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Elder Barry Rodger Morris

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R. Kirk Wilson (1998 - 2001)
Served: 1998 - 2000
Areas Served:
Florence, Ky.
Mt. Washington, Oh.
Winchester, Ky.
Ft. Thomas, Ky
Florence, Ky (again)
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Your Occupation: Marketing Director
Spouse: Melanie
It is truly amazing how time goes by; I can hardly believe I've been home nearly 8 years now... that's 4 missions!!!

I am proud to announce that Melanie and I will be having our 5th child next month; her name will be Madelyn Zillie. We are naming her after my Great-Great Grandmother who joined the Church around the turn of the last century. Zillie was the backbone of the Church in this area for years before the Priesthood had any real presence here. Zillie held Sunday school classes in her home until the early 1920’s when they moved into a small wooden chapel that they shared with a Baptist congregation. In time, many of those Baptist where converted and that little chapel became know as the McCalla Branch. In 1963, with help from Salt Lake, they constructed a phase I chapel that was then designated as the Bessemer Ward. That building is now a phase IV Stake Center known as the Bessemer Stake. I am very grateful for my Family of heritage and the sacrifices that were made by those southern LDS pioneers.

I’m also very proud to be affiliated with another pioneering effort known as The Great Ohio Cincinnati Mission. It was a solemn privilege to be among the first Elders and Sisters called to that great mission in 1998. During the course of that mission it was also a distinct honor to have participated in the establishment of our Mission Flag, Hymn and Scripture. Last I heard, all of which, are still very much a part of the identity of the mission. My Patriarchal Blessing says that I will serve a mission at a “special time in a special place among a special people”… I feel with all my heart that that has happened. I don’t typically share things like that with anyone other than my closest family members but what greater family is there than my OCM Brothers and Sisters. May the Lord bless you all in this great work.
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