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Elder Jeremy W. Byrom

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Edward James Phipps 馮德書 (2000 - 2003) | Anthony Duane Perkins 潘望博 (2003 - 2006)
Served: 2001 - 2003
Areas Served:
1.Nei Hu, 2. Ji An, 3. Da Tong/ Xi Men Ding, 4. Xin Zhuang
Daniel Corn | Jacob Fluckiger | Ryan Christopher Mehner | Ryan Christopher Mehner | Daniel Monson | Matthew David Stewart | David A Thompson
Spouse: Charity
Limit of 1024 characters...hmm. If that's letters then it's not much, if it's words then that's a good amount of space. There is so much I could say...Too much...I'm sure everyone has the same feeling. Soo many blessings, experiences, challenges, memories, etc. I thought about posting my notes from my "home coming" talk, but if anyone is willing to read that much they ought to just give me a call.

I'll leave with the mention of five things that may bring some memories to some.
1. Bruce Lee
2. Kookaburra
3. Wakeboarding
4. Lake Powell
5. Crazy stories (especially one concerning an "old girl")

Thanx for your time, nice knowin' ya, and God be with you...
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