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Need Updat Info. 15 Feb 2006
Talofa everyone from back in the days. Yes, I am still alive. Please I need to find some of my companions. Yes, this is Sister Broederlow now Sister Lavatai from the beautiful island of Western Samoa. I am little behind in everything. Sorry to hear about Sister Wagley, also about Pres. and Sister West.
Lilly J Lavatai Send Email
McBride Reunion 2006 31 Jan 2006
I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was going to be a mission reunion this year for those that served under President McBride. If anyone knows, feel free to email me.

Chris Lowry
Christopher Michael Lowry Send Email
Well everyone! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! Her name is Alissa Camp. She is 24, college grad, awesome spirit, and pretty pleasing to the eyes. I am so lucky!! I guess all that tracting in the snow does pay off!
Shane Michael Kennelly Send Email
I'm Engaged 28 Nov 2005
Hey everyone (especially Los Vatos),
Well I bit the bullet and got engaged! Her name is Silvia and we will be getting married in the Bountiful Temple in April. I guess you guys who I went home with was right, I would be the first to get married in our group that I know about. I hope all is going well with all you Elders & Sisters in the mission. Stay strong and stay preaching they will accept it when the time is right.
Steven Payne Send Email
Well, hello! 05 Nov 2005
Hi everyone! Especially those who served 1991-92, way back in the dark ages. I see a lot of names I recognize in the Alumni section - but I'm always worried that I'll write and they'll send back an email saying "Now who are you, again?".

I've kept in fairly regular touch with Bonnie Cameron (now Thornton), Erica Dodge, and Dorothy Roberts (now Menasco) - but there are a few people I'd love to find.

Eric Barbini, Matt Fraze and Sister "Goofy" McLaughlin (she'll understand it - nobody else needs to think I'm insulting her *grin!*) If you know where they are, tell them I'm looking for them. (Don't make it sound ominous, I don't want them to run the other direction!) There are many more that I would be thrilled to hear from as well - so if you are thinking of writing, don't be shy!

Take care all!
Wendy Elliott Send Email
Where's Craig Legette? 13 Oct 2005
Alright everyone... I know those of you that served around him remembers him, but he's been on my mind for a while and I can't find him. If anyone knows where he's at let me know. Thanks!
Chris Lee Alvarez Send Email
Girlfriend 21 Sep 2005
It's finally happened. I've stopped dating around and got myself a girlfriend. Those of you who know me, yes I can only date one at a time. Well stay cool and fill up the Temple Sealer's schedule.
Shane Michael Kennelly Send Email
Howdy!! 24 Aug 2005
Hey everyone!!

I hope this finds everyone well and happy!! I am looking for Sister Arnesmeyer and Sister Hamilton. Let me know if you all know where and what they are doing!! Thanks Vicki :o)
Vicki Sue Earley Send Email
Getting Married (Finally) 24 May 2005
This is for all my buddies out there to know i'm finally getting hitched at the end of June. If you want an announcement, email me.

Oh yeah, i'm also looking to get in touch with Elders Michael Howle, Glen Tarrant and Sean Hubler. Anybody
know how to get in contact with any of them?
Michael Lacy Send Email
Hello! 20 May 2005
If anyone has Heather Puetts e-mail or Rebekah Brysons e-mail please let me know.....Ta.
Abbie Naomi Warde Send Email
Wooo Dooogy!!! 11 Mar 2005
This is Mitchem Just saying hey to all my friends out there. Email me some time @ and we'll catch up.
john mitchem Send Email
Pres. West Obituary 09 Mar 2005
Does anyone have a copy of Pres. West obituary? Once again I did not frequent the website enough and missed the news about Pres. West passing. If anyone has the obituary can you please post? It looks like Pres. West could not tarry long in this mortal existence without his eternal companion.
Herbert Marvin Gladwill Send Email
2005 Mission Reunion 22 Feb 2005
Howdy Elders & Sisters.
I heard awhile back from good ol' President McBride that there is a reunion planned around April conference and I was wondering if anyone has heard any of the details on specifically when and where it is to be?

