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Mission website 21 Mar 2015
The facebook page for the mission for President barney is:

Another puerto Rico mission website:
K.C. Norseth Send Email
Elder Ryan Temple 17 Dec 2013
I learned some sad news recently. Elder Ryan Temple (95-97) of Orem recently passed away from health issues. He served in Santa Isabel, Caparra, and Ponce.
Mike Evans Send Email
Mission Facebook page 15 Nov 2011
Hi everyone,
I forgot to give the URL for the Facebook page created for missionaries and friends who were in the PR San Juan Mission (Pres. Flores) 1984-85. Here it is! I hope you'll join us.!/groups/prsanjuanmission84/
Tani Downing Send Email
Mission Facebook Page 15 Nov 2011
I created a mission Facebook page for missionaries that served under Pres. Flores from 1984-85 and their friends. We have about 70 people right now. Come join and connect with your old friends and companions! We need to have a reunion too!Tani Pack Downing
Tani Downing Send Email
I am an idiot 12 Nov 2011
OK, this is something that has been bugging me for years. You know those idiots that used to exaggerate their pre-mission exploits way out of proportion to reality? You know, the dudes that totally had a full-ride scholarship to BYU to play football but they blew out their knee playing basketball in the state championship? Well, I sort of did that too. I was in my second area and we tracted into a lady that used to work in admissions at some eastern university in states. Man this is embarrassing, anyway, I was keenly aware of how much cooler than me this greenie Elder Carter was because not only did he go to Harvard, but he actually played football there too. So I asked this lady about admission standards regarding standardized tests and pretty much manipulated her into politely saying that I might have had a chance to get into Harvard. As stupid as that was I then proceeded to spread it around that I could have gotten into Harvard. This soon became a bit of a rumor that I got into Harvard and I did nothing to stop the rumor. I don't know how many people heard this fabrication, maybe nobody did or nobody remembers it now, but the fact is I am and was an idiot. Not only could I have never in a million years gotten into a school like that, but if by some miracle of corruption I was able to get in I would have flunked out in a week.

I was almost 20 years old when I did this, way too old to be that pathetic. I don't have too much to be ashamed about when it comes to my mission, but that is one thing that still makes me cringe when I think about it.
Jacob (Jake) David Smith Send Email
Alonso 25 Feb 2011
Hi, I'm looking for a member. He was living in Santurce in 1999. I think he may have moved to Mayaguez. His name is Alonso De Angel. Has a nickname of Arjun. If you know where to find him, I'd appreciate the help. Contact me via my profile:
Cody Schouten Send Email
Preparing for the mission 17 Aug 2010
I got my call to the San Juan Puerto Rico West mission and I report Oct 6. I received my letter from my mission president, but the letter didn't mention anything regarding the things I should bring, or what kind of clothing is acceptable for the sisters in this mission. I'm doing my shopping now, and I don't know what I can wear. So if anyone knows who was a sister missionary in this area, can email me back what they were allowed to have, that would be wonderful and help me alot. Im just curious about colors, sandals, and so forth. Also would I need adaptors for the wall plugs, a spanish bible, etc...

Jessie C.
Jessica Comoletti Send Email
Hermana Melissa Toley and Hermana Carzoli 11 Apr 2010
I'm looking to see if anybody from the era of President Briggs knows about Hermana Carzoli and Hemana Melissa Toley. I am from Puerto Rico and remember them, I would love to get in contact with them. Hermana Tolley was from Salt Lake City and Hemana Carzoli was from Texas, if anybody from that era has information about them , please contact me at
I was bauptized in 89 and they were assigned to my area right after that time in the barrio de Gyanabo, I would like to thank them , they are a big reason why I stayed active in the church. I last saw Melissa Toley at my wedding in 93 but lost contact with her. :)
Ana Mendez Larson Send Email
Info About Puerto Rico 26 Mar 2010
I just recently received my call to the Puerto Rico San Juan West Mission. I am currently going to BYU Provo and was wondering if there was anyone around that would be willing to share their experiences from the mission with me and help me to get to know more about Puerto Rico and the people there.
Jamie Visker Send Email
Love One Another (Second Verse) 21 Mar 2010
Does anyone have the second verse we used to sing to Love One Another while in the mission in Puerto Rico? If so, please email it to me at Thanks:-)
David Richard Clark Send Email
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