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Pesident McBride's Email 19 Jul 2003
Hi everyone,

I would like to know president McBride's email.

please email me at

Ryan Hamer Send Email
President & Sister McBride 15 Jul 2003
Does anyone have President and Sister McBrides e-mail or home address? If so I would appreciate it. Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well.
Chris (a.k.a. Lowry the Younger)
Christopher Michael Lowry Send Email
Searching for . . . 22 May 2003
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Kristen Williams(Walters) or Heather Puett? If you do please let me know!! Walters or Puett if you read this E-MAIL ME!!!
Violani A Sekona Send Email
Does anyone know where Hoke is 22 Apr 2003
If any one knows how to get in touch with Hoke Let me know
Frederick William Dunn Send Email
President Shumway 10 Apr 2003
Anyone interested in President Shumway. I spoke to him April 8th 2003 and he is well. He has some health issues but his spirits are high. Sister Shumway is also doing well.
You can email them at
He looks forward to hearing from any of his great missionaries that served with him. As he said.
I hope this message finds you well.

love Ron Kroeger
Ronald J Kroeger Send Email
looking for a convert 16 Mar 2003
hello, I am looking for one of my converts if anyone knows where she may be living. Her name is Desiree Haynes. Thanks!!!
nicholas shaw zuniga Send Email
Elder Powers and Elder Jennings 11 Mar 2003
Does anyone have elder powers or elders jennings addresses. I am also looking for elder brogans and elder porters.
Christopher Michael Lowry Send Email
hey 05 Mar 2003
Someone pick a time where we can meet at the same time and chat.
Bryan Alexander Koopman Send Email
hi 19 Feb 2003
hi,Im Elder Quintero Im looking information about, the spanish Elder or english this my e-mail if anyone know following persons,jahn,vargas the mexican, puster schramm,sandoval,francis,douphin
jose ivan Quintero Send Email
JOSH Hutson 18 Feb 2003
Why don't you email me. I need to ask you something, like how come you didn't marry my sister after dating so long? And more.....
Harold Matthew Linder Send Email
Help? 15 Feb 2003
I am looking for Elder Steven Kinder if anyone can help please let me know :)
Bryan Alexander Koopman Send Email
Need help with what i might need on my mission 10 Feb 2003
any returned missionary's or full time missionary's know what i might need to bring to the Utah Ogden Mission. I was just wondering if anyone knew of some stuff that helped them a lot to be successful
Elder Allred
Steven W. Allred Send Email
Salerno and Bodnar 03 Dec 2002
Just wondering what Bill Salerno and Janice Bodnar are up to. Can anyone update? I e-mailed Salerno a couple of times a couple of years ago but his e-mail address is no longer valid.

And a hello to everyone else from 1990-1992!
Curtis L. Bates Send Email
Brian Masters 22 Oct 2002
Howdy to all who read this note. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Brian K Masters, I would like to know how he is doing. I appreciate your help. Last I heard, he was in the Morgan area of Utah in the year 2000.
Ronald J Kroeger Send Email
What to expect. 08 Oct 2002
This message is for return missionaries from the Utah Ogden Mission. I will be entering the MTC next month. Is there anything I need to bring or need to know that isn't included in the missionary packet i received with my call.
Severin Nelson Send Email
To Elder Nathan Edward Timms 10 Sep 2002
Hey Nate, Your Mom and Dad and brother and sisters are so proud of you. We know that you will teach many the Gospel. Your light and goodness will help many. We'll look forward to the day when we can hear about all of the people you helped find the way back to the Lord. We Love you. Keep up the Spirit!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Verina and Devan.

Note from the Webmaster: Just a reminder that current missionaries should not be surfing the internet and therefore will only see the UOM page if they are breaking the rules. ;-)
Nathan Edward Timms Send Email
Future Elder 30 Jul 2002
Hello Elders and Sisters,

I have just been called to the Utah Ogden Mission and will be entering the MTC October 16, 2002. I'm anxious to talk with anyone serving in the Utah Ogden mission and to recieve any advice for preparation.

