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Teaching in Taiwan 03 May 2009
Owl Preschool
Teaching in Taiwan
(One opening)
(July 6, 2009~ December19, 2009)

We are here to provide opportunities for our students (age 3~6) to achieve their maximum learning potential by nurturing their confidence in our classrooms.
There are some basic requirements that are necessary to apply for this position. Please do not apply if you cannot fulfill these requirements
1. Native English Speaker
2. Must be able to sign a six-month contract
3. Must be patient, flexible, enthusiastic, energetic and personable. You should also have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy working with children.
4. Caring, loyal, honest, diligent.

5. Should have a lot of initiative and be very creative with the children.

6. Care for the education of their students.

7. A positive, professional attitude and a genuine desire to teach children.

8. Teach 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday.
Chinese language ability is not essential as you work with a Chinese Teacher in all classes. However, it would help to learn some basic Chinese phrases to get around.
If you are confident that you can pass all the requirements, we welcome your application.

School offers:
1. NT $30,000 per month, no tax (base payment or scholarship, not including optional extra tutoring hours at evening groups ($300~$500NT per hour payment US $1=NT $31~34).
2. Traveling insurance.

3.$500 US dollars airfare and train station pick up.

4. Visa application fee (US$100)

5. Free housing、transportation and a bank account.

6. Supportive Staff and a friendly, collaborative work environment.

7. For students, there are great opportunities to receive internship credit. Check with your advisor or an internship advisor at your University.

The websites relative:
If you are interested in teaching at our preschool, please contact Yuling Lin at yulinglin215@hotmail.com
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New Language Study Book of Mormon 29 Apr 2009
To all Taiwan mission alumni,

Good news! The Scriptures Committee of the Church has approved the recommendation to lift the current restriction on the Missionary Language Study Edition of the Book of Mormon in Chinese (Item #06215265). This will now be available to general membership through Distribution Services retail channels.

Now don't rush out to buy one just yet! The Distribution retail stores were just notified of the decision today, so it will be at least a week before the books hit the shelves of the larger Wasatch Front stores and as many as 3 weeks before the more outlying stores may see them. You could probably check ldscatalog.com after Wednesday of next week for online orders.

This is an amazing book, with the text in 3 parallel columns of characters, pin yin Romanization, and English.

Best regards,

Steve Argyle
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Julie Cox 26 Apr 2009
I am looking for Julie Ann Cox. 1983-1984. She was from Moses Lake, WA and later moved to Utah...I think.
Heidi Brooks
Heidi Jane Shelline Send Email
Taiwanese Seeking Home Stay in Utah 13 Mar 2009
I have a friend from Taiwan who is coming to Utah in September for school with her 9 year-old son for a year and is looking for a place to stay.

She is very outgoing, nice, and friendly. She is not LDS so it will be a great Chuan Jiao opportunity. She is very willing to teach your kids Chinese and cook Chinese food for you and your family a couple of times a week in exchange for their food and a place to stay. She is very willing to help with any house work as well if you need some help. She is also willing to share a room with her son.

Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity or would like to know more information about her. My email address is jadelai4@yahoo.com
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Pacific peoples come from Taiwan? 29 Jan 2009
An interesting study/paper presented that suggests all Pacific peoples originally came from Taiwan.

Study report is here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090122141146.htm
Jaren Rencher Send Email
Chinese English Book of Mormon 15 Jan 2009
At the web site listed here you can download a PDF version. Not a printed Book but better than nothing.

Mark P. Terry (唐皓傑) Send Email
Chinese-English Book of Mormon 07 Jan 2009
Brother Baird, I have tried to purchase this book, without success (yet). If you find a way to get copies of this book, please let us all know. I wanted to get copies to give as Christmas presents to my wife, several returned Taiwan missionary friends, and to keep one for myself! I suspect there will be considerable demand for these.

Vic Walker
Vic Walker 葛志浩 Send Email
Missionary Language Study Edition of Book of Mormo 07 Jan 2009
I didn't know such an animal existed. I would be very interested in purchasing one as well. If there's another copy floating out there for purchase, please let me know.

Jaren Rencher Send Email
Missionary Language Study Edition of BOM 04 Jan 2009
I would like to buy a copy of the Missionary Language Study Edition of the Book of Mormon (3 columns, Engish, Chinese, Pinyin).

