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M Guy Durrant

M Guy Durrant

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Malan Robert Jackson 翟新倫 (1971 - 1974) | Thomas P. Nielson 倪爾遜 (1974 - 1977)
: 1973 - 1974
1. Kaohsiung
2. ShihLin
3. T'ainan
4. Kaohsiung
5. Chang Hua
6. T'aipei East
Kerry Charles Bartlett | Grant Laimana | David Bryan Whitlark
: Educator/Technology Director
: Lucille Richardson
Companions (in order):
Dale Farmer (LTM)
James Fleetwood
Elder Newbold
Eric Hyer
Jay Fairbanks
Leland Cheney
Paul Nef
Fred Loeper
Rue Rasmussen
Grant Ross
David Whitlark
Dewayne Ard
Kerry Bartlett
Grant Laimana

Ralph Raisor was a roommate while I was a student at BYU.

I did graduate work in Chinese at both BYU and U of Az. Lucille and I (married 1977 in AZ Temple) have three daughters: Julia, neuro-critical care physician in Portland, Karin, living in Portland, and Laura, speech pathologist in Gilbert, AZ. Three grandsons. I taught biology and chemistry for 10 years in Manila (Flaming Gorge) Utah, and have been technology director for Daggett School District since 1979. Finished M.Ed. 2005 and ed admin certificate in 2006. Lucille teaches adult ed & driver ed; we jointly run distance education programs.

Still remember my T'aiwan experiences with great fondness; it was truly a demarcation in my life. 35 yrs as a ward clerk/exec sec.
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