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Open House at President Smith's 28 Sep 2006
Just a reminder about the open house at President and Sister Smith's house--If anybody in the Provo area needs a ride, I can provide that (I being Dean Stonehocker), just call me at 801-362-3370.

Hope to see you there!

"There will be an open house for missionaries who served under President and Sister Smith on Friday, September 29.

We hope there will be a few of you in town who will be able to drop by.

The open house will be at the Smith home from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The address is 2068 North 1060 West in Pleasant Grove.

If you know you will be attending, please let us know by e-mail
( so we might have a general idea how many to expect."
Dean Riley Stonehocker Send Email
President Hagman 21 Aug 2006
I just want Elder Hagman to know I'm praying he doesn't bring the whole church down with his new
calling. At the very least Sweden.
James Disco Best Send Email
All Arise!!! 08 Jul 2006
Well, the college world series have come and gone and like every year I try to make it to at least one game a year. This year I was able to make it to the championship game between UNC and OSU. Go Beavers!!!! ANyway, for all you baseball fans, there ya go! Other news for me is that I was called to jury duty and after postponing the case for a month I was finally required to appear. I shed many tears when I wasnt assigned as one of the jurors. It was a hard thing to take... :) ANyway, Good to hear from you Shawn. I'll have to think about that program. Im a llittle rusty, it has been several years. Did you try getting ahold of Tyran? He came up with the program.
Jared James Lee Send Email
little help 07 Jul 2006
Hey all you great alumni of the UPM,

Hope everyone is doing great. I'm living in Columbus, Ohio and about to go into my third year of law school. Just had our first baby 4 months ago. Fatherhood is way underrated. And get this, his name is Riley. No, we didn't necessarily name him after Riley Edwards; but someday I'll probably tell him that Elder Edwards was one powerhouse of a missionary, even if he was from Canada. Anyhow, I'm the WML in our ward here and I need some help remembering the steps/lessons of the (in)famous Lighthouse Program. We are implementing this program in our ward to get people fired up about sharing the gospel. Does anyone remember the steps or commitments? I remember some but not all.
Take care everyone,
-Shawn Busken
Shawn Busken Send Email
guess who is expecting 28 Apr 2006
My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November. We are 11 weeks along and are excited to bring our first in the world.

Tara (Sandberg)Messick
Tara Messick Send Email
Future Reunions 28 Mar 2006
Just a note for mission reunions in the future for missionaries who served under President Bruce Merrill: This reunion was all put together in less than two weeks and was not ment to be an official event. Though, we already have 57 people that have confirmed that they will be there and several more are still pending.
The thing is, it takes forever to call everyone, so if you know anyone who is not on this web page, please get them to sign up so that we can use this as the network for future reunions. This may be the only way we know about up coming reunions.... so sing up!
Thank you
Hope to see all of you at the reunion, or some time in the future. Drop me a line if you get a chance.
Ammon Williamson
Ammon P Williamson Send Email
Jakob Hagman 13 Mar 2006
Just want to congratulate Elder Jakob Hagman on his new calling as Branch President in Västerås, Sweden. :)
Hans-Erik Stegeby Send Email
Open House 02 Mar 2006
I am having two open houses. One on April 1st in Kaysville and another on April *th in orem. So if anyone remembers me and would like to attend please let me know....
Joseph Wilson Send Email
Gumball Rally 21 Feb 2006
Hey guys. How y'all doing?

This may seem like a strange post for the Mission board but thought I'd ask around anyway.

My brother in law is organising the 2006 Gumball Rally and they are looking for some crew to help out while the rally is in the SLC area. The final stage of the around-the-world rally will be SLC to LA - all the usual cars will be there; Lamborghinis, Ferraris etc.

If anyone has heard of this rally or knows any youngsters (20+) that would be interested then please send me an email.

Take a look at the text below for quick idea of what will be happening. Thanks

Nathan (Elder Furbank)


The Rally lands in SLC airport at midday on Friday 5th May. The cars will be offloaded from the planes and the Gumballers will proceed to the Grand America hotel where the cars will be parked on display. In the evening the Gumballers will visit the Delta centre and enjoy a ring-side dinner whilst watching the Utah Jazz play basketball.

