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News Item: Last Week's Incident

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Last Week's Incident 08 Jul 2003
If you had not heard, last week an incident occurred. A post was made to the Guestbook of the THSM website that was, in the least, not in harmony with the nature of the website. The same party responsible for this also sent an alarming and threatening email to on of the alumni.

In response to this, I removed the Guestbook entirely and warned all the registered users of the site of the problem. After working on the problem for a couple of days, I was able to report the following in a mass email to the registered users of the site:

"It appears that the post and email originated in a prep school in New Zealand. The headmaster of the school has been contacted and the situation is being dealt with. It is likely that a student or students who attend(s) the school is/are responsible for the 'attack'....

"As for the threatening email, that is another issue. Emails sent to alumni through the website are confidential, and are not read by me or anyone else.... [However,] because of the recent event, as soon as we can implement it, we will add a feature that filters out emails with offensive language. This will take time, however, so in the near future, we are all still at risk of receiving similar emails. Please keep this in mind.

"As always, discretion is encouraged when deciding how much personal information you want to post to the website. We do have features to prevent any more information than you wish being shown on your profile page. However, you should be especially careful when deciding to post your address, phone number, email, or web page URL....

"Please know that such issues are dealt with to the furthest extent of the law, and that the security of your personal data and of you and your families is foremost on my mind and the minds of all those who have made this website possible."

The mentioned email scan is not yet operational. I do not have a date for completion. I am, however, now satisfied that this was an isolated incident, so I am turning the Guestbook back on. I will be personally handling all posts to the website so the Guestbook incident will not happen again.

I am sorry that this happened. I believe with the safegards I have mentioned that we will not see this happen again.

Your friendly neigborhood webmaster
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Send Email

Thanks to everyone who writes in with suggestions, questions and compliments about the website. I try to answer questions as speedily and thoroughly as possible, but I do not always have time to respond to compliments that I receive. Please know that they too are greatly appreciated.

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