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Take Mangos and Jocotes. Peal. Add Pinaple pulp and boil with sugar water until it is one sticky mess. Serve. (This is a favorite Easter Dish, and quite good.)

Bean Soup

1. boil beans with garlic pepper, and onions. 2 Remove beans and crush. 3.Replace beans and simmer 4. Add eggs (just crack and egg and drop in boiling water).


Boleos are like bread sticks that have been baked to a hard crust and very light. Commonly served with cheese or Pinolillo.


sent in by Doinisio Rogriguez
Buñuelos son masa (de yucca) revuletos con huevos, cuajada y luego se hacen bolas no muy grandes y se frien. Despues se sirven con miel, La miel se hace con azucar, agua, canela y clavo de color.
.. in english Buñuelos 1. take dough made of ground up yuca root. eggs, and quajada (kind of a cheese base product) 2. deep fry in until a golden brown 3. serve with syrup.

Cajeta de Leche

Take milk and boil. As milk is comming to a rolling boil, slowly add sugar. Let cool. If all is well the Cajeta should be brown and sticky. If you've done real well it sould be semi-solid, although it is still good in pudding form.

Cajeta de Coco

Take boiling corn syrup with a little water and add shredded coconut and sugar. Add coco powder or rasberry extract to color. Let cool. NOTE: Emilio Arteaga informs me that this is good with added cachews. Never Tried it, sounds good!

Carne Asada

Take one char-broiled steak, serve with Nicaraguan style salad, vinagre, chilis and sliced tomatoes


(Submitted by Emilio Arteaga) Cook Barley with pieces of pinaple, cinamon, and clavos de olor.Blend and sieve about 3/4th of the mixture. Recombine Add rasberry extract, sugar and water.


Nicaraguan cheese is usually white and very salty. I haven't found a cheese quite like it here.


Take ground up pinaapple cores, or ground up corn cobs your choice ( grind to about the size of rock salt or a little smaller). Soak a third of your mixture in in rasberry extract and another third in vanilla extract (the real stuff, not immitation). Mix it all together and serve with water and sugar.


Take pealed bananas, stick a popsicle stick in one end. Freeze. Dip in warm dipping chocolate, sometimes with chopped peanuts. Refreeze, as soon as the chocolate is semi-hard.

Cosa de Orno

In Nicaragua you will commenly hear people with baskets over there head shouting "va la cosa de orno". or "Here comes the oven thing". The person could be refering to one of several things but probably is refering to either 1. cornbread (made with corn not corn meal, extremely sweet) or 2. hard baked cookies that are rich in baking powder and corn.

Gallo Pinto, every missionaries favorite

1. boiled pinto beans (the reddest you can find) 2. squash a few up 3. add to rice fried in oil 4. mix the two together and let them keep frying until everything is tender. Serve with advacato slices, salty cheese, tejada frita, or nothing at all. If you live down there you *will* learn to love this. (about 3 times a day, every day. But made with all the love in the world, by the most awsome people in the world.)

Indio Viejo

- Hervir la carne (cesina es el nombre) con cebolla, chiltoma, sal y ajo Nota: No vaya a tirar el agua con que hirvio la carne - Usar tortillas de maiz (o si quiere puede usar la masa). Ponga a remojar las tortillas con agua y dejarlas por un buen rato y luego licuarla bien para que le salga como masa. - Despues que se cosio la carne va a terner que cortarla en pedazos peque~nos y freirla con tomate, cebolla, achote molido - Luego le echa las tortillas (o la masa) y luego le echa el caldo (el liquedo que quedo cuando hirvio la carne) - Tiene que estarlo meniandolo bien haste que le que un poquito esposo o al gusto que desea pero antes que lo vaya a quitar del fuego pongale hierva buena para darle el ultimo toque final. submitted by: Arana@CSMC.EDU

Eucalpytous Juice

Self explanatory, whew this will clear up the nose!!!!


Milk is often served with ground up bananas and vanilla.

Misc. Drinks

Drinks are also made up of carrot juice and sugar or beet juice and sugar. Both taste like cool-aid.


