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LOOKING FOR 13 Apr 2010
Does anyone have any info or know the whereabouts of Bryan FLANDERS if so please let me know thanks!

Jared Joseph McMullin Send Email
Ranch 14 Jul 2008
Could anybody tell me if the Elams are still living on the ranch Bruce elam if so can you let me no if i can contact them.
Please give them my email address thankyou
mark jt berry Send Email
Missing the Mission 27 Feb 2008
Sure would like to hear from anybody who served in my area. My favorite area which I
served the most time in was the East side of
Kelly N Johnson Send Email
Hello 14 Jan 2008
Greetings and salutations!! Long live district "obedient"!
Austin Reed Send Email
Just wanting to say hi 27 Dec 2007
I just found out our mission had this website so I wanted to use it. For those of you who served with me or just remember me and want to say hi, I'd be glad to chat sometime.
Rhett David Sorensen Send Email
Looking for the elusive :) 17 Nov 2007
Hey everyone, I know I served my mission a while ago, but it seems like just yesterday. I had chance to talk with Elder Worthington a few months ago in Vermont. He is doing well and has a great family. We are hoping somebody might know where and how to contact some former ATM missionaries that we would like to check up on. If anyone has information on how to contact these individuals please let me know, and they would all be from the Pres. Mangum - Pres. Loveland years.

Elder Cliff Steed

Elder Austin Reed

Sister Rojas (Ingrid is first name I think)(last known to be in Boston area)

Elder LeGendre

Elder Mark Dame

Elder Wooley

Thank you everyone
Allen James Lucas Send Email
Need Help 08 Jul 2007
Does anybody know Elder Denton Starnes' information? I think he just went home last month.
Loren Keith Lynch Send Email
Sister McKinney, from President. 02 May 2007
President Higham sent this message out on May 1st:
Dear all--

We are deeply saddened by the news that Sister Carmen McKinney, who was honorably released from the Arizona Tucson Mission about six months ago, passed away early Sunday morning.

Sister McKinney apparently was sick last week, and suffered from severe dehydration. We are told that she passed out at some point, and that it was an extended period of time before she was found. By the time that she was found, her bodily functions had begun to shut down, and she never recovered.

As most of you know, Sister McKinney served a full and honorable mission, and affected many, many lives for good. It was a delight to watch her grow through that process. About seven weeks ago, I received an email from Sister McKinney, She was excited about life, and especially pleased that she had been accepted to Weber State.

In that email, she said the following (her exact words): "Did you enjoy general conference this past Sunday? I did. There was a talk on Sat. morning that talked on death. It was really interesting to me. He quoted 'death is like stepping into the next room.' I also liked the Prophet's talk."

Sister McKinney has stepped into the next room. She has received the ultimate transfer. As I have pondered this the past couple of days, I have come to the firm conviction that Heavenly Father peacefully allowed Sister McKinney to leave the challenges of this earth behind, and to step into the next room. That she had accomplished what she needed to here on this earth, and that a wonderful, bright, joyous eternal life awaited her. She was ready. She was pleased with herself. As her email evidenced, she was prepared, and at peace. We will miss her--but we wish her well. For those of us who were particularly close to her, she may very well be there to greet each of us with that (truly!) angelic smile on her face when our day comes--assuming that we live worthy to qualify to go where she now resides. Sister McKinney has truly "pressed forward....and endured to the end!" (2 Ne. 31:20)

Services will be held:

Viewing: Wednesday May 2, 2007, 6-8pm at:

Russon Brothers Mortuary
295 NO. MAIN

Funeral service: Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 11:00 AM at:

Bountiful UT North Stake Center
1540 N. 400 E.
Bountiful, UT 84010

Those of us who remain here in the Mission will be there in spirit.

Sister Higham and I send our love to each of you. Life is short--let's live it to the fullest!


Douglas F. Higham
President, Arizona Tucson Mission

P.S. Please forward this information to all that might be interested!
George Lewis Stratton Send Email
Kradolfer Fireside 15 Mar 2007
Anyone planning on going to the fireside on the 30th of March? I am coming from St George and would be great if someone wanted to travel with me for the drive. You can either post a reply or e-mail Thanks! See ya soon.
Cindy Andrew Send Email
Does anyone know how to contact the following:

Rolle Joyce
Grant Bushman
Nate Erickson
Bethany Stark (she's married now)
Natalee Hepworth
Rebecca George (married)
Jaymon Thomas
Kaari Gale Send Email
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