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Repent! 10 Mar 2004
Has no one had any contact with Elder Cornelius this entire time?

I know that someone has!

Please let me know his whereabouts and the information for how I might reach him. Thanks.
Joshua L Decker Send Email
Visit 08 Mar 2004

Jemma and I are looking into coming to Utah for a week or two in the second half of June (depending on whether we can afford it!). If we make it we plan on splitting our time between Utah valley and St George and so if you are going to be around we would love to come and pay you a visit! I know that other people may also be taking vacations around this time, which is why I thought I’d best get in early to see if all the people we would like to visit are going to be around.

If you will be around and don’t mind us dropping by, please let me know by email. We hope that we can do it because I would love to see you all again, and once we graduate and get jobs and stuff, we never know when our next chance will come along!

It is at the moment just a plan, I’m looking for cheap flights etc so there are no definite arrangements as yet, but I will let you know when we finalise things, as the main reason we are coming is to visit people and places from my mission.

Here’s hoping!

Thanks and again hope you are well.

Paul Burdon

(P.S. We are thinking of flying to SLC or Vegas, so if any you know of good websites for cheap flights/car hire etc, please let me know! Thanks!)
Paul Nathan Burdon Send Email
trolling for a job 04 Mar 2004
Anyone looking for a Chemical Engineer? Anyone know anybody that might be looking for a Chemical Engineer?

I'm almost a year out of school and haven't found a job yet, so I'm trying every avenue I can think of.

I've got my bachelor's in Chem E, and an MBA (masters in business)

So, if anybody knows anybody who's looking for a Chemical Engineer (Process Engineer, Air Quality Engineer, etc.) -- or even a really good Data/Business Analyst, let me know.

UPM forever!
Alex Carmichael '98-00
Alexander Edgar Carmichael Send Email
Looking for Elder Duchesne 23 Feb 2004
I am looking for Elder Duchesne from Quebec. I live in Boise Idaho right now and an person he baptized is serving in our ward by the name of Elder Sean Scott. He is looking for him so if anyone knows how to find him please let me know.
Brian Llewellyn Send Email
GUNDY! 13 Feb 2004
Great news about the wedding! I wish you all the best. Somehow we always knew you Canadians would end up getting it together with each other! I tried to email you but either I dont have the right address or you are ignoring me! If the former is true, feel free to get in touch, and that goes for any other of you that remember me (even you Blackwelder!)


Paul Nathan Burdon Send Email
Mission Reunion'04 For Pres Smith? 09 Feb 2004
Yo everyone, how are the Great UPM RMs doing? Does anyone know the time and date for the Mission Reunion involving Pres Smith this year? Will those who organized the last time do it once more PLEASSSSSSSSSSE? Hope to hear from you all soon.
Marcus Yi Tian Khong Send Email
reunion caravan... oh bother. 20 Jan 2004
Well, it looks as if the mission reunion isn't happening for ANOTHER 6 months. we'll have to get together then and drive down, ok? Keep in touch now.

Alex Carmichael
Alexander Edgar Carmichael Send Email
OREGON/WASHINGTON reunion caravan 14 Jan 2004
2004 UPM President Gregson reunion is Apr 4 2004 in Provo!

I have an extremely large and comfy automobile and want to take people from Portland/Salem to Provo. (hopefully for a slice of the gas money)

Who's with me? are there any northwestern UPM graduates willing to make the trip? (I'm talking to you, Elders Warren, Cornelius, Rafn, Barborka, Marsh, and everyone else).

Sister Pappas has expressed some interest, and if you haven't ever been on a roadtrip with the Danita, believe me, it's quite an experience.

Seattle-ites: you can come along, too. you can either meet up with me in Portland, or somewhere in eastern oregon.

email me!

Elder Alex Carmichael
Alexander Edgar Carmichael Send Email
Howdy, Y'all! 24 Dec 2003
And I'm NOT married!

How are the mighty UPM RMs doing?

-Ethan Blackwelder
Ethan Blackwelder Send Email
Wedding 18 Dec 2003
Well, it's finally time to tie that knot. I know, I have said this before, but this time the date is final. I am actually marrying a Sister that served in the Provo mission. Some of you may remember her. Her name is Lisa Bishop. We are very excited for Valentine's Day. This will be the best Valentine's ever. I know this may surprise some of you, but once the fire was lit there was no turning back. Hope to see you all at the next reunion. Love the former Elder David B. Gunderson
David Bertram Gunderson Send Email
Taylor & Ockey 09 Dec 2003
I'm looking for
Elder Taylor who served in SW Provo with E Barcarse the Summer of '92. Californian Bodybuilder.


Richard Scott Ockey of Calgary, Alberta whom I served with in SE Provo the same Summer.
Markus Karumo Send Email
Elder Corny, where art thou? 23 Nov 2003
Hello UPM'ers. I am looking for Elder Jay Cornelius from Oregon. We served together in Provo in early summer 2000. If anyone has any information concerning him please let me know. Among his many titles, "Yukon" was best. (He also really liked Star Wars and carried a light-saber!) Thank you.
Joshua L Decker Send Email
Bennett Marriage 28 Sep 2003
I am also getting married October 11th 2003! Just went through the temple with her to get her endowment. Beautiful and amazing. 2 weeks left and counting.
S. David Bennett Send Email
I am getting married!!! 11 Sep 2003
I know that I always said that it would take 5 years for me to get married. But the Lord had somthing different in mind. I have been home for two months, and a month ago I met Kari Williamson, and now we are getting married on January 23rd.
I love all of you, Barrett Swendsen
C. Barrett Swendsen Send Email
Engaged 04 Sep 2003
The time has finially Come. I am engaged and plan to be married this December on the 20th. We are going to be married in the Nauvoo Temple. She is absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be happier. Plus she is a Hoosier also!!
This is the former Elder Greg Hamlin from Indiana who served from Dec of 98 to Dec of 2000. There was another Elder Hamlin who served just before me. I would love to hear from any of my old companions. I am the Branch Mission Leader for our branch and am loving it.