The following morning, on Sat 6th May, the GB'ers will depart for a new race track just south of SLC known as the Miller Park Race Track where the GB'ers will race around the race track for a couple of hours. We anticipate big crowds turning out to watch the stars and their exotic cars rip up a brand new race track that will be well publisised.

I am looking for able bodied men and women aged 20yrs old and over who would like to volunteer as Gumball crew members. The work would be an experience thats for sure, and would provided them with Gumball clothing.
Nathan Giles Furbank Send Email
hello! 05 Feb 2006
Whas up everyone!
Ali'i Nomani Salesi Lafontaine Send Email
YEAH!!! 04 Feb 2006
Hello everyone! We have moved across the country to go to Law school (we as in Steve, I am along for the ride....and making a shopping list for when Steve graduates!!!)! Yippee! So now we are in Ontario so if there is anyone around here (Detroit?) I would love to visit! Also if anyone is around Kirtland / Palmyra..... we are visiting there soon so please email me and I would love to stop by and say HI!!!!! Hope all is going well with everyone! Check out my cute boy. I still love to show off those who are close to me!
Kristine Smyth Send Email
Missionaries that went home in 2000 04 Feb 2006
It's me again. I was going through all my things and I seem to have misplaced some pictures. I am looking for those who went home on the Nov. 9th, 2000 transfer. I can't remember who all went home that time. Elder Coleman, Elder Curl, Elder Payne, Sister Dowis, Sister Killinger and Sister Meade. I hope I am not forgetting anyone. Anyway, if there is anyone that has a picture of us together at the last fireside or when we were eating dinner at Magleby's, let me know. If you have one, it would be great. I'll cover all charges and costs. Thanks again. Jared
Jared James Lee Send Email
marriage? 03 Feb 2006
guess who's gettin married....
Ali'i Nomani Salesi Lafontaine Send Email
Dustin Phillips 12 Jan 2006
Im trying to get a hold of Dustin Phillips who started his mission in 2002. He is from Mesa, AZ. If anybody knows how to reach him Please contact me.
Ryan MacPherson
Ryan MacPherson Send Email
Ockey+Taylor 05 Jan 2006
Does anyone have Richard Scott Ockey's and/or Jared Taylor's email or phonenumber?
Markus Karumo Send Email
Merry Christmas 20 Dec 2005
I just want to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, it has been a while since I left my mission, and there is not a day that goes by that my heart and my mind don't take me back to it, I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for the privilege that I had to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I also want to ask a favor of those who served during the years 1999-2001. If anyone has a copy of the CD made of the concert of the 1999 Christmas, which includes among others, Elder Tuala, Elder La Fontaine, Elder Molina, Elder Lee, Sister Gibby now (Robbins), Elder Robbins, Sister Ferguson... I had mine but it got left behind in one of my transfers, if you can make me a copy I would really appreciate it, and I will cover all the charges. God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas.
And remember life is beautiful and so are we my dear friends.
Fernando Hernandez Send Email
Merry Christmas 09 Dec 2005
Well, since Hermana Lopez invited us all to leave messages here I'm gonna follow her advice. I, too, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas - or Frohe Weihnachten as people here would say. Christmas is a wonderful time especially this year as we not only celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ but also the 200th birthday of the prophet Joseph Smith. I am very grateful for the restoration of the gospel and the testimony I have of the divine mission of Christ and the opportunity I had to share it with people in Utah. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I met there.

Hey, Noemi, is there anything going on over there in Espania? I should go there some day...

Well, Merry Christmas
*Sister Preiss
Jasmin Pachanee Preiss Send Email
Merry Christmas from Sister Lopez 06 Dec 2005
It is going to be Navidad very soon so I wanted to wish any that would see this... a Merry or Happy Christmas (I never learnt the exact meaning of "merry") :)
I take a look at the messages here once in a while to check if anyone I know is saying anything. And as I never find a soul that I know, I finally write myself, with my "perfect english" yeah, and send my love to aaaal of you.
Take care and be good.
The spaniard:
Hermana Lopez

(Come on and leave messages in here, it would be fun to use this more...) Ciao.
Noemi Lopez Send Email
Looking for French Elder from around 1999-2002 30 Nov 2005

I am looking for an Elder from France who spoke in our sacrament meeting in the Orem Lakeridge 14th ward sometime between about 1999 and 2002. He shared a very singular experience that his brother had around the same time while serving a mission in France. I'm trying to get some better information for this experience so that I can be sure I remember it correctly and better verify its source.

