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looking for anyone 30 Dec 2001
I am looking for anyone that served in 1978 to 1980, especially Terri Larsen. Last time I heard she was in Los Vegas, but have lost contact. Would enjoy hearing from any of you
Charly Simpson now Davis Email Not Available
Hi 24 Nov 2001
I served under President Belliston 96-97. I am looking for companions and friends from the mission. I am living in Riverdale Utah but originally for New Zealand. Write and tell me what you are up to. I would love to hear from you.
Amanda Stone (Bardwell) Send Email
Anyone that I know! 18 Nov 2001
Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone knew me. I am looking for friends, family and comps that I served with or got to know. My name morris smith served from 74-76 in the brisbane area. Hope to hear from some of you soon!!
Morris Smith Email Not Available
Elders Evans and McKerchar 15 Nov 2001
Hi all, the above missionaries found me while tracting in Enoggera in 1984. I was baptised but lost touch with them after a time. Would love to know how they are going, and let them know how I'm going. Adam Evans lived in Sydney and Graham McKerchar in New Zealand. Any help with tracking them down appreciated.
Linda Gray (nee Peake) Send Email
Hello All 08 Nov 2001
Hey all!

Just wanted to say hello. I'm living in West Jordan. Looking for my old companions and friends. Missed the reunions so far, so drop me a line and let me know when and where they are.

Thanks to all those who helped me create such good memories!

Jason Jensen Send Email
whazup people 18 Sep 2001
Hey it's cool this sight is here. Um well I got married on the 27th and I'm living in Utah, bountiful. Stop laughing everyone. Anyway I'm teaching and loving it. L8ters
Melissa Wright Send Email
hey people 07 Sep 2001
Hi, this is Sister Paitea Su'a dropping a line to say hello to all the Elder's and Sister's that I served with in the beautiful Brisbane Mission. Since returning in 1997 I have been blessed by marrying a strong Return Missioinary , so many wonderful event's have taken place within my life, and I know without a shadow of doubt that my mission has played a huge part in strengthened my testimony and love. My we all reap the rewards of our mission's. God bless till we meet again.
Paitea Su'a Send Email
Coming To America!!! 25 Aug 2001
Bring Out Eddie Murphy & All the Stars, Just letting you know that we are coming over. What is there to do & just let us know the up & coming events & a tall guy for Mel, thanks............. Yep just send through things to do in LA, Vegas & Utah on these dates, Sep 24 - Oct 10. Thanks fellow people who read this.
Have a great day, & Keep Smiling. We may catch up with you, & then again, May NOT.

Mel & Aroha
Melanie Gilshnan & Aroha Pene Send Email
Hello 08 Aug 2001
Hey guys, thanks to good Aroha Pene keeping me on her mailing list all these years I actually know about this site. I would be happy to catch up with anyone that I knew while on the mish.
Eddie Lyman Send Email
Any one out there? 05 Aug 2001
Just a quick note to say hello. Hoping to catch up with anyone that knew me especially Blake Westbroek and Derek Eubanks and Thad Barkdull. Anyway Living in New Zealand working as a cop and studying law. My wife just had our first baby, and we have a beautiful picture so drop me a line.
Paul Lockyer Send Email
catching up 05 Aug 2001
Itll be nice to catch up with any of my old comps. (95-97)
Charlie Angi Email Not Available
looking for the old friend 24 Jul 2001
how can find a friend living in brisbane, gabba having his approximate address, name and a past phone number? do you have any information services or web search engined, maybe online white phoe pages?
alex eroshkin Send Email
1998-2000 08 Jul 2001
I haven't had much contact with people from the mish! Send me some news. What's up in your lives?
TJ Brown Send Email
Looking for Dave 17 May 2001
I would love to catch up with Dave Smith from Colorado. He was very close to our family when he served in Brisbane in about 1986(?)
Can anyone help?
Julie-Ann Martinovic Send Email
hi everybody 08 May 2001
I'm looking for any of my old comps/friends
Jono Schwalger, Justin Roberts, Shane Anderson. Anyone who served 94-96
Jed Johnston Email Not Available
Update ... 26 Apr 2001
G'day, I was baptised Dec 1979 by Elder Dale McClean and Elder Mark Jenson. There was my mother,sister and myself (I just turned 8). I am trying to look for them to let them know how things have progressed in life for me. Also HOWDY to everyone who served in Rockhampton that remembers me. I lived with Braizer family for a bit and also by myself attending CQU. Well I moved to USA, MArried in the Mesa, AZ Temple and have two beautiful girls. Kristen (7) and Danielle (3). Love to hear from anyone who knows of these missionaries or remembers me :) BYE
Megan Walker (re:Page) Send Email
looking for Griffith & Savage 17 Apr 2001
Does anyone know how to find David Griffith (perhaps Griffiths) from California and Rance Savage from Billings Montana, who baptised me in 1975/76 at Kangaroo Point (which thery're tearing down to build the TEMPLE!!!!!.) I think about them often and would love to get in touch with them.
Cindy Gerhardt (prev Boyle) Send Email
Golden Oldie! 14 Apr 2001

