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50th Anniversary Activities

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Ten years ago, while organizing activities for the 40th anniversary of missionaries going to Taiwan, a group of us said this is really just preparation for the 50th anniversary. The time is almost here, and a whole series of activities are being planned. We hope you can join in as many as possible.

1. Look for an article in the Church News in the spring. Coordinated by Mary Ellen Edmunds.

2. The largest gathering of returned Taiwan missionaries ever, in Salt Lake City March 30-31, 2006 just before General Conference. This two day activity, which will include a dinner, program, testimony meeting, temple sessions etc. is being coordinated by a committee through the Chinese Ward in Salt Lake. Wendy J. Shamo is coordinating this committee.

3. The Overseas Taiwan LDS Reunion Group is sponsoring a 21 day Tour of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan which will be in Taiwan for the annual remembrance at the spot near the Grand Hotel where Taiwan was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel. 50th anniversary meetings, fireside and Temple sessions will be held. Get more information here or by contacting Yao Lien Hill.

4. The Area Authority in Hong Kong has approved plans for a series of activities on Taiwan in July and August. Area Seventy Ho, Yu-chen is the Chair of the Celebration Steering Committee. They are planning special conferences for members, special temple sessions, cultural programs in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, firesides, a Youth Conference, island wide bike ride, etc. Contact Elder and Sister Edward Miner at or check the site for more information.

5. We encourage returned Taiwan missionaries around the world to gather together for dinner and reflections on their Taiwan experience. Take a group photo and send it with the names of the people to our webpage.

6. We will also be gathering old photos, memorabilia, tracts, and artifacts from the "early days". We have one of the hand cut, wooden paddle shaped Sacrament trays.

There will be many opportunities for people to get involved and renew those special missionary experiences. We hope as many of you as possible can become involved.

Richard B. Stamps, Chair
50th Anniversary of the Mormon Church on Taiwan Committee
Served on Taiwan 1962-65, 1994-97

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