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LA VISION 09 Jul 2001
I so enjoyed reading LA VISION. My son will be going to Argentina in two weeks and this will be a good way to keep current on what is happening in his mission. An elder who recently returned from the mission was excited to read all about what had happened there since he left. I hope you will update it each month.
Susan Andelin Send Email
New missionary 04 Jul 2001
My son just entered the MTC. Would love to hear from anyone with experiences in the Neuquen Argentina Mission. Thanks.
Linda Poveda Send Email
Buscando... 02 Jul 2001
Estoy buscando compaƱeros, si tienen informaciĆ³n sobre:R. Vernon, M. Shultz, A. Argyle, P. Tice, J. Loosli, or T. Shumway, por favor mandenme o que ellos mismos me escriban. Saludos!!!
Diego Tau Send Email
Sending email 30 Jun 2001
Our son just arrived in Neuquen this week from the MTC. We've heard it is possible to send email to the missionaries which then gets delivered to them. Someone gave us what they thought was the mission email address but we've had no reply. Does anyone know the correct mission email address?
Bruce Kusch Send Email
Sarmiento, Zapla, El Bolson 24 May 2001
I served in these three areas in 1989 & 1990 and would love to chat with anyone else who has served there.
Jim Corbett Send Email
long time ago... 21 May 2001
I was serving in Trelew in 1971 when there were only 50 members in that entire Trelew and Rawson area. This was the beginning of the growth that was needed to allow Trelew to be named a mission headquarters for a time. I visited Neuquen and fell in love with the tiny villiage of Trevelin. There was one member living there at the time. Does anyone have any information on that area today? Good people and great missionary opportunities in all of that area. I would go back in a heart beat.
Kevin Ashby Send Email first city 19 May 2001
I was called to the Buenos Aires Sur mission in 1980 and Neuquen was my first city. We had a branch of about 30 active members and met at 124 Rioja. They had just broken ground on the Rioja chapel when I was transferred.

I remember a few members/families (Lagos, Barros, "Gringo"). If you have any news of them, I would love to hear it!

PS - Mark Melville who served in Neuquen IS in fact my youngest brother... coincidence... some might say not!
Alan Melville Send Email
visa problems 14 May 2001
I was originally called to the Argentina Neuquen Mission, but because of visa problems I was never able to go there. I just want to know how these problems (during late 1998) affected the mission.

I hope all is going well and we are teaching the gospel and restoration everywhere.

I was transfered to the Guatemala City South Mission.

Randy Christensen
Randy Christensen Send Email
Great place to meet wonderful missionairies 06 Apr 2001
I live in Cutral Co for a very short period of time and met Elder Westmoreland and thought he was the most wonderful, heart warming person I had ever met. If any one happens to know where he is located today, I would like to hear from you or Elder Westmoreland himself.
Tannis Postma Send Email
Looking for Jacob Cramer 14 Mar 2001
Looking for Elder Jacob Cramer who arrived in Argentina Nuequen in February of 1997.
Do you know how to contact him?
Carrie Beck Send Email

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