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News Item: Help Stephen McConkie's son know who is father was

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Help Stephen McConkie's son know who is father was 01 May 2006
Hello, my name is Alison Packer and I am Elder Stephen McConkie's sister. I have gotten permission to post this here and hope that those that knew and loved Stephen will be able to help us out here. Stephen's son turned one just 8 days after his father passed away.

Many have asked what they can do to help. The following is a simplre request that will have a lasting impact on Stephen's family. Please read:

Our brother, Stephen, Jr., passed away on Friday, April 21, 2006. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and a young son who bears his name. Though we have no doubt that Stephen’s legacy of faith, kindness, diligence, etc. lives on—manifest primarily in the lives of the many people he profoundly touched in his short, yet exceptionally lived life—we deeply regret that his son Connor (Stephen Connor) did not have the privilege in this life to intimately know his father.
As a gift to our nephew, Connor, we would like to put together a memory book full of letters that Connor can use throughout his life to truly come to know the kind of person that Stephen was. We think that it would be of great value to Connor to have a book full of memories from all of Stephen’s friends and family—all of you who are scattered across the country and throughout the world who knew and loved Stephen because of who he was.
In the letter, addressed to Connor, please include who you are and how you were connected to Stephen. Relate stories about Stephen. Share with Connor your feelings about Stephen. Tell him what you admired about him. Please share with Connor anything you feel would be important for him to know about the wonderful man that his father was/is. Include a photo or two if you have a few (even copies would be great), Stephen’s favorite joke or saying, a funny experience, a serious/spiritual moment, etc. Make it as formal or as informal, as long or short as you’d like—whatever you feel would be of greatest benefit to Connor.
We plan to compile this gift for Connor the last week in May; any contributions will be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated.
Letters should be sent to:
Connor McConkie
c/o Alison McConkie Packer
224 E. Royal Garden Terrace
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Alison M. Packer & Spencer McConkie or
P.S. Don’t send any letters to Andrea as we would like for this to be a surprise (as if that’s possible).
P.P.S. Please forward this on to anybody who might be interested to know.
Stephen McConkie Send Email
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