Please email me if you have one and are interested in selling it.

Thank you,

Daniel D. Baird 貝鈺榮 Send Email
New Year's Message 31 Dec 2008
Dear Fellow Missionaries,

Thirty years ago we were working to bring the gospel message to our beloved brothers and sisters in Taiwan. What ever you have done or not done since then...just remember that at that point in time we were doing the right thing. For me it was a glorious time! Elizabeth and I benefited from the experience and all of our children have fond memories of the land and people of Taiwan.

These are hard times as some members of my family struggle to find work, keep jobs, and make payments. Follow the guidance of the prophets--stay out of debt, live within your means, have a cushion of cash and food. Our family motto these days is: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do with out (and I also say fix it up).

There is joy in Christ's message. There is hope for all mankind.

With warm regards to all those who served.

Frederick W. Crook 郭志文 Send Email
Kevin Huang? 31 Dec 2008
Does anyone have contact info for Kevin Huang 1995-1997? Thanks.
Joshua Keliiheleua Send Email
Dane Christiensen 09 Dec 2008
Dane was living in his parents house in my ward in Queen Creek, Arizona while his parents were on a mission up until about a year ago. If I remember right, they moved to Texas.

His parents still live in my ward. I will ask them for Danes contact info on Sunday.
Paul Mann Send Email
Dane Christensen 13 Nov 2008
Hello. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Dane Christensen? I served with him in 1997 in Taipei 1st while under President Stamps. He was from Oklahoma, but at one point moved to Alaska. I can't find him now. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me get back in contact with him. Thanks
Daniel Eric Nichols Send Email
Chinese Hymns 16 Sep 2008
I found this resource for Chinese Hymns online:


I Am A Child of God is here:


Then you can convert to pin-yin using one of many tools... this one seems to work just fine:


Hope this helps ;)

Taiwan Taipei Admin Send Email
"I Am A Child Of God" 16 Sep 2008
Can anyone send me a copy of the romanization for I am a Child of God. I can't find my copy anywhere. I'd like to sing it to my primary children. Thank you, Tami
Tami Rose Harrison Send Email
Free room and board to USU Chinese student 13 Aug 2008
A year ago we thought we were moving to Taiwan or China. Turns out we were half right. We ARE moving (sold our home and business already) but to Logan, UT. Not as exotic, far closer to family. But we still are VERY serious about learning Chinese and absorbing Chinese culture as a family.

Living in Salt Lake, we were involved in various exchange student programs, hosting students from around the world. We'd like to keep that going in Logan, but on our own terms.

If are a native Chinese speaker, or if you know anyone who is, who is going to/planning on going to Utah State, please be in touch with us. Our family would love to invite you to live in our home and be a part of our family! We would like to work out some sort of arrangement where you can teach us Chinese and cook delicious Chinese food for us a few times a week, and in exchange, live rent and living cost FREE.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you or someone you know, we hope to hear from you! Thanks, and have a great day! (To learn more about your potential new roommates, visit QuentinCasperson.com to see our family blog.)
Steffanie Casperson Send Email
Richard Zhang - MTC Teacher 31 Jul 2008
Does anyone have contact info for Richard Zhang? He was an MTC teacher in the late 90's to the early 2000's. If I remember correctly he is from Shi Lin. Please let me know if you do. Thanks.

Jeff Couch
Jeffrey Martin Couch Send Email
contact 17 Jul 2008
i want to get in contact with an Elder who served with me. Elder Andrew Cannon. How can i get in contact with him if i dont have his e-mail? he is a registered user on this site.
Blake Jonothan Vierra Send Email
Teaching 16 Jul 2008
Hello all, I'm very interested in teaching english over in Taiwan next summer. I was wondering if anyone who's had a good experience or knowledge about the process could help me find a little bit of information. Such as a website, company, or person I should contact to try and set something up. It would be much appreciated.

Justin Allyn Meehleis Send Email
Elder Bigler 30 Jun 2008
Does anyone have any contact information for Elder Bigler who served in Taiwan in the late 70's? I met a convert of his in Toronto and would like to pass along the details. Any information is appreciated. Also, if you know his first name, that would help me locate him. Thanks
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