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Stories: President & Sister Nielson - Farewell to Taiwan (again)

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President & Sister Nielson - Farewell to Taiwan (again) 03 Nov 2003
President and Sister Nielson at their farewell fireside

02 November 2003

The attached picture shows us receiving a gift the temple staff gave us at our farewell fireside last Saturday evening. It's an engraving of us inside a block of crystal. New laser technology sometimes has a creepy way of capturing one's image.

The farewell fireside was a three stake affair. We were very humbled. The three stake presidents said lots of nice things about us, along with songs and gifts. They had a meal at the end, while members lined up with their cameras to take pictures with us. I think our smiles must now be frozen permanently onto our faces. We are sad to leave Taiwan again after having spent a total of ten very eventful years here. But we are excited about being with family and seeing friends in America.

We are packing today, the shipper will be here tomorrow. Although we don't know the exact arrival of President and Sister Vawdrey, we think they will arrive so we will be leaving around the end of the week. Our plan is to spend a month in China, a month in Utah, then return to Ann Arbor around the middle of December.

We are sending this email only to the addresses we now have in our computer. Unfortunately, we don't know how to retrieve other available email addresses off the mission web site, so we are sorry this mailing is limited. We'll ask Vic Walker to post this on the web site to reach as many as possible. We are excited about the April 2004 reunion and are looking forward to seeing you there.


Thom and Bonnie Nielson
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