Thank You and see you soon,
Elder Holmes

Note from Webmaster: Just a reminder that this site is for Returned Missionaries and those who are yet to enter the field. Those currently serving will probably not be viewing this site--if they are, they should get back to work!! ;)
Matthew Randall Holmes Send Email
Sister Geri Cheney 27 Jul 2002
So... how many of us still keep up with her? Last I talked to her a couple of years ago, she had been divorced a second time. I heard about Duke, Nilsson?, Jensen, and the rest of the pack. Man, those were good times at her house. Anyone remember Xmas 1992? bye all for now... goo to see somebody is keepin up on the ol' mission
Brandon Brown Send Email
Looking for Sister Studer 18 Jul 2002
Aloha everyone that comes upon this message! I am trying to get in touch with Sister Wendy Studer! If anyone knows how I can go about doing that, then PLEASE let me know! You can just e-mail me! Thanks!! :)
Violani A Sekona Send Email
Have you seen me? 26 Jun 2002
If anyone has knows how to contact Sis. Katie Hoover or Elder Adam Palmer please let me know!!
Tana Marie Stover Send Email
Chistopher Hughes 03 Jun 2002
Hi, there my name is Marten de Jonge from Holland. I served under pres. West 91-93, and I'm looking for the adress of christopher Hughes from Forth Worth TX. He served from 92-94. If anyone could help I would much appreciate it.

Marten De Jonge Send Email
Looking for Lanette Wright 28 May 2002
Hello friends,
My name is Marcelo Moreira and I served in Plain City from oct'98 to feb'99 and i wander if any of you know Lanette and Janette Wright in the Plain city stake. Their are a baptism of mine and I need to talk to them. That would be the best thing to happen in my whole life!! Please help me out! Thank you!
Marcelo Theodoro Moreira Send Email
Elders Neftali Monita & Cristian Laurens 17 May 2002
If anybody has any info on Laurens or Monita please forward an e-mail to me with their addresses so we can get in contact...I would like to plan a reunion of some sort with some of the other elders who served between '98-'00 in the Spanish areas. Thanks Any info would be greatly appreciated
David Neal Armenta Send Email
Moving to Missouri 02 May 2002
I wanted to contact anyone out in the Missouri area or anyone from there, because I will be moving there in July of 2002 with my wife and 6 children. We have a lot of our ducks in a row, but I thought any further insight on the area would be helpfull. Feel free to call me even If you don't know me, to give me a heads up.
Thank You,
Ronald J Kroeger
Ronald J Kroeger Send Email
Bret Laverty 02 May 2002
Does anyone know how I can contact Bret Laverty? If so, Please let me know!

Erik Ray Largin Send Email
reunion 26 Mar 2002
My name is Denice Larson Stringer. I served from 1994 to 1995. I am interested in helping to set up a reunion that will cover the years that Pres. Donald Salmon served as president. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about this, please contact me at or phone me at (307) 875-3447.
Denice L Stringer Send Email
Alfredo Junsay 19 Mar 2002
Alfredo Junsay (1990-1992) passed away on October 17, 2001. His mother is trying to get in touch with those he served with to let them know and also to hear back from them with any stories or experiences they had with Junsay. She has been listening to tapes he made while on his mission and knows many of his companions through those tapes.

If you served with Junsay, please e-mail his mom, Josie, at Thank you.
Curtis L. Bates Send Email
Fastison 16 Feb 2002
If any can let me know what happen to him
Douglas A Woffinden Send Email
Elder Bennion 06 Feb 2002
Elder Bennion here is my e-mail address
Ronald J Kroeger Send Email
Elder Kroeger 20 Jan 2002
Hi Again,

If anyone out there has Ronald Kroeger's e-mail address will you please give it to me. Thanks!
Chris Bennion Send Email
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