Muchos gracias amigos! :)

Scott "Wizard" Wiser,
Scott B. Wiser Send Email
ELDER Thomley 20 Feb 2005
President McBride 15 Feb 2005
I need President McBride's address. I have a late wedding invitation to send to them. Please somebody, update me. :)
Sarah Stock Smith Send Email
Serving God and Country 12 Feb 2005
Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that I have been assigned an active duty position in the Marine Corps for the next three years. I will be up near San Francisco, in a town called Alameda.
Shane Michael Kennelly Send Email
President Salmon 31 Dec 2004
Does anyone know where President Salmon is? I'm looking for an address if anyone has one. Thanks!

Susan Coppinger (Humphrey)
Susan Coppinger Send Email
Pres. West - Deseret News Obituary 02 Dec 2004
You can leave a message on Pres. West's obituary guestbook by going to the following link for Deseret News:
Curtis L. Bates Send Email
Sister West 16 Nov 2004
I was sad to here about Sister West passing away. I just missed the obituary on the Deseret News since the archive is only 30 days. She always had a smile and made you feel so special and I loved getting her etiquette tips in the newsletters. I think a lot of us will think of her has a second mother. God speed Sister West.
Herbert Marvin Gladwill Send Email
Sunny SoCAl 10 Nov 2004
Hi everybody. I just found this site and it's great. It was awesome to see the notes from sound past comps.

I am living back home in Southern CA, and I love it. I would love to hear from any past comps or those I served around. I love you all. (sniff* sniff*)
Shane Michael Kennelly Send Email
Searching for comp 09 Nov 2004
I am looking for a Nathan Ottley, served 1983-84 spanish, Paul A Charon, Keith Heggie (Canada). Any help on locating these would be appreciated.
Tym Whiteley Send Email
Aloha! 09 Nov 2004
This is great! Thanks for putting this website up. I was bored at work, so I decided to see if there was a web page or some reunions planned.

Brings back memories of the mission. Some failures, some successes. But all in all a growing spritual experience.

I look forward to contacting those who I had the privilege to be around during my tenure.

aka. Elder Sam Fong
or "Elder Fong"
Willard Kealiinaauao Sam Fong Jr. Send Email
Sister Geraldine West 17 Oct 2004
Sister West passed away October 7, 2004. Here is a link to her obituary (which includes a Guestbook) -

She will be dearly missed. It was a joy to be around her. I never saw her down even though I got to see her almost everyday for 7 months!
Curtis L. Bates Send Email
Danny Perkins 11 Oct 2004
I've just gotten around to reading some of the messages here. I came across the one about Danny Perkins...he is actually in my stake in Marysville, WA. 5231 86th Pl NE, Marysville, WA 98270 360-657-0645
Stephanie S Virgin Send Email
Sis. Wagley 01 Oct 2004
Kathleen (Sullivan) Pludums here. Unfortunetly Sis. Wagley passed away shortly after her mission (1995-96 I belive).
Kathleen B Pludums Send Email
HEY!! :D 30 Sep 2004
Hey, I finally found the website. It's pretty cool!

I do manage to keep in touch somewhat with Weston, Miller and Hapairai.

I've lost contact with sooo many people. If we knew each other, I'd love to hear from you!!

And if anyone has any news/addresses etc. on Broederlow, Gary Gibson, Tanaka, Dijkwel, Bradford, Wagley, Bogdan, Cheryl Miller, Romero, Napohaku, Kehr, Wendy (oooh, can't think of her last name at the moment...Temple Square sister) and our wonderful Presidents please feel free to share them with me! :D

Hope to hear from you soon.
Erica Dodge Send Email
past comps 23 Sep 2004
just looking for e-mail addresses or location of past companions and friends:
Bill Mathews
jacob meyers
David Lewis
Brandon Hall
Adam Hess
Jason Cook
Elder Wood
if anyone knows any info about these guys please let me know
Steve O'Neal Send Email
:) 04 Sep 2004
Chris Bennion Send Email
Elder Earl 25 Aug 2004
Does anyone that served in Ogden during 1997-1999 know what happened to Elder Earl?

email me if so.

Andy von Harten Send Email
Elder Fletcher 18 Aug 2004
I just wanted to send a shot out to my boy elder Fletcher who is awesome. Congratulations boy on the two years begining in Huntsville, Hope all is well and let me know where you are at.

Your big daddy,

Elder Freddy
Patrick Frederickson Send Email
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