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New Missionary 09 Sep 2001
I am headed into the MTC on November 7 and I have been trying to figure out what kind of shoes I need to bring with me to Neuquen. I know to bring a nice pair of dress shoes, but I don't know about a pair of boots or high top shoes. I have had some people tell me to get some 7 or 8 inch military boots, but I want to know for sure. I didn't think that the boots were allowed on the mission. Thank you for any input.
Adam Send Email
la mision es maravillosa 03 Sep 2001
hola soy la hermana do santos , hace un año y medio que termine la mision ,
fue una experiencia grandiosa en mi vida,
la patagonia es hermosa de verdad, y mas aun su gente.
me gustaria recibir e_mail de ex- misioneros que hayan echo la mision en la mejor mision del mundo.
chaucito ,
silvina do santos Email Not Available
family history query 26 Aug 2001
Hi- I recently discovered a possible family connection with your mission. Has anyone ever run across the surname BACKLUND or ERICSSON in Argentina? My grandfather made many trips there in the early 1900s and may have descendants there. He was Swedish/Finnish and lived in So. Calif. most of his life. I'd appreciate hearing from you if you can help. I've heard rumors that it might be in the Patagonia region. THANKS!
Linda Backlund Langeveld Send Email
HOLA!!!! 24 Aug 2001
hola yo soy el ex elder moreno y quisiera poder conectarme con cual quier misionero que halla servido entre 1998 y 2001 para saber como sigue su vida ok? solo si quiere un abrazo chaito
tips 07 Aug 2001
Here are a few things that I thought were great when I was there. Take a nice warm sleeping bag and maybe have a sheet sewn at the sides (to make a tube) to line it with. The sheets are easier to wash than the sleeping bag. I had a companion that had a sandwich maker (similar to a waffle iron, but cooks sandwiches) and that was very nice. Maple extract to make maple syrup, and packages of Kool-Aid are also nice things. Good luck!
Kevin Albrecht Email Not Available
Stuff 02 Aug 2001
I am not sure about ASP film, but I do know they develop regular old 35mm film. I would bring a sleeping bag with you. One that has a rating of at least 0 degrees. It can get pretty cold down there, especially if you have to sleep with the heater off and a window open.
Brent Berrett Send Email
One note about cameras... 02 Aug 2001
As far as very new camera systems go, you might want to be careful. I had one companion who could not develop his Kodak Advantix film while down there. Ordinary film can be developed just fine (although it is rather expensive, unless you do it in Wal Mart :)
Mark Abersold Send Email
mission ?'s 01 Aug 2001
Congrats on your mission call. It is an awesome mission. I served there 1998-2000. Here is an answer to some of your ?'s. It is pretty cold down there if you are in the sothern parts of the mission. The mission is from Nequen all the way down to Tierra del Fuego which is a little island off of the sothern tip of Argentina. I served there and it is really cold. Other parts of the mission have pretty normal weather. I'd say definately pack warm. As far as the camera goes, I am not sure what type of camera that is but, I think it would be okay. Argentina is pretty modern. It is not as remote and isolated as you think it will be. I was suprised at how modern it was. You might want to ask some other people just to make sure though. Good luck! Suerte-Julia Dodge
Julia Dodge Email Not Available
New Missionary! 30 Jul 2001
Hi! I am headed to the MTC on Sept 26th, and to Neuquen from there. I have some questions about what the weather is like down there. Also, I want to know how far south my mission boundaries are. One last question: Is it OK to take APS cameras down there? Can they develop the film down there? Well, I'd really appreciate a reply from anybody who has been there before. Thanks-
Kristjan Morgan Send Email
new missionary 24 Jul 2001
Hi! I report out in the end of Sept. and I'd like to chat with another girl whose served in the mission to know what to expect from a females view. I'm very excited to go and just want to be as prepared as possible! I'm the first in my family to serve a mission and so we are all kind of lost as to what is really important!!! Please help! Anyones' comments are welcome though!!!! :)
dawn reynolds Send Email

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