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comp search 07 Jul 2004
I'm getting hitched the 21st of August! That said, a combination of time and a dropped palm pilot have gotten rid of most of my addresses...I'm looking for info on people that I've served with, but in particular my companions...if anyone has info on the whereabouts of Callirgos, Maripil, de la Vega, Lassen, Kunde, Judd, Andrew, Forston (back), and others please email me--here or at davemalouf@homail.com
John David Malouf Send Email
I'm alive 03 Jul 2004
I would love to recive a few lines from the good missionaries I met in N.Y.
Have any one the e-mail adress of Elder Dos Santos? please let me know
Juan Javier Sandes Send Email
hey yall 30 Jun 2004
hey everyone well since i've been here i learned to line dance(coates tbrought me line dancing when i visited st. george with the walkers) iot was so much fun i love it .i am going to school ,working and having fun with my riends keeping busy..anyway i gotta run...drop me a line sometime you know who you are...
love sam
samantha letts Send Email
Happy new year!! 03 Jan 2004
Hey peeps, I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!! May the Lord bless all of you during this new year!! Thanks for all the love and support you have always given me, on the mish and off, (You know who you are).
God bless!!
Catherina Held
P.s drop me a note I would love to hear from yah!!
Catherina Marie Gailey Send Email
HEY FAM!!!!! 12 Dec 2003
Hey Peeps! What's up ?I totally miss NYC and
all "you guys". Hope to see yah'all again soon.
Catherina Held
Catherina Marie Gailey Send Email
Hello friends. 24 Nov 2003
I am down in ol' Cedar City going to SUU and trying to convince a beautiful young lady to marry me (hasn't worked yet, but I'm not going to "drop" her). Hope everyone has a happy Turkey day and the other major holidays that continue.

Gospel is still true.


Ha ha! and 8 months later...
We're engaged! And life is better than ever. See! Even I can get married! AND she's beautiful! The gospel IS true.
August 13, 2004 in the St. George temple.
Fell free to email me your address for formal announcements @ thecatboy@juno.com.

I love all y'all!
Peter B Clark Send Email
Hey New York South... Luv Yah!! just wanted to say wuz up to Halla Back Batty!! :) and all my Sistas!!! Its crazy being back at home but hey... its all good... I love the gospel.... keep it up New York South!!! your the Bomb!!!!!! luv yah....
Claudia S Martinez Send Email
Milca Delgado 10 Oct 2003
Looking for Milca Delgado (Last name may have changed). Lived in Astoria & (I believe) in the Richmond Hill/Jamaica area. Contact Merritt Mavy @ mmavy@msm1.com. Thanks.
Tyrel Merritt Mavy Send Email
I LUV NY! 01 Oct 2003
what is up my brothers and sisters? I just wanted to let everyone know that elder shakespeare told me he's engaged but wanted to wait until the reunion to tell everyone!
daniel kirk powell Send Email
blah 30 Sep 2003
Hey everyone. I keep getting this lump in my throat every time I think of New York. I miss it. I just figured that maybe this would help.
Hope everybody is doing well. Let me know what is going on in your post-mission lives.
Matthew Lane Yack Send Email
HOLLA 26 Sep 2003

I just found this web site, so I thought I give you all a shout out from Las Vegas. 10 months and counting. Everythings going good. I'm still single and lovin it. Anyway. If any of you know how to contact elder Mathson Let me know. Peace.

L. Trevor K. Rose
Leslie Trevor Rose Send Email
Yollanda and Judy Cruze 24 Sep 2003
I am looking for any info on Judy Cruz and yollanda Cruz thanks
Brandon Craig Cameron Send Email
New Yark Missionary 10 Aug 2003
Que pasa! En su casa! Con su masa! This rhyming scheme is stupid!

Hey Jonathan Snow what's up? I saw your message. You too Espinoza. I'm just hangin' out in The Gem State. I say New Yark now and the closest thing we got to a ghetto is the trailer park in Menan. Yes, I am home. I'll be at BYU Utah this fall if any one thinks I might be a cool guy and stuff and wants to say hi.

Todd Gunderson
Todd Galen Gunderson Send Email
I'm getting married! 25 Jun 2003
Hey ya'll. Just wanted to let you know that Marcos (Elder Guerreiro) and I are getting married July 19th. You're all invited. The reception is at 6:30 pm at 2005 S. 900 E. Salt Lake City. Hope to see you there.
Ruth Noelani Guerreiro Send Email
I am getting married..... 23 Jun 2003
I am getting married on Aug 15th to the most wonderful man in the Oakland Temple. His name is Joshua Bradshaw. He is way cool and also speaks Spanish which is a plus. All of you are invited if you happen to be arround San Jose.......
Camelia Poshtyar Send Email
I'm gettin' hitched 19 Jan 2003
I am recently engaged. It happened on New Year's Eve. Her name is Lessli Chavarria. For those of you from ssouth of the border. She is from Tecate. Went to school at Benimerito los Americas. She moved to Payson (that's my town, just south of Provo) to spend a few months with her family and take break from college. She got a job at my store and at the beginning of December we started dating. I'll tell you what there was no way I was letting her return to Mexico, so I asked her to marry me. It will be the 25th of April in the Salt Lake Temple. The Reception which you are all invited to will be held at the Payson Stake Center on 8th South off the second Payson Exit of I-15 from the north. Boy life is good. I'm looking forward to a reunion coming up soon.
Robert Evan Ringger Send Email
Hola 04 Oct 2002
Hello everyone! long time not see! i wasn't dead, i recently find this wedsite.

pa to mi panas que se quieran comunicar con migo (ivan_guarionex_gomez@hotmail.com).
Ivan Guarionex Gomez Send Email
REUNION 09 Sep 2002
I'm bringing my fiance to Utah during Conference weekend, so you'll should plan something (like a REUNION) for that weekend. Who is supposed to plan for these anyways.
Let's get something planned for then.

Keep me posted,

Elder Costa
Walmir B. Costa Send Email
Miracles in New York 09 Aug 2002
I just heard the incredible news yesterday...a Temple of the Lord to be built in Manhattan. shouted for joy, then I cried. I remember members praying and wondering when a great temple would bless their city. It's something all NYNYS missionaries and members can understand, a feeling that the Lord is hastening his work there. Although I've been home nearly a year and a half, a day does not go by when I don't think of the mission. As I read the news of the plans for the temple to be built on the 5th and 6th floors of the building across from the Lincoln Center, a warm feeling comes over me as I remember the special missionary conference of November 2000, held in that very building on the 5th Floor. As 400 of us NY south & NY north missionaries listened, President Faust and Elder Iring told us "many great things...Miracles" were going to happen in New York City. I never would have guessed, that such a great tradgedy would Happen and humble the hearts of the people. I also could have never imagined that the very place where we all sat would soon become a Temple of the Lord.
Sarah (Ferguson) Walker
Sarah Dae Walker Send Email
Hey Guess what 06 Aug 2002
Hey everyone guess what ol' Hatfield's getting married! Aug. 16th at the Manti temple. My reception is at 7:00 to 9:00 at the Payson West Stake Center. 780 w.500 s. Everyone's invited!
Steven A Hatfield Send Email
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