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I am engaged! 07 May 2005
Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I am finally engaged! I am getting married June 18th in the Jordan River Temple. If anyone wants to come to the reception that night email me and I will send you the information.
Andrew Smith
Tasha Hunt 26 Apr 2005
Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to let people know that I have found out about Tasha Hunt. Her cousin is in my ward here in California. She was in Vegas, as many of you might know. But now has enlisted in the Army three months ago. I will be getting her mailing address soon, from her cousin. So, let me know if you want it.
Kathryn R. Clinger
Yamuna (Yi-Yang Fan 22 Feb 2005
I am trying to find a convert that Elder Brunner and I taught while we were serving at Morehead State. It was the spring of 2001 his address is no good, his e-mail address I have no longer works; does anyone have any information on Yamuna.

Brock Belnap
Help with addresses 20 Feb 2005
Sister G. and I are trying to get Reunion letters all OCM Alums we served with. We have had mail returned for Ward Hunter, Scott Hunter, Daniel Robertson, and Nolan Crandell.
If you have their addresses, we would really appreciate your sending them to us. Our Love.
The Gillilands
Robert Lee Gilliland
Please Help 08 Feb 2005
I am trying to find Matthew Copelin of Tallahasee, Flordia. He served from 2000 to 2002. Please contact me with any information thanks.
Terrance James Henderson
Need to Find Tasha Hunt 09 Aug 2004
Hello everyone!!
I am trying to find Tasha Hunt. If anyone has kept in contact with her, please, please let me know. Thank You!!!

Katie Clinger
Kathryn R. Clinger
Elder Chad Bowers 29 Jul 2004
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any type of information for Elder Chad Bowers. If you could send it my way that would be great.
John M. Weber
Fox 02 Jun 2004
Does anyone know how to contact DJ Fox?
Andy Monson
Sis Tasha Hunt 14 Dec 2003
Hey, does anyone know where Sister Hunt is these days? Last I heard that she's in Vegas. Does anyone know, and if they know how I can contact her PLEASE let me know.
Kathryn R. Clinger
Elder Lloyd 26 Nov 2003
Who has a way to contact Elder Lloyd???
call 909-781-8270
Jonah Uriah Gregg
Lost Companions 21 Nov 2003
I need to know if anybody knows anything about where Elder Barry Morris or Elder Rindlesbaker.
Matthew Scott Baker
Elder Applegate 17 Nov 2003
Can anyone give me (Elder) Spencer Applegates phone #? I have a friend who is wanting to get in contact with him. Thanks!

Andy Monson
Lost Person 15 Nov 2003
I am trying to locate Elder Bobby Wynn my trainer if any one has any info. please let me know thanks. Your brother Mitchell Wolfley
Mitchell Duncan Wolfley
Elder Justin Terry 22 Oct 2003
Hello everyone. I am in the search for any information any one might have on Justin Terry, He was one of my comps and I would love to touch base with him. If you have a phone # or email please email that to me.

Nate Moore
Nate Moore
Elder Adam Mackay's Death 01 Jul 2003
Elder Mackay came to the Ohio Cincinnati Mission in October of l998 and was honorably released in August of l999. It is difficult to empathize with someone like Adam who knew he was going to die in his early or mid twentys from Cystic Fibrosis. Certainly it is a reminder that we are all mortal. Our son, Craig Wilson, knew Adam pretty well and said this about him
"I have a big smile on my face right now as I remember watching Adam fly up a climbing wall in Florence, Ky. proving to the world that nothing was going to keep him down."

He stayed with the Assistants his last night in the Mission field coughing so much they thought he might die. How grateful Sister Wilson and I are to know that he lived three more years, no doubt participating in some of mortalities required experiences for him, including a special sealing in the Manti Temple during the last week of his life.

I hope those of you who knew him and perhaps even some who just knew of him will consider a note or email to his widow Jennifer Mackay at 65 West 400 North, Richfield, Ut. 84701. For those who may want to make a donation in his name, the family suggested the humane society.

Thank you Elders and Sisters.
R. Kirk Wilson
E Buchanan 30 Oct 2002
I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Buchanan just before the mission split to the OCM. Looking back on it I understand quite a bit more about him now. Even though we did haave some rough times, I know he had a wonderful heart and a great sense of urgency for the work. Thank you for letting us know of his passing. He will be greatly missed.
Benjamin S Thompson








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