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Visit to the States 19 Sep 2006

This is for a message for anyone who served from 1997-1999. I'm coming over for a holiday and would like to catch up with as many mission buddies as possible. I fly into Salt Lake City on the 28th Sept 2006 and will be attending General Conference. I will be in Utah until 11th or 12th of Oct 2006 where I will be heading down to California to stay with some family for a week, before flying back to NZ on 18th Oct 2006. Hope to see some people while I'm over there. Let me know your contact details and I will try and catch up with as many people as I can.
Ryan Harris
Ryan Stacey Harris Send Email
New Picture 29 Aug 2006
President Belliston has also added a picture to his profile.
Brent R. Barlow Send Email
Incorrect Email List 29 Aug 2006
We have created an Incorrect Email List on the ABM Site. Please take a look, and if you recognize anyone, ask them to update their information.
Brent R. Barlow Send Email
Added Pictures 29 Aug 2006
Presidents Fox, Ockey and West have added pictures to their profiles.
Brent R. Barlow Send Email
Beenleigh Ward 07 Aug 2006
Gday I am hoping that someone knows what happened to the Beenleigh meeting house. In 1983 or 84 we dedicated a meeting house in Beenleigh it was up on a hill over looking the city of Beenleigh. I recently went to and looked for the meeting house and it was not listed. Perhaps it is listed under another name. My companion and I were the first Elders to have a baptism in that building one Charles Robert Lafaver.
Scott W Hadley Send Email
Google Earth Links 26 Jul 2006
We are trying out a new Google Earth Placemark Page. Try it out and see if you can get it to work. If you like it, send in your placemarks for places you lived in the Great ABM, sites you visited, wards you attended, the home you live in now, or anything else relating to you (the returned missionary) or the mission. It is a fun way to quickly fly around the world.


ABM Site Maintainer
Brent R. Barlow Send Email
Granny Mutzelburg 02 Jul 2006
I wish to say thankyou to all those who contacted me in regards to the passing of Granny Mutzelburg It meant the world to me. As I was suposed to be her favourite missionay of all time. thankyou
Stephen Mark Pearce Send Email
Granny Muztelburg 28 Jun 2006
Could some tell me if Granny Muztelburg is still alive. Granny and the other muztelburg families are from Toowoomba.
Stephen Mark Pearce Send Email
Were is my Cuz? 12 May 2006
Where on earth did Calyn Carter go to? I know she was married a few years back, but I have been trying to find out where she is for some time. If you know anything, please let me know. Cheers.
Richard Steven Cartier Send Email
USA visit 01 Feb 2006
Continuing to plan our trip to the USA as mentioned in a previous message. As we are from Australia and this will be our one big trip we are hoping to see as much of the States as possible including all the Mormon historical sites. Anyone who is in a position to accomodate 3 people for a couple of days in various areas would be appreciated. It would be our pleasure to have you as guests if you made the journey to our sunny shores again. All the best and hope to hear from some of you soon.
Ray Brown
Raymond Campbell Brown Send Email
Hey guys,
So I am trying to find a guy named Hadyn from the YSA Brisbane ward. I can't remember his last name, but he is tall with dark hair, and I want to set him up with one of my friends in Brisbane-ha ha, yeah I am playing "yenta." If you remember him or know any details let me know- I think he is from the Brackenridge area.
Meredith Biesinger Send Email
visiting the USA 24 Jan 2006
G'day to all ABM RMs from the era of Presidents Wall and Hubbard. I hope that many of you can make the reunion that Rex and his team are puting on for the 31 March this year. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it but would have liked to have caught up with you. To that end, Jennie my wife, Tegan one of my daughters and myself are coming to the States in July and staying through to the end of August to do all those Mormon things that you get to do. Those of you who remember me , one of the few Aussies in the mission in those days, please reply to this e-mail as I would like to get in touch again. All the best.
Ray Brown
Raymond Campbell Brown Send Email
President Ockey Tapes 17 Jan 2006
Todd Gottfredson Send Email
James Fitzpatrick 16 Jan 2006
In May of 1985 I baptized a couple in Sunnybank Hills. The husband's name was James Fitzpatrick. I think his wife's name was Julie. They had four small children. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, I'd appreciate you letting me know. Thanks!
Craig Stanley Larson Send Email
Searching ? 09 Jan 2006
Hey There people :)

I'm looking for a old Mission buddy of mine Elder Vianoka , if anyones herd or seen what he is up , drop us a line .
Nephi T Timu Send Email
Missionary Reunion - Friday March 31st 05 Jan 2006
Anyone who served under Presidents Wall and Hubbard from 1974 to 1980 and have not e-mailed me with thier plans to attend the missionary reunion on Friday March 31st, here in Utah, in the watsatch front area, please do so now!

My e-mail is:

We need to start putting the e-mail list together for updates.

If you are already on my e-mail list and have been getting e-mails please don't e-mail me back, as I already know of your intentions.

We look forward to this being the best ABM reunion ever.

