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Please leave all english text, and insert your translations in between the tags. If you would like to contribute a translation, and don't have access to edit this page - submit it here.
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Q - I am trying to modify my profile. I just added my information to the website, but now I cannot locate my information. Where did it go? A - When you add / edit any item on the website, it becomes "inactive" until the site administrator approves it. Being "inactive" basically means that your submission is hidden from public view. You may still access your profile while it is "inactive", although other users cannot. Log into the website (if you aren't already logged in) and then click the My Profile link at the top of the page to access your profile. Your submission will normally be approved, or rejected (with an explanation as to why) within 24 hours. Once a submission has been approved / rejected then an email will be sent notifying you of the status of your submission. If a submission is approved - it will be immediately visible on the website for all users to see. If a submission is rejected - it will still be viewable / editable by you, and you may resubmit new changes to the item. If the content of your submission is deemed inappropriate, it may also be deleted from the site, rather than simply rejected. If you haven't recieved word in 24 hours about your submission - then go ahead and send us a message.
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