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The Australia Adelaide Mission |  Mission Life |  Australia
What Should I Take (and What Shouldn't I?) |  Aussie terms / slang
The   A u s t r a l i a   A d e l a i d e   M i s s i o n

     The Australia Adelaide Mission is located in the center of Australia, covering the middle 1/3 of the continent (from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Mount Gambier at the far bottom of South Australia, a distance equivalent to that of Detroit to Mexico City), and is one of the largest (geographically) missions in the world. Despite its size, the mission is mostly focused on the Adelaide city and country areas surrounding it (about 3 hours drive each way). Adelaide itself is located in the eastern part of South Australia. The southern area of the mission is temperate, meaning the summers are pretty hot and the winters are fairly cold (but no snow). The northern part of the mission is tropical, meaning you have a wet season and a dry season, both of which are very warm. Remember also that seasons are backwards from what they are in the US. If you leave the Provo MTC in December, you'll have cold and snow at the MTC and a hot summer waiting for you in Australia! Of the 8 states and territories in Australia, the Australia Adelaide Mission has 5 within its boundaries (totally encompassing South Australia and the Northern Territory, and parts of WA, NSW, and VIC).

     You will be joining a missionary force that is second to none, comprising about 120-130 missionaries; around 90 of those are Elders. Most are American, but Australian and New Zealander missionaries are very common, and there are several missionaries from other countries as well (including Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Japan, Canada, and even Cambodia). You will serve with and around a very diverse group of people.

     The mission is organized into 8 zones: 3 city zones, 3 country zones in and around South Australia, and 2 zones in the Northern Territory. Under the mission president are 2 Assistants, then 1 Zone Leader for each of the zones. The city zones usually have 2 districts with a district leader each and anywhere from 6 to 12 missionaries. The same is largely true for the country zones, however some of those zones do not have a district leader at all. A little more than half of the missionaries serve within Adelaide itself, the other half serving in those country zones. Missionaries serving in the city have easy access to all the modern conveniences, including the company of the other missionaries in the zone. However, those serving out country may only see another missionary (besides their companion of course) at transfers or zone conference (both of which happen about once every 6 weeks).

General Conferences are held in Australia one month AFTER they're held in America. The reason being that satellite coverage doesn't reach there, so they have to wait until the meetings are videotaped, converted to PAL (the Australian video standard), and sent to Australia.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
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