Thanks for your help

Rex Wilcken
Rex Ryan Wilcken Send Email
Looking for Des 18 Nov 2005
Des if you read this e-mail me at
Nathan G Jewkes Send Email
Ms. Sutton 14 Nov 2005
When I was in Brisbane in 1978 there was a land lady named Ms. Sutton. She loved the missionaries and would house them. I first lived in her home on Sizer street in Everton Park. The next time It was on South Pine Road just a few streets away. I understand that after I left she even built a special wing just for the missionaries. I am trying to track her down. If any one remembers her or her first name that would be helpful. If anyone knows how to contact her it would be wonderful.
Blaine Weaver Layton Send Email
Tess Maurer 14 Nov 2005
I would like to contact Tess Maurer - she was a great member in one of the Brisbane wards at the Kangaroo point building back in 1978. Does anyone know how to contact her?

Randel (Randy) Kartchner Send Email
Sister Hubbard 01 Nov 2005
Maybe I haven't read far enough on the message board, but where does Sister Hubbard live now? I know that Pres. Hubbard passed away, but I was just wondering. I know that they're were orginally from AZ somewhere near Tempe, weren't they? Someone frop me a line and let me know....

Randy Kartchner
Randel (Randy) Kartchner Send Email
ABM Re-Union April 2006 24 Oct 2005
ANNOUNCEMENT: ( Elders & sisters who served in the ABM from 1974 to 1980 who served under Presidents Wall & Hubbard )

We are planning an ABM re-union for Conference in April of 2006 for all elders and Sisters who served from 1974 to 1980 under presidents Wall and Hubbard. As some of you know both President Wall and Hubbard have both passed away.

We are putting an e-mail list together of those who want to attend. If you would like to attend or are in contact with any companions you knew during this period please e-mail me or fax me thier information. My fax number is 801-796-5906.

We are planning on holding this on the Friday night before conference. At this point it looks like it will be close to the Provo, Orem area. More details will come in the following weeks.

Please get the word out to everyone you know who served during this period


Rex Wilcken
Rex Ryan Wilcken Send Email
Looking for Elder Hollis 27 Sep 2005
Hi My Name is Cora and I am looking for a Elder Hollis who served in the Adelaide Australia mission if anyone knows his address can I please have it thank you.
Cora Jane Leeder Send Email
Connie Daisy 28 Apr 2005
I am trying to contact Connie Daisy- she is a member of Townsville Branch (or was a year ago) If anyone knows her address or phone number I would love to have it. Thanks a ton!
Emily Utt Send Email
Lee Davie 26 Apr 2005
I am looking for Lee Davie. She was a stake and Mini Missionary. She used to live on the Gold Coast when I served there in '98-'99. I heard she has since moved to the Sydney area. If anyone knows for sure, let me know, she used to look after us pretty well I would love to say hello to her and catch up.
Chad Baker Send Email
Donations for Reunion 04 Mar 2005
Hey, everyone, don't forget to plan for 1 April (see mission reunion notice). Please RSVP to me, and let others know.

Gordon Gridley came up with a good idea that I wanted to pass on. If you're computer savvy, and would be willing to make a donation to defray costs for the reunion (not too much overhead, mainly for the hotel room, cups, utensils, plates, name badges, a book to write down updated contact info), I'd be happy to receive it. You can either mail me a check, cash, money order, or transfer it to me through Paypal. (



P.S. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Thad Joseph Barkdull Send Email
George Sacagio 02 Mar 2005
I am looking for George and Kathy Sacagio. Elder Mccombs and I tracted them out in 1974 in Cairns. They were baptized about a year later and I think they moved to the Brisbane area. I would like to contact them.
Kerry King Send Email
The Kilworth Family 15 Feb 2005

I was just wandering if anyone knows the Kilworth Family as they are my cousins and I would like to get in contact with them so if any one knows Barry Kilworth or Lincon Kilworth could you please forward me their address and phone number. Thank you
Cora Jane Leeder Send Email
Passing of Sister Wall 03 Jan 2005
Last week Sister Wall went to be with her Husband President Robert F. Wall. She died December 26.
Funeral Services were on Friday the 31st of Dec.
She was burried in Kaysville on Monday Jan 3.
I just thought that some of you elders and sisters that served under the Wall's would like to know this information. She was 88. President Wall died 5 years previous. Hope you all are happy and enjoying life. You know, it is just 1 more generation ahead of us that will be passing to the other side, then it will be our turn. We can't be this old can we? The 50's according to my youngest an 18 year old, is old, very old. But we are as young as we feel right?
Take care and God bless you all, and May God bless the greatest mission in the world!
Mark E. Grant Send Email
Need your help... 20 Nov 2004
Hey everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows the contact details for Freda Morris (Ma) and also the Wheeler family (Ane, Andrew and the 3 little girls). Last I knew they were all living near/around the Enoggera area. I wanted to catch up with these wonderful people. I would appreciate your help.
Katie Lagituaiva Mitchell Send Email
Sister Baldwin 10 Nov 2004
Hey does anyone know what ever happened to Corissa Baldwin? She served around 1989-90.
Scott K Johnson Send Email

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