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connecting again 28 Oct 2004
hey any of you McConkie missionaries out there, i'd love to talk to you or add you to the reunion list. i have kept in touch with Kay Thayne, Arnie Morgan, Jim Call, to name a few. see my info on profiles thanks Jake
Lowell Mark Jacobsen Send Email
looking for old companions 17 Nov 2003
Hey fellas, contact me if you are an old companion or friend from the 80-81 era.
There arent many of us listed. My son is going to serve in the Salt Lake City South mission in two weeks. If any of you live in the area, I'd love to talk to you.

email, call, write, whatever.
bronson ellis titus Send Email
Looking for Duvall 24 Sep 2003
Could anyone tell me how to find Scott DuVall. Last we spoke he was living in Ogden and I can't seem to track his phone down since 2001. Would love to have someone send me his email or phone #.

Pres & Sister Woolsey are finally settled in Alpine to stay and would probably be interested in having a reunion in the spring if anyone is interested.....I would be happy to oversee a committee of engaged individuals that could help put together something casual but meaningful for them
Steven J Frame Send Email
looking for to companions 16 Aug 2003
I served in Tempe in 89-91 and I am looking for two people they are Matthew Compton, and John Theler if anyone has info on these two please email me and thanks
Shaun Smith Send Email
Looking for Denny Mason 03 Jul 2003
I am looking for Denny Mason, a member who lived in Gilbert when I served in 91-93. Let me know if you have any information regarding him.
Michael William Sanft Send Email
looking for Kathleen Granberg 28 May 2003
do any of you have any info about an old lady named Kathleen Granberg who lived in casa grande? when i was there in 87 she hadnt been baptized. any info would be appreciated. thanks, melissa
Melissa Lu Mitchell Send Email
Arizona Spanish Speaking 08 May 2003
Any of you old SPANAMs out there remember me? I'm looking for Spanish Speaking missionaries from 72-74 who knew me. I really would like to hook up with one of my companions - Elder Lundbergh. I am in the military and deployed right now so I don't have my journal to look up his first name but I know he was from Salt Lake. That should wittle the list down a bit, huh? Anyway, anyone who knew me drop me a line - I'm in the profiles.

Mark Alvin Singer Send Email
Elder Gary Ricks '77-'79 30 Apr 2003
Do you remember Elder Gary Ricks? He served in the ATM in approximately 77-79. He was tall, blond, and served in a lot of leadership positions in the Arizona Tempe Mission. I met his widow at the Boston Temple. He died of cancer and left 5 children. I wrote to President Goaslind asking him to contact Gary's wife and widow as they were still mourning. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

I’m writing now to ask for your assistance in helping the family of another Arizona Tempe Mission alumni. Elder Gary Ricks succumbed to cancer on April 21, 2001. He was 41. He was serving as a stake president until he was released (because of his illness) shortly before his death. He leaves his wife, Wendi Ricks and five children: Christian, 18; Benjamin, 14; Aaron, 11; Emma, 6; and Brigham, 3.

First I want to share a remarkable experience I had on Saturday, February 23, 2002. I was serving as an upstairs coordinator in the Boston Temple. It was very busy, even for a Saturday. One group had just gone into the Celestial Room so I was walking to the clock to find out when the next group was going to need presenters.

I was looking at the new company coming up the stairs to see if there were any obvious needs or languages. One of the sisters looked right at me and said, "You served in the same mission as my deceased husband, Gary Ricks!"

I didn't know this sister, had never met her before, I said, "I don’t think so." She continued, "Yes," she said pointing at my nametag, "Sister Polowitzer, you served in the same mission as my husband, Gary Ricks. He died last April (2001)." Still not connecting, I said, "Tall? Blond? Healthy-looking guy?" "Yes, YES!, she said, that’s my husband; he died; I’ve got to talk to you." I told her I’d catch up to her after the session.

As it turned out when her session ended there were just a few minutes before the next session was ending, so I went into the Celestial Room and asked her if she could wait 45 minutes. But she had to leave (she had a 3-hour ride home and 4 kids waiting there). She jotted down her name and phone number on my clipboard and I had to get ready for the next group.

