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hi there 25 Aug 2002
25 August 2002
Hi everyone I am from Brisbane, and Sydney in Australia. I am trying to find missionaries that might know me from President Hubbards time period. I lived in Inala, Algester and Browns plains chapel areas. Please send me an email. I would love to talk to you. I am currently living in Provo, Utah.
See Ya
Lesley Nielsen (Weller) Send Email
ABM 99-01 23 Aug 2002
Whats up Ockeyites,
Hello to all who served in the great ABM. Give me a shout if ya recognize the name
Shane Peterson Email Not Available
lookin 4 family 11 Aug 2002
Hey everyone,
I'm just lookin for any Schwenkes out there. Reason being is because I am putting together a Schwenke geneology book, and I can't do it all on my own because I don't know every Schwenke. So if you know any Schwenkes or if you are one, plz help me out.
Thanks heaps and peace out.
Rosemarie Send Email
1991-1993 26 Jul 2002
Its been so long and I can't believe how old I am since I served in the ABM! I'd love to hear from any of my old buddies. I'm living in Oceanside, California and have a wife and 2 kids. I might be heading out to the great Down Under sometime next year and hope to look up old friends.
Shane Denna Send Email
brisbane mission rules 08 Jul 2002
hey everyone i have just returned from the brisbane mission and mt isa was the bomb it was awesome up there. hI to everyone that i knew in the mission and out of the mission it is nice to serve there
Joshua Gibson Send Email
for the real old timers, 75-77 01 Jul 2002
I just discovered this web site my pony express rider just arrived and showed it to me. I f there are any of you who know me please send smoke signal or pony express rider immediately.
Seriously, though, I would like to hear from any of you that served in 1975 and 1976 and especially any who were my companions: Barrett, Griffith , Russo, Nattress, Kramer and I keep in touch every year at the Great American Hill Climb,Hancock Odgers ( saw his picture in the Ensign last year ) and all the rest.
Herbert Ransler Savage Send Email
B.U.Z.Z life style.... 25 Jun 2002
Stop, drop, hold em up...slap em in the mouth....ohhhhhh.....noOOOOO.....thats how B.U.Z.Z life style rolllllllsssssss!!!!

This is just alittle shout out to the homies....pour alittle liquor....hope all is well.....cory....fanks for the love......harris...gin.....vaka......pauli.....missy.....mills.....paki.....heteraka....boomshakalakalaka.....holla back......keep dis here rolling....rolling, rolling, rolling....from my town to your dont clown or back down....and hit us with a little something to think about.......ABM..RMs about to the turn the heat out.....representing your stake, no strife.....we made playas for life.....peace.....
junz Lealofi Send Email
B.U.Z.Z 11 Jun 2002
Special shout out to Lofi, Harris, Gin-Nen, Hetaraka, Missy ( yeah u girl! ) Pauli, Milz ... and to the rest of the Elders and Sisters I was blessed to be around.
W'suuuup!! check this website out aye .. cher cher pretty flash alright, we should all log on at the same time and have a group comp study ... haha ... whatever!
If any of you yanky boyz out there read this, holla back bro-ski's ... all my crew from B.U.Z.Z ( yal know what Im sayin ) my Laidley homeboy Hulse - w'sup ... Gin-Nens fav comp & father, Elder Baker.
Could go on ... but I wont.

