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News Item: Apology for Slow Updates

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Apology for Slow Updates 15 Jan 2006

I would like to apologize to anyone who has posted information recently and has waited a long time to see it appear. Due to some glitch with the Website most of the postings that have been made in recent months have not been showing up.

Whenever anyone submits anything to the Website it is placed on hold and an e-mail is sent to me to view and either approve or disapprove it. This is a security measure we put in place after an issue involving some disturbing and inappropriate posts made a couple of years ago.

However, some glitch has prevented these e-mails and new posts from showing up on my end recently. So, some of you have waited a long time to see your information show up. I am sorry. I will look into seeing if this is an ongoing issue. I was able to approve a number of posts today, and I think we are current on submission approvals now.

Again, I apologize for the lack of updates recently.

Your humbled webmaster,
Shaun Anthony Peck
THSM 1997-1999
Shaun Anthony (Peck) Send Email

Thanks to everyone who writes in with suggestions, questions and compliments about the website. I try to answer questions as speedily and thoroughly as possible, but I do not always have time to respond to compliments that I receive. Please know that they too are greatly appreciated.

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