I called her the next day. We talked for over an hour. She told me about meeting Gary, dating, their marriage in July 1980, how they moved east for Gary to work for IBM. In 1986 he was called to be a bishop and six months later to be a stake president. On Sundays his family rarely saw him.

For their 20th anniversary Gary and Wendi went on a second honeymoon to Disney. Gary wasn’t very energetic. He hadn’t been feeling his best for about four months.

Then he started turning yellow. As Wendi said, "For three glorious days we thought he had hepatitis." The doctor called and said it was not that. Further tests showed that Gary had a tumor in his pancreas. He had surgery that seemed successful, but the cancer grew back until he was, "full of tumors." He wrote a farewell talk which he delivered at stake conference. Elder Ballard gave him a blessing so he could get up from the hospital bed to travel to deliver his talk.

At the Stake Conference, Elder Ballard helped Gary to the podium to speak. Two days before he died Gary told Wendi they should prepare his funeral. He died on April 21, 2001. He was buried in Tucson, Arizona in an old Mormon cemetery. I listened to Wendi tell this story of love and faith and courage.

I asked her if she felt Gary in the temple. She said yes, he felt very close. She needed comfort there and received it. That’s where I come in. She said when she saw me, she knew immediately that I was a missionary that served in Arizona when Gary was serving. She recognized my face, then my ordinance worker name tag confirmed it. We had never met before that Saturday. She remembered my face from Gary’s mission annuals and photos. So I dug out the yearbook and looked at my picture. I showed it to a few friends and they said they wouldn’t have picked me out from that picture.

Here’s the goodness of the Lord. He knew she needed comfort. She went to the temple and the Lord helped her recognize someone from Gary’s mission so she could be comforted in regards to Gary. The Lord opened her eyes and helped her make the connection.

I am very humbled to be involved in the Lord’s work. I told her three things:

1st, Gary was a hard working elder on his mission. He always looked and acted the part. He kept the rules and did his best. If her sons could be as good missionaries as their father, she would be proud of their efforts.

2nd, When Gary was called to be a bishop, she was called too. When Gary was called to be a stake president, she was called too. And in his latest calling beyond the veil, she was called too. The Lord trusts her to take care of the family while Gary is away and the next time he comes home from church it will be forever.

3rd. I would contact some other former Arizona Tempe Missionaries and get their remembrances of Gary. She started to cry and said I had NO IDEA HOW MUCH THAT WOULD MEAN TO HER FAMILY AND TO GARY'S MOTHER. (Gary’s mother lost two sons. One in a drowning accident and Gary from cancer.)

So, fellow ATM missionaries from 1977-1979, do you have any photos of Elder Ricks that you could share with Wendi and her kids? Is there a memory you have of Elder Ricks serving on his mission that you can share? Your stories and photos would be a treasure to Wendi and her children.

So please get out your journals, photos, and memories and sent them to Wendi. Please send her whatever you can:

Wendi Ricks
34 Andrews Rd
Lagrangeville, NY

Thank you,

Jane Polowitzer
Jane Marie Polowitzer Send Email
New ATM Map 22 Apr 2003
I just posted a new map of the current (Apr. '03) Arizona Tempe Mission boundaries. To view it, click on the "Mission Info" link in the right column (note that you can view a larger version by clicking on the link at the bottom of the map), or click here.
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Looking for Elder! 21 Mar 2003
Hi, I am looking for Elder Graham who served 1980-1982. He taught myself and I was baptised August 9, 1980. Thank you!
PS Hi Elder Bates - Email me - Kandee (Clair) Myers
Kandee Myers Send Email
looking for Sheri 04 Mar 2003
Hi I am looking for an address of a companion, Sheri McKwarter. If anyone knows her whereabouts I'd really love to get in touch with her. Thanks!
Pam Mendoza/Morlock
Pamela Lynn Mendoza Send Email
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