To briefly describe the experience, he said his brother encountered a man on his way to the hospital who said he could not talk then but asked them to visit him at his house the next day. Upon arriving at his house the next day, the man informed them that he had not met them yesterday, but that many years earlier he had run into some similar missionaries in the exact situation they described and had asked them to visit him but they never came.

Anyway, as you can see it is quite an interesting experience that I would like to get more details about and try to verify. If anyone can give me information about how I can contact this former missionary, I would really appreciate it.


Carl Youngblood
Carl Youngblood Send Email
President Humpherys 13 Nov 2005
Hi all,

Does anyone have a new email address for the Humpheryses? Their email address bounced.

Kim Jason Joseph Benoit Siever Send Email
The Happy Factory 09 Nov 2005
I just saw a show called Three Wishes. Sister and Brother Cooley from the Cedar City Happy Factory were granted a wish! It was the best. So I thought I would share a little UPM news with all of you… And be a little spokesman for the Happy Factory for a sec...
Three Wishes with Amy Grant sent the Cooley’s and their daughters to Nicaragua to personally hand their toys to children. This is something they have never before done.
Three Wishes celebrated the "Real Life Mr. and Mrs. Claus."
Charles and Donna Cooley were overjoyed also by a new Happy Factory workshop in Salt Lake City complete with $50,000 in shipping costs paid for by Federal Express. And a $40,000 box truck that will be more effective than a sleigh for delivering the toys. What a blessing! The Happy Factory continues to grow strong and touches the lives of children everywhere.

Well. Take Care!
Venessa Michaelis
Venessa Michaelis Send Email
Another baby 17 Oct 2005
We had our third baby (second girl) last month. Aisling was born on 29 September 2005.
Kim Jason Joseph Benoit Siever Send Email
Looking to move to Washington State 30 Sep 2005
My family and I are relocating to the Seattle Washington area. If anyone is from there an has any information regarding the job market, opening a new business or rental property please email me. I would really appreciate it.

Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Send Email
Jason Boggs 29 Sep 2005
I'm looking for contact information for Jason Boggs, he served from about 2003-2005, from Virginia.
Any info would be appreciated.
Bryan J. Gishi Send Email
All you lucky people in the UPM, that have had the privledge of knowing two of the best missionaries in the UPM then HOLLA!!!! Sistas Hoagland and Smith would like to cordially invite you to partake of a meal with us in Utah somewhere, on the eve of Friday Sept 30th 2005. So if you know us and want to kick it with us than holla at us, wooohooo. dial 8082182400 and we will holla back if we want you, na we'll let you know the when and where, cause we don't even know yet. Can't wait to hea from youse. PEACE OUT......... HEffas, (those who know that VC joke, then come on down).
Rubena R Smith Send Email
Looking for Natscha Spee 26 Sep 2005
Hi, I'm looking for Natscha Spee. We served together from 1996-1998 in St. George. She is from the Neatherland. Who has her address?
Jemina Peters Send Email
Looking for Elder Fejta 13 Sep 2005
Any one with information on how to get a hold of Elder Fejta, Please let me know, thanks.
Fernando Hernandez Send Email
looking for.... 26 Aug 2005
Hey everyone....

Im Looking for Emanual Opare's Contact info can anyone give info for this request?

UPM rocks. miss you all. Hope everyone is happy and doing well!
Venessa Michaelis Send Email
Andy Man 20 Jul 2005
Dear Mark Andersen,
Please drop me a line. Looking to hear from you!!!
Monn-el Kahale Kim Send Email
sister finau 28 Jun 2005
Sister FINAU where are you.

if anyone knows how to find her let me know

venessa michaelis
Venessa Michaelis Send Email
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