Greg Hamlin

Greg R Hamlin Send Email
President Smith 27 Jul 2003
Can anyone send me President Smiths new email address? Cheers
Paul Nathan Burdon Send Email
Looking for the former Tina Meade 23 Jul 2003
Since Tina Meade got married several months ago I lost contact with her and she changed her e-mail address. I've wanted to get in touch with her and see how she's doing. Does anybody have her new e-mail address? If so I would appreciate it greatly. God Bless you all!
Jason Clifford Barborka Send Email
Looking for Sister Simpson 13 Jul 2003
I am looking for a Sister Simpson who served in the St. George Temple Visitors Center around February 2000.
I attended the Visitors Center during a very difficult time in my life and was given a tour by Sister Simpson. What she said and did on that tour helped me to change my life around. I would like the chance to thank her and let her know how much she was an instrument to the Lord in my life. If anyone knows of any way that I could contact her, please email me.
David Fausett Send Email
Emanuel Opare 16 Jun 2003
Does any one have Elder Opare's e-mail address? I trained him a couple years ago and was hoping to get in touch with him. Thanks.
David K Hale Send Email
Baby boy due 01/june 07 May 2003
Holly and I are expecting our new baby boy to be born 1st of June. Our first son Tristan is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new baby brother. "Message for Denver Wigg" Mate I tried emailing you back as per your message below however your email was returned.
Peter Bradley Unwin Send Email
Looking for someone 22 Apr 2003
Hi everyone. I'm looking for the contact information of the two Elders who first taught me. It was Elder McIlwaine (he is from Canada and I don't remember his first name, and Elder Ferguson (he is from the midwest US somewhere and I think his first name is Andrew) They would have been serving in, I think, the Richfield area, around October-November of 1999. They were both fairly young on mission back then as they were both at my baptism a year later. If any of you have some or all of their contact info, please email me. Thanks in advance.
Nick Seegmiller Send Email
It's a BOY!!!!!!! 21 Apr 2003
Jennifer and I are the proud new parents of baby boy CADE MATTHEW born on April 16, 2003 in Lethbridge weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and stretching out to a tall 21-1/4 inches. Thanks to all those who have sent letters and cards in the last year and I promise I WILL be writing as soon as my finals are over with. I've got just one more year in Management Information Systems before I'm off to Calgary to work. Things have been great, and life couldn't be better!!!

Love ya all,
Matthew Philip Chatwin Send Email
Big News 15 Apr 2003
Well, the time has come for me to take that big step. As my great Mexican companion, Hyrum Alatriste would say, I have found my 'Eternal progression'. Her name is Chelsie Hadley, and I have known her for two years now. "Wait a minute, wasn't he serving in Alpine two years ago?" The confused reader asked him (or her)self.
"Why yes I was?" Replied David, having grown to love the place even more since that time.
It's actually a really great story; last summer, San Diego, Mexico, beaches, running, sunburn, S.W. Episode 1, driving, lip balm.....
In the mean time, biochemistry finals and anticipation of married life in Utah after August 1st (SLC Temple). Life is wonderful. I am marrying an incredible girl.
David Bertram Gunderson Send Email
Big News 14 Apr 2003
I would just like to let every one know I am getting married at the end of July to the sweetest guy. His name is Steven Petty and he is from Enoch Utah.
DaNeil Petty Send Email
does somebody... 30 Mar 2003
does somebody has sister caballero or agulilera phone number??, i really need them, i lost them:'( and i need to call them, thnx rut
Rut Beltran Send Email
wow 19 Mar 2003
I'm getting married!
Wesley F. Joyner Send Email
getting married 07 Feb 2003
Yes, the day has finally come--I'm getting married!! The big day is March 1st in Mesa, AZ. And if anyone has email addresses for Abinadi Gonzalez, Elder Hockey-Puck(Hajacek), Mark Rafn, or David James Gonzales, let me know. Long live the GREAT UPM!
Shawn Busken Send Email
Kyle Carr or Sam augustine 06 Feb 2003
I am trying to get in touch with Sam Augustine or Kyle Carr. If any one is in contact with them please tell them to Email me.

Ryan Stoneman
Ryan Alexander Stoneman Send Email
Hollander 29 Jan 2003
Where is Elder Hollander? He was from Florida and his mom died while he served his mission. He was able to go through the temple a year later and watch the President's wife stand in as proxy for her. Please let me know if he has an email and what he is doing now.
Thanks Anita
Anita & Dave Hahn Send Email
Lost ones 24 Jan 2003
I would also like to receive information (Emails or Phone numbers). Does anyone have contact information for Elder Cuevas? Elder Augustine? Elder Troy Smith?
William Henry Rivera Send Email
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