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Different Things in Argentina

Note: This is from the perspective of an American missionary, showing the cultural differences between the U.S. and Argentina. We love both countries, so remember that the list is only to help us remember what it was like in Argentina and is not in any way intended to degrade or disrepect Argentina.


  • Exciting Taxi rides
  • Whole family on a bike/moped
  • Bottle on top of "for-sale" car
  • Keep headlights on to keep the battery warm
  • Driving at night without headlights to save the battery.
  • No right on red
  • Semaforos that go green, yellow, red--then yellow, then green again.
  • Peugots, Renaults, Fiats, New Ford Falcons, Citroens
  • Ghostbuster ambulences
  • Honk horn\flash lights instead of stop sign
  • Hanging on the outside of a bus because it is too full
  • Packing 150 people on a bus.
  • Jumping off a moving bus because it doesn't come to a full stop where you want off
  • Cars grounded with rubber strips hanging from rear bumper
  • Nationality

  • Industria Argentina Products
  • People asking if you are a Karate expert (tip: always say 'yes')
  • People asking if you are CIA
  • Las Provincias vs. Los Portenos
  • Health

  • Liver attacks (Baja presión del higado)
  • Te de limon as a cure
  • Bad food combinations : milk after eating watermelon, cold water on hot day
  • Prescribed carbon pills (charcoal) for stomach upset\diarrhea.
  • Food

  • Milk in a plastic bag
  • Lunch meat with eggs in it
  • Coke in glass bottle
  • Alfajores, empanadas, dulce de leche, facturas
  • Liquid Yogurt
  • Cow parts (tongue, utter, stomach)
  • Mate and all its aspects
  • Eucalyptus used as a candy flavor, not a cough medicine
  • Chinchulines (intestines)
  • Asado and chimichurri...
  • Dulce de Membrillo con queso blanco.
  • Oil on mashed potatoes instead of gravy.
  • Amargo Serrano.
  • Raisins with seeds in them.
  • El Dulce de Alcayota.
  • Las Tortas Fritas.
  • Milanesa a la Napolitana
  • Soda (seltzer) with EVERYTHING drinkable!
  • Jugo fuerte de naranja y manzana
  • Locro
  • Asado
  • La Palangana
  • Helado! (dulce de leche granizado was the best!)...but only in the summer!
  • Dulce de batata and Dulce de batata con chocolate
  • Bread with every meal
  • Peeling fruit with a knife
  • Chorri Pan vendors
  • Empanadas Riojanas (Deep Fried!)
  • Language/Communication

  • Clapping hands instead of knocking
  • Shaking forearms
  • Ton of hand signals
  • Kisses when greet/leave
  • Borrowed English words (groggy, pullover, jogging, snakbar, jeans, poster, sticker, standard, feeling)
  • Saying Viste after every sentence.. Viste!
  • Kids coming up to you on the steet and saying "How do you do?"
  • "jopovepenepes hapablapando epen jeperipigoponzapa" (jovenes hablando en jerigonza or Spanish pig-latin)
  • Kids shouting english swear words as you ride by.
  • "Y, que te parece..."
  • As you walk down the street young people say "chi chi chi" to get your attention
  • Animals/Bugs

  • Dogs on the roof
  • Dogs without hair
  • Horses, cows, chickens in the street
  • Espirales burning for mosquitos
  • Religion

  • La Virgin
  • Steps to pray: 1. Permiso, 2. Our Heavenly Father...
  • The kids are turned out to play right after the sacrament
  • Si Dios quiere...
  • Difunta Correa and San Seferino pictures in everyones houses.
  • Household

  • Shower in a box (calefon)
  • Squeegee floor after shower
  • "Waterfall" Toilet
  • Bidet (see above foto)
  • Thongs in shower
  • Sidewalk cleaning everyday
  • Cement 1 room house with color TV and remote
  • Little "peek" doors in the middle of a big door
  • Water tanks on top of each house
  • All houses brick or cement
  • House names
  • Keep plastic on picture frames, remote controls, chairs
  • Bars on windows
  • Tile sidewalks
  • Mud ovens
  • Broken glass on top of fence
  • Grapes in courtyard
  • Colored plaster hiding adobe bricks inside
  • No carpet
  • Women sweeping dirt
  • A propane torch pointed at the shower pipe for water heating
  • Toilet paper is not soft.
  • Washing clothes by hand with jabon blanco; hanging them out to dry
  • No garbage cans...all garbage tied up in little plastic bags
  • Trash Baskets on a pole
  • Pillow cases with two open ends
  • Sidewalk polishing
  • Mothers breast feeding anywhere
  • Common wall between neighbor's houses
  • Business

  • Personal grocery bags
  • Convenience stores (Kiosco)
  • Street venders (bread, newspaper, tupperware, knife sharpener, vegetables)
  • Gift wrapped all items bought at farmacy or bookstore
  • Publicity cars/airplanes with huge speakers on top
  • Candy, aspirin, stamps as currency substitutes
  • Chickens, goats, pigs in carniceria with heads and feet still on.
  • Buying shampoo out of a 50 gallon drum.
  • Salesmen on buses
  • Tossing bricks (bucket brigade style) up a multi-story building.
  • Government

  • Uniform for school (guardapolvo)
  • Central Park (plaza) in every city with cathedral
  • Street names the same in every city
  • Las Malvinas/ The Faulklands
  • Street watering machines
  • Limited list of possible baby names
  • Mandatory Servicio Militar (or "COLIMBA," from COrrer, LImpiar, and BArrer)
  • Entertainment/Holidays

  • 4th of July type Christmas Eve and New Years
  • Boca vs. River
  • Sit outside and watch TV inside
  • Basketball on smooth slippery tile
  • Old ladies with deadly water buckets during carnival.
  • Sexy girls in bikinis with water balloons during carnival.
  • Grown people enjoying Xuxa.
  • The football matches - wow!!!!! And the football songs - melody and lyrics!!!
  • Raton Perez
  • A "cancha de futbol" on every corner
  • La Cumbia!
  • Other

  • Mixing cement in the streets
  • Long legal-size paper
  • Small part of tie longer than thick part
  • Siesta
  • Palo Borracho trees.
  • Items made from Palo Santo wood.
  • Martin Fierro.
  • Big phones that eat "fichas"

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