Love Peace & soul

Corey semenoff
Corey Semenoff Email Not Available
HELLO! 30 May 2002
G'day G'day!! sister sophronia smith, I tried to e-mail you 10 times, but it won't send to you. What is your phone number? Do you have another e-mail address I could try?!! It was so great to see everyone at the MISH REUNION!! That absolutly ROCKED My ROCK MELON!! I loved IT!! Love you all, and GOOD On YA!
Melanie Solomon
Melanie Solomon Send Email
whats crackin!!! 08 May 2002
whats crackin me mates, just abit of ay shout out to me homies,(aka)"elda's from years 1998-'2000... much love an respect,to the mates an sista's i served wit...2a1, just crackin in now boucin out!!!
"ELDA" 2A1 Send Email
ALOHA 08 May 2002
sophronia smith Email Not Available
hi to Mo 07 May 2002
hello to the beautiful island princess commonly known as Mo we are thinking of you back here in melbourne. i'll say hi to you for raihana too
Daniel Send Email
somerset ward 05 May 2002
Guys and Gals
We are putting together our ward history and would love to hear any thoughts or memories from missionary's who have served in Somerset Ward, Ipswich Australia Stake.
mark mcnamee Send Email
Elder Clint Tisdale 02 May 2002
I've been trying to connect with anyone from the ABM who knew Elder Clint Tisdale to inform them of his death last week.
Clint died of a heart attack at the wheel of his truck.
He leaves a wife (Tala), a son (Kaleb), two daughters (Dawn and Naomi) and there is another child on the way.
I thought his mission president and missionary companions and friends should know.
If anyone would like to get a message to his family, please feel free to do so through me at if you have no other connection.
(Elder) R. Mark Butterwick
France Paris Mission (1978-80)
R. Mark Butterwick Send Email
howsitgoingpeoples 27 Apr 2002
whats up to my peoples in Australia, America, New Zealand and the pacific Islands......Just a little shout out to all my buddies i met between 97 - 99 in Brisbane. Me, Gin-nen, Harris, Semenoff, Vakalahi, Pauli, is all good......Take it easy, anybody who knows me, holla back....peace out.
junz Lealofi Send Email
Mark Featherstone 25 Apr 2002
Trying to locate Mark Featherstone.Joined LDS during late 60s' in UK. Involved in Camberley/Bracknell Branches UK. Emigrated to Australia during middle 1970s'.He used to be a teacher at the Royal Free School in Windsor Uk until 1969. Would like to re establish contact after over 30 years '
Broekman - my mums maiden name 24 Apr 2002
I'm in Newcastle, does that help? My mother arrived in Aust. 1953, at 3 years of age. Big Family. Anne - Marie. I have an Uncle Harry in QLD. They owned The Pines in Gladestone... want more email me
Danielle Send Email
Mark Featherstone 21 Apr 2002
Trying to locate Mark Featherstone. Believed to have emigrated to Australia mid 1970s'.He joined the LDS in late 1960s'He was involved in the Camberley/Bracknell branches of LDS in late 1960s' He taught at the royal Free School in Windsor until 1969. I used to attend his lessons and talk about LDS. Can anybody assist ?
Paul Jacques Send Email
i need some help 11 Apr 2002
im an english guy, in need of some help. i was baptized and used to go to church with my mum. i belonged to the stroud church in gloucestershire uk.
iam currently in australia for 2-3 months.
tho for personal reasons i feel i cannot go back to uk. i dont have any options available to stay here as i only have a tourist visa. i dont got to church anymore.
as i have lost touch since my mothers death. but i feel that i need some help in my life. i know i wont be able to go home.
so i am lost. im sure i wont be able to stay in the country. unless i have some help. this may seem a posting but i dont know what else to do. i feel i would rather not be alive then go back to where all my problems r. i wish i could go into more detail but i would rather not post it all publicly. can anyone help me in any way?

richard Email Not Available
G'day maties 10 Apr 2002
G'day mates!

I was sure happy to see a ABM page set up here. Anyone out there from 1983-84. I served in kingston, bundaburg, ipswitch, holland park, Beenleigh, sort stint in the office. Do any of you remember fred the dog and Mrs Linson and the out house of fame?
Scott Hadley Send Email
Searching for 1973-74 Sister Missionaries 03 Apr 2002
I have a friend currently taking the discussions in the Brisbane area. Some Sister Missionaries in late 1973 and early 1974 were very influential as they visited her throughout the holiday season, and especially when they helped her when her two little boys were sick with measles. She wants to contact one or both of those sisters. If you have any information about Sisters that served during that time, please contact me. Thanks. Julie Thacker
Julie Thacker Send Email
Aussie T Evans 1977-79 04 Mar 2002
Hi, it's been more that 20 years

This is my first visit to this web site. If anyone remembers me from 77-79 please e-mail us. Especially looking for Elder Tod Olson, Geff Gibson, ...Nelson, ...Kay, and others. Our son Sam left for his mission last Thursday.

Time Flies
Trevor Evans Send Email
looking for George May 03 Mar 2002
George May and I dated in Melbourne 1969. I grew up in Brisbane as Judy Hoare and moved to Melbourne in 1968. I now live in St. George , Utah U.S.A. and would like to contact him. Please help if you know him. Thanks.
Judith Robison Send Email
Mission Call 10 Feb 2002
I just got my mission call to Brisbane Australia, I report to the Provo MTC on May 1, 2002
Christopher Farnsworth Send Email
G'day G'day 07 Feb 2002
HEY my beautiful friends! How is everyone! I just wanted to ask, DOES ANYONE know how I can get ahold of sister Sophronia SMITH? I haven't been able to get a hold of her. I love you all and you all ROCK my WORLD!!
melanie solomon Send Email
abm 04 Feb 2002
It seems that the Alumni area is not working so i'll post a message for now!!!
This seems to be a great forum to get reacquainted with old friends. If anyone knows the where abouts of Elder Scott Dufus who served in the 81-83 block please contact me and any one that i served with or around in Brisbane,Dalby,Mckay,Cairns. I would love to hear from you!!!
Paul Brazelton Email Not Available
1981-1983 21 Jan 2002
Hi, I served from march 1981 to march1983 just looking for anyone that still remembers me.
Gary Milner Email Not Available
Cartier,Hoopes,Spotten 19 Jan 2002
and all the other missionaries who served in our area. We would love to know what they are doing now,as we've lost touch with most except Elder Kormos.
Kathy& Rick Janssens Send Email
Mecham 19 Jan 2002
Rick and I would love to say hello to.
Elder Mecham 10 Jan 2002
Looking for Elder David Mecham's address. The Clark's and I would like to contact him.
Marian Kuhn Send Email

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