was fun to be able to renew old friendships and make many new ones. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks again!
Ben Torgerson Send Email
Hello from afar 01 Oct 2004
Well, since I'm living in France and won't be able to make it to the reunion this weekend, I just wanted to say hi to the people I served with from 1999-2000. I also wanted to say that I had a baby girl on July 29 and you can go to my Alumni profile to see a picture. Please keep in touch.
Bernadine Otis (Segui de Carreras) Send Email
Correct address to the reunion. 30 Sep 2004
Hello. This is Elder Luangrath, served from 1997-1999, and I am really anxious to go and hear what's new in Mongolia at the reunion this weekend. But I think the address is wrong. Can anyone tell me the correct address? I think it should be 730 E and not 930 E. AT least that's what the church website says. I'm not from Utah so I would be totally lost unless I mapquest it. Thanks all.


If you know me and would like to meet up while I'm in Utah, please call me at the # above. Bayarlaa!
John Chansathit Luangrath Send Email
St. George request 13 Aug 2004
**Please feel free to respond to a request I received recently**

I currently live in St george, utah. I never served a mission in
However, I am LDS.

The reason for this email is to ask if you have any information about a
return missionary that may live in the St George area that served in
Mongolia. I have a college presentation on the economy of Mongolia
up on the 28th of August and would love to have talk as a guest speaker
during our presentation.

Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks,
Darrick Trump

**Carl Sticht**
**Website Administrator**
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Mongolian movies 12 Aug 2004
I'm trying to locate the person that was selling the movies in Mongolian. Can that person please contact me? Bayarlalaa!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Hello 28 Jul 2004
It is great to be in touch with all the friends I met in Mongolia. Eegii Balchindorj, I am so proud of you in obtaining your schooling. Keep writing to me. I love hearing from you all. The foundation I have set up is raising funds for the orphanage in Darkhan and their vocational school. We can each continue to help even in very small ways. I hope I can get to one of the get togethers sometime to see you all. Janice Matlock
Janice Matlock Send Email
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