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Howard L. Biddulph (1991 - 1994) | Neil V. Lamont (1994 - 1996)
Served: 1993 - 1995
Language(s) spoken:Russian
Areas Served:
Center, Kharkovsky, LeftBank,
Borshavoka, Voskresensky, and
Kirill Nikolaevich Ananich | David H. Barehand | Nathan Huffaker | Brian E Isaacson | Tyson Kampenhout (Richardson) | Donald Gates Kilpatrick Iii | David Lee Sycamore | Rob Woellhaf
Your Occupation: Software Engineer
Spouse: Donna R.
Family: Married in 96'
Kids: Tamen ,Edson, Jaxom, Serena, William, TBD

BA in Computer Science from USU 00'
Grad work in CS from USU interrupted by

Deployed to Iraq (Operation Enduring / Iraqi Freedom) 2003-2004
Medically Discharged in 04' after 12 years in the Utah Army National Guard

Started working for Northrup Grumman toward the end of 04' in California. Now in Colorado with Digital Globe.

I am also Founder and Chairman of the Longmont 9.12 Tea Party and Vice-Chairman for the Boulder County Republican Party.

Lastly I am a Webelos Den Leader, part time nursery worker and 4th Sunday Elders Quorum teacher.

My wife is a stay at home mom who volunteers at the local Hospice, can's our large garden harvest every year, home-schools our oldest son and only daughter (preschool) and serves as our wards primary president.
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