I am looking for any of my comps I served with all those years ago from 79-81. I would like to hear from anyone who will even admit that they kew me back then!

I would love to hear from Barbara Boas, Terri Mink, and anyone else with whom I served!

Sister Fitz
Dianna Fitisemanu Send Email
Howdy 02 Apr 2001
Hey all you ABMockey crew. We gotta update this if any of you know how to write me at I miss the mission. I miss rugby milo tim tam slams. Later mates

Robert Rogers Mesa AZ
Robert Rogers Send Email
Looking for Mac 28 Feb 2001
Hi, I'm an old timer from 76-78, I am trying to find any links to Elder Kent McKnight of Cornish/Lewiston Utah. He passed away about 5 years ago and I would like to make contact with his family - if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Dick Byrnes Send Email
The Mighty ABM 26 Feb 2001
Hi to all who served under Pres Liddicoat. I would love to hear from any of my old comps or any one else that remembers me.

I'm still working on my family website but if you're interested heres the address

Take care Le-Vonne
Le-Vonne Hunt Inu Send Email
ABM 97-99 12 Feb 2001
hey just saying hi to all who served in the Mighty ABM...
missing it there cant believe how time has flown by... If anyone served in KP, vicky point, caboolture or anywhere around there that knows me or anyone who served or was in the area I would love to hear from you k.
take care all Misiluti
Felicity Misiluti Send Email
Brisbane Temple on the Net 27 Jan 2001
Just a note for anyone interested.
As you probably all know, the Brisbane temple has been proposed (two and 1/2 years ago) and is moving towards council approval. A website has been put up to track the progress of the Temple, and offer the latest news. Come and check it out at
Daniel Purdie Send Email
Greetings from the Rockies 18 Jan 2001
Hey ABM-ites! Just wondering what everyone is up to these days. I'm in Colorado with my family (wife & 2 kids). Feel free to stop by when you're in the area....
Miti Pula (Elder Pula) Send Email
Hi All, Its Sister Pene sending a big shout out to you all, I served in 97-99 so if there is anyone out there that served the same time drop me a line.. I have been back to Brisbane since serving & it is still a beautiful place, The people are still the same.. Well I gotta fly..
Ka Kite Ano.. Bye for Now from NZ..
Aroha Pene Send Email
Friends 14 Jan 2001
I served 92-94. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that served in australia. So good to be home. I look forward to going back some day. I have a great wife and two boys now. I live in American Fork Utah.
Mike Rowbury Send Email
Broekman Family 11 Jan 2001
I was wondering if anyone remembers the Broekman Family who were baptised in Jan 1980 by Paul Vawdrey & Larry Harmen?! At that time there were only 4 children, but now 7, all active in the church...3 married in the Temple (including me, 23yrs)
We moved to the Netherlands in 1992 and are still living here.
When we lived in Aussie we lived in Goodna & Redbank Plains and went to the Bellbird Park ward. The Elders I remember from back then are Elders Jeff Dale & Peterson, who we actually visited while on a trip in Utah last year.
Well that's my lfe in a nut shell...... curious if anyone remembers us! :) Look forward to hearing from u if you do. :)

Thanks!!!! :)
Tanya Broekman Send Email
anybody out there? 08 Jan 2001

is anybody out there? wnat to hear from anyone from 93-95
c ya
Frederick Hoffman Send Email
hi 07 Jan 2001
hey anyone there who knew me id love to hear from you all and see how your doing and what youve been up to in the past 6 years or so...Im in adelaide australia with a lovely husband and 2 beautiful boys..hope your all well and hope to hear from any of you........
bridget cooper now harris Send Email

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