Cut beef tripe into pieces about as big as half a dollar bill. Add basil leaves, oregano whatever. Boil in soup form.


To truely make this dish you have to boil the nacatamale in platano leaves, but since they're hard to come by most Nicaraguan emigrants to the US just use tin foil. Start with raw pork meat (people who don't eat pork will substutite turkey or just plain leave out the meat). Place the meat on a ball of masa, which is a doughy substance made of corn meal. Then place just a little bit of mixture of rice, cubed potatoes, and sliced tomatoes. Then wrap in platano leaves and boil. Be sure to tie shut with a string so the water won't tear apart the nacatamales.

Ox-Tail soup

Make a soup out of Ox-tails, basil, oregano, and whatever else is nearby.


To make picos you take ordinary bread dough, roll thin, and cut into large triangles (about 6" long on each side) then you place about a half teaspoon of cane sugar and sprinkle quajada ( a powdery cheese) on top, then fold the corners in to make a smaller triangle (about 3" long on each side) and bake.


Grind up, baked corn kernals. Add cocoa powder and sugar, suficient to give a sweet taste and brown color. Each glass should have about 2" of this mixture. It is extremly sweet and gritty.

Fresco de pitahaya

Peal one pitahaya. chop in blender. add lemon, sugar, and water to taste.

Pollo Tapado

Serve cut up chicken fried with cubed potatoes and cubed squash (green squash as in gords) and water. Served on a bed of boiled rice.

Ropa Viejo

Boil Chuck Roast or Pot Roast until tender (about 1 - 2hrs pending size) Let cool then tear pices apart Fry with alot onion, tomato, and a bit of green pepper add the juice of one lime, salt, pepper Serve with boiled rice and Nicaraguan salad. Sent by esi seng,


Nicaraguan salad is typically made out of cabbage, vinagre, and chilies. It is sometimes made with diced tomato though usually not. Lettuce is not common.


Take cooked sliced beef (as in a pot roast) and grind it up really fine. Then drench the meat in lemon juice and salt. Then serve with tejada frita and rice.

Sopa de Albondigas

6 Tazas de caldo de res
1/2 libra de lomo de cerdo molido
1 taza de masa para tortillas
1 cucharada de cebolla molida
adobo para colorear
sal y pimienta
1 taza de caldo de pollo
1pechuga de pollo molida
1 cucharada de chiltoma picada
1 huevo
Se pone el caldo de res al fuego, cuando hierve se le echan 2 cucharadas de=
previamente desbaratadas en el caldo de pollo, para que espese. Se revuelve
el cerdo, pollo, el resto de la masa, cebolla, chiltoma, sal, pimienta,
adobo, huevo y hierbabuena picada, se amasa y se hacen las alb=F3ndigas, se
van echando en la olla una a una, cuando hierva de nuevo, se le pone una
rama de hierbuena.

Tajada Frita

1. slice up pealed platanos, thicnkess should be constant for the whole batch but vaires, some like thin others like up to 3/8ths" thick. 2. fry in grease add salt throughout frying.

Tamarindo Juice

Every once in a while the supermarkets in the USA will carry a fruit called a tamarindo. They look kind of like a huge string bean, but are brown on the outside and orange on the inside. If you can find some you can make a juice by shelling the tamarindas and squeezing the pulp into a pitcher. (Actually mooshing would be a better verb.) Then you add suger and water to taste, Delicious.

Fried Cow Tounge

self explanatory. Usually served in a barbique type sause


Similar to a fruit coctail drink but instead of the typical U.S. ingredients use: Cubed Papaya, Cantelope, Watermelon, and pinapple. Add a little of mango pulp if you desire.


Take Boiled Yuca Root. cut up into pieces about 6" long add salad made of sliced cabbage, vinagre and lemon juice. Add chilies. sprinkle with fresly made pork rinds (chicharon)
or as submitted by gloria: ( Se pone a hervir la yuca en agua con sal, se prepara una ensalada con repollo,tomate, cebolla, chile y se le agrega vinagre y sal al gusto. Al momento de servirlo se pone la yuca en pedazos por arriba el chicharron y por ultimo se le agrega la ensalada.
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