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help finding someone 13 Apr 2003
I am trying to find a member family from the Taoyuan 3rd ward. The mom's name is Ru Geng Yu Ming, she has two kids, both members. Their names are Pei Yuan and Pei Xuan. I have tried to contact them at their previous phone number and the number has been disconnected. If anyone has any information on where they are, please let me know.
Carmen Jennifer Johnson
Captain sauce 06 Mar 2003
I am trying to find the recipe for captain sause. If any returned missionaries are familiar with this desirable shui jiao dipping sauce, please contact me.

Lance Lamb
Lance Dee Lamb
Returned Missionary Language Retention Study 06 Mar 2003
Please read on, and feel free to help Karri out in her studies.

Dear Returned Missionary,

Aloha! My name is Karri Lam, and I am a junior studying Linguistics at Brigham Young University – Hawaii Campus. I am working on a project investigating the factors which influence the loss and maintenance of mission languages. The results of our study will be reported April 30th at the Fourth International Symposium on Bilingualism in Tempe, Arizona. I am focusing on the maintenance of Chinese by returned missionaries, and would like to ask you to complete the following survey. This survey first requests background information about your learning of Chinese, and then asks you to respond to statements about it. The survey takes 5 to 15 minutes to complete.
Your participation in this research will be confidential as we will not publish or disseminate the names of respondents. Your participation will help to further our understanding of how mission languages can best be maintained. The results of the study will be made available to you if you indicate interest at the end of the survey. You can access the survey by clicking on the link below:


Thank you,

Karri Lam

P.S. If the link doesn't take you directly to the survey try copying and pasting the above URL into your browser's address window.
Taiwan Taipei Admin
Looking for Brian Zimmerman 16 Feb 2003
I am looking for Brian Zimmerman, who served in the Taipei mission from 1985-1987 and was the A.P. at the end of his mission. He was one of the first missionaries who came to teach my family the discussions, and I would like to know how he is doing. If anyone know how to contact him, please email me. Thanks. allisonmerrill@msn.com
Allison Merrill
Who know how to connect with Benioni Lokotui? 14 Feb 2003
He was Tonga missionary in Taipei mission near 1991.I have ever been his investigator.
I want to know about his life and how to connected with him.His family lived in Ca. U.S.A
at that time. Any who knows about him please give me e-mail.Thanks.
jianbang Lee
Chen Wei Yan 26 Jan 2003
Hi, I served in Yonghe from January to July of 1999. I baptized Chen Wei Yan (Kevin). I was wondering if anyone knew how he was doing or how to get in touch with him.
Zachary Derr
To Establish Contact 25 Jan 2003
Hello, my name is Doug Payne. I served in Taiwan Mission from 1964-67. Hard to believe I'm old now. My wife and I picked up our son in Aug. 2002 from his mission in Pusan Korea, and then we flew to Taiwan. What a change! The Temple was wonderful! The Chin Hua Chieh Chapel (which I had the pleasure of working on during its construction) was just starting to come down. What memories. I stumbled on this web site. Glad I did. I'd love conversing with any missionaries from that era. I served in Keelung, Chang Hua, Chung Lee, Hua Lien, and Taipei. Go to login to get my email address.
Douglas Payne
I need President James Phipps email 17 Jan 2003
Does anyone know President Phipps email address? If so, would you mind sending it to dtm4@email.byu.edu?

David Taylor Meyers
hey 21 Dec 2002
hey trent call,it's your buddy from i.p.d. remember? get in touch.
Robert Roark Jones
help find 18 Dec 2002
Would anyone know the location of charles nunn?He was my "son" thank you
Robert Roark Jones
Happy Thanksgiving!!! 26 Nov 2002
Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am so thankful for my plentiful blessings! I am especially thankful for this church, my wonderful family and that I was called to serve in Taiwan. Not a day goes by that I don't have a thought or memory from Taiwan pop into my head. I can't wait to go back one day! The church is true!

p. s. wenjie Ke, http://www.mandarintools.com/ is a great place to obtain resourses for learning chinese and missionary tools!
Brett C Wilson
Book help 24 Nov 2002
I need help from anyone planning a trip to Taiwan, or with connections in Taiwan, to make a book purchase for me. I served in Taipei in 1989-1991, but have lost all my mission contact info in the midst of several moves.

Anyway, there has recently been a new translation of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" into Chinese--and I just gotta have it. The problem: cannot seem to find it online, and have only sketchy info on the books.

If anyone can help, PLEASE let me know at jkrencher@yahoo.com
Jaren Rencher
Learning Chinese 23 Sep 2002
Hello, I am from Taiwan and am attending BYU Provo. I was wondering if there was anyone who could help me in obtaining some of the rescources that the missionaries used to learn chinese on their mission in Taiwan. I have some friends who are learning chinese and I would like to assist them the best I can. They will pay for the items I just wanted to know what is being used and the prices for the items. If someone could help me or email me a list and price, and who and where I send to money that would me much appreciated. Thanks again.
wenjie Ke
Looking for Ryan George 05 Jun 2002
If anyone knows the contact info for Ryan George, could you please let me know. He served in the mission from 1991 - 1993. Thanks!
Ethan MacLennan
Chinese Now Enabled 29 May 2002
An initial translation into Chinese has been completed by Josh Lee (Thanks Josh!). Make sure and spread the word to any native speaker friends / members / missionaries, that may be interested in getting involved with the site. They can now do it in their own language!

To view the Chinese version of the site - click on the link at the bottom left hand side of the home page. (From here - click home at the left, then from the home page, click Chinese at the bottom left.)
Todd Michael Giles 賈文斌
Asia Trips 01 May 2002
Anyone been back to Taiwan recently?
Joshua James Lee 李強華
Looking for Randy Orcutt 26 Apr 2002
I'm looking for Stewart Randy Orcutt. He was in my LTM group (April 1975). If any of you have any leads on him, I'd appreciate you dropping me a line. I'm interested in catching up on old times with him.
Arthur Halliday Laurent
Baptism Interview Questions 29 Mar 2002
Hi whoever reads this! I am looking for the baptism interview questions in Chinese - characters or Pin Yin is ok. I am translating for an interview very soon and don't want to get any of the last 6 questions mixed up, if you know what I mean. Please help if you can. Email is nateguy76@hotmail.com.
Nathan Hale
PDF Alumni Registration Form 26 Mar 2002
Hello all! Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming.

In an effort to get more alumni registered with us on the site, I have created a printable "PDF format" Alumni Registration Form. If you know of any alumni that are not registered on the site, take the time to print out this form and get it to them (via mail, by hand, or by distributing it at a mission reunion for example...).

With more alumni registered on the site, we'll be better able to stay connected with past, present, and future missionaries, members, and friends of the Taiwan Taipei Mission.

Download the file here: Alumni_Registration.pdf
Todd Michael Giles 賈文斌
Andrew Lawton 25 Mar 2002
My name is Laird Sessions. I served 1992-1994 under President Stratford in Taichung. I am trying hard to locate one of my old companions (Christopher Lawton) and was having no luck. His twin brother Andrew Lawton served 92-94 in Taipei and I was hoping someone could give me info on how to reach them. Please email any info to LDS103@juno.com. Thank you